As make-up trends change almost as quickly as fashion trends do these days, we take a look at the latest beauty looks for autumn.

From defined cheekbones to a flawless undefined finished. The new emphasis for the face is to have a smooth velvety coverage and to leave the blusher firmly in your make-up box. According to the experts this helps to give a youthful appearance but is scary for those of us who like a bit of colour to make us look and feel awake! Give it a go, you can always take your blusher with you if you feel bare without it!

Autumn/WInter is full of beautiful natural/neutral tones from the leaves on the trees to beige and camel taking over our winter wardrobes, so it makes sense that make-up is following this same theme. A brown eyeshadow looks great on blue, green and brown eyes and will complement the shades in between. Experiment with different tones to find the one that suits your eye colour as well as your skin tone. We recommend a multi-shadow that way you get to try out a few different tones to see which works best (many of these come with a step by step guide of which colour to wear at which place on the eyelid, making it even easier to try a new look). Another noticeable change in make-up is the lack of mascara seen on many a catwalk. This barely there look is also said to create a more youthful appearance, well it’s worth a try and sounds far less painful than a face lift!! Top tip: when going mascara free ensure the eyebrows are well defined to keep some definition in the eye area.

Last year was all about the eyes, dark smoky colours and the longest/wildest false eyelashes you could find. This season however, the focus is definitely on the lips. However this trend isn’t for the faint hearted as the colour du jour is black, well almost black, dark shades of plum, berry and deep purples. A little gothic you might think, but this bold make-up statement is do-able by us regular women and doesn’t have to be left to celebrities on the red carpet. The trick is to practice the application to get a smooth, smudge free result; a lip liner in a dark tone will help. Keep the rest of your make-up simple and wear with tonal clothing, too much black will look OTT so try deeper shades of blues, browns and reds to keep the look modern.

Get the same rush you did when you were a little girl raiding your mother’s make-up box for the first time by trying out some of these new make-up looks!!