There are certain things in life that men just can’t appreciate in the same way as we do. Men have golf clubs, cars and tools; we have handbags, shoes and lingerie and we don’t think either party will ever truly understand the other’s passion for these things. The great thing about handbags, this actually applies to shoes too, is that no matter how much our weight fluctuates and our bodies change over time, shoes and handbags will always fit. Handbags don’t suit a certain body type or come in different sizes, handbags don’t discriminate against size or body shape and you’ll still be able to carry your favourite handbag whether you put weight on or loose weight. The square style handbag is popular this season for its minimal look. They are simple in design and work perfectly with the tailored/masculine trend or to contrast against a floaty feminine dress! We also love clutch bags as the prefect accessory to the party dress this season! It is possible to make just as much of a statement with the bag you’re carrying as you can with what you wear or what you accessorise with. And even though we might not be able to buy the latest designer ‘IT’ bag each time one comes round, at least we can enjoy the array of different styles out there on the high street and maybe treat ourselves to the odd piece of designer arm-candy every once in blue moon (or big birthday!), well at least we know it will always fit! The same can be said for shoes as feet don’t tend to change size after a certain point in our lives we don’t have to worry about not being able to fit onto our favourite pair of shoes like we do our favourite pair of jeans. Heels also make us stand taller walk with that sexy sashay and add inches to our height as well as our confidence. So even if your outfit is the usual head-to-toe black, you can always rely on an interesting handbag/shoe combo to liven up the look! In addition to shoes and handbags we lucky ladies also get to enjoy the pleasure of wearing lingerie. Yes a man can appreciate lingerie from a spectator’s perspective but won’t get to experience the feeling that wearing great fitting, pretty lingerie provides. And as underwear lays the foundation for what is worn on top, getting it right is just as important as what you decide to wear on top of it!

We sometimes envy men for their easy way of life and minimal grooming but then we remember all those little pleasures such as shoes, handbags and fabulous underwear that men don’t get to enjoy. Note to men; we need handbags to carry the things we need to keep us looking beautiful and fresh all day long, sometimes a girl needs a pair of heels to make her walk taller and feel more confident and we need lingerie, well we don’t think we need to explain the lingerie thing, we think you get that one! As for the golf clubs, cars and never ending collection of tools, we will do our best to understand!