Last week the UK was brought to a stand still due to sub-zero temperatures and persistent snow. Even though blizzards were predicted the sheer volume of snow and the fact that it just kept coming left even the weather forecasters stumped. Many people were forced to abandon cars across the country as snow quickly turned into ice making driving dangerous and driving up hill near impossible. Others experienced cancelled flights with many of the big airports forced to close and major delays on trains and other forms of public transport. The North East, Yorkshire, Humber, Scotland and Wales have been the worst hit but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country has got off lightly as the snow continues to push further south. Even London, where snow rarely settles, has had a good few inches. Temperatures in the Scottish Highlands were reported to have fallen to a little as -18.6C. That’s cold! The bad news is this weather shows no sign of going anywhere any time soon and so has sparked the need for a review of how we cope and in particular how the transport system copes in such wintry conditions. Safety is paramount when the weather is this treacherous so if you don’t need to make a journey the advice is to stay indoors. If you do however need to venture out it has been advised to wear plenty of warm layers and to take some food and a drink with you just in case your journey is delayed.

Our advice if you have been snowed in is to make the most of it. If you have children, no doubt they’ll have been frolicking in it already so why not join them? Besides we adults can enjoy the snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights too! Then you can look forward to warming up with a hot bath, a hot choc and snuggle up in some cosy lounge wear and night wear for the rest of the day. Surely that’s got to be better than a day in the office?!