If you’re anything like us here at Bravissimo you will know of at least 3 films you’d like to see at the cinema, but like us, you never quite get round to seeing them! But don’t worry it won’t be long before the DVD versions are released and then you can watch them in the comfort of your own home and more than once. If you haven’t seen Dear John, we highly recommend buying it or renting it on DVD, it’s out now and is a great film for a girlie night in or for a good cry fest when you need one. Starring Channing Tatum as the rather gorgeous John, a solider on leave from the US army and Amanda Seyfried as Savannah, a student this film is a love story that requires at least one box of tissues as it’s a real tear jerker, but we love it! If you’re planning on seeing it with your man however, you might have to make up for it by going to see a few action films; he’ll probably drag you along to see something like the Expendables, so be prepared! Other DVD releases; The Blind Side, Shutter Island, Whip It and Remember Me. The Blind Side stars Sandra Bullock who won an Oscar for her role as an upper class white American woman who adopts an underprivileged black teenager. The film is based on a true story making it even more heart warming, cue warm fuzzy feelings. Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio follows the investigation into a missing person at an isolated mental hospital. With plenty of twists and turns in the plot and eerie/jumpy scenes, we think we’d rather watch this film at home with a pillow to hide behind and the availability of a pause button! Whip It on the other hand is a much easier watch. The story follows the plight of a teenage girl who tries to prove herself to her family and potential future boyfriend (who’s cool and in a band, she’s neither) by joining a roller derby. The film is directed by Drew Barrymore and is a great one for a girlie night in or if you need a little pick-me-up. Calling all R-Patz fans (that’s Robert Patterson fans for those of you that have been living under a rock for the last 6months) Remember Me is now available on DVD. In the film Patterson plays a troubled teenager who is struggling to deal with issues involving his family, so no vampire teeth but a film with an amazing ending that even non R-Patz fans will enjoy!