Summer layers

Summer layers

Layering an outfit in summer is very different to layering in winter, in winter we layer to keep warm (and fashionable) in summer however layering should be kept soft, subtle and feminine. Many of this season’s trends lend themselves to the layered look; tribal with its clashing prints and bold colours, boho with its floral layers and contrasting denim pieces and the romantic trend with its palette full of nudes.

The layered look generally works best concentrating on the top half, although we are fans of wearing leggings/treggings/jeggings etc with dresses and tunics. Bless the fashion gods for leggings and for making skirts, dresses and shorter styles more accessible to those of us who are conscious of baring our legs and fed up of wearing tights all year round!

How to work the layered look;
– Chiffon layers give a transparent effect, which can add an extra dimension to your outfit. Chiffon floral prints are great for cool summer dressing and nudes can be built up in layers of contrasting fabrics to create the romantic look.

– Prints should be combined with care, clashing prints are very now, but there is good clashing and bad clashing, so make sure your layered prints fall into the former by having a theme such as floral. Contrasting floral prints look great when they co-ordinate in either size or colour. For example, wearing the same size print and contrasting colour is good, as is same colour theme and different sized prints. But make things too complicated and the look becomes hotchpotch!

– Layering your lengths can also add interest to your outfit. Long tops worn over short shorts, long sleeve tops worn under sleeveless cardigans and waist coats over maxi dresses are all examples of how you can build up an outfit using different pieces in your existing wardrobe. Try our pebble ¾ sleeve jacket over a jersey maxi to add a smart utility edge to an otherwise simple dress or our knitted tie shrug which makes layering effortless, just throw on over your shoulders and tie the front, easy peasy!