Funky Flats

Funky Flats

Now that we’ve packed up our winter boots, we need some practical, yet fashionable footwear to see us through spring. We’re not quite ready for full on sandals yet so instead, we’ll be wearing pumps. Flat, funky and very fashionable flats that are as important style wise as the rest of our outfit. Right now we’re loving;

Fun flats in bright colours to uplift our outfit. Embellished pumps are also big news this season as well as metallic and floral prints to add interest to your footwear. Also try a peep-toe pump for the in between season shoe solution, not quite a sandal not quite a pump (a sump? A pundal? I think we’ll stick with ‘peep toe flats’). Go for the tribal theme with a pair of animal print flats, wear with khaki tailored trousers and tribal print top to complete the look.

Brogues. Probably the coolest and most comfortable shoe of the season, the classic brogue style has been reinvented this spring, much to our delight. They provide a smarter alternative to a pump and give a sophisticated but quirky edge to an outfit. Wear yours with a floaty floral dress and denim jacket for one of the hottest looks this season.

Low wedges, they’re more comfortable and less dangerous than their sky high counter parts. The more practical version of the wedge, than sessions gone by, give just enough of a height boost to wear with our summer dresses and skirts but won’t leave us scared stiff of wobbling over on an uneven surface.

Dressed up flats. Shoes we can wear all night long and not feel like the balls of our feet have turned into bricks half way through the night! A fancy pair of flats can look just as good if not better than heels on a night out. So why not give your feet a break and put on a pair of flats on your next night out.