Men can be very tricky to buy for at Christmas, whether it’s your other half, brother, Dad, friend, work colleague or other relative. So we’ve put our heads together and compiled a list of man friendly gifts for Christmas.

  • Watch
  • Leather belt
  • Scarf
  • Jacket
  • Wallet
  • Man bag
  • Dressing gown
  • DVDs
  • After shave
  • A bottle of their favourite tipple
  • Diary
  • Gig tickets
  • A tangerine (only if he’s been really bad!)
  • Coat
  • Money towards a post-Christmas get-away
  • CD
  • Gadgets, men love gadgets, whether for the garage, kitchen or just for fun, a gadget will usually push all the right buttons with a fella. What gadgets, we couldn’t tell you, we’re women! So you’ll have to do your research!

These are all fairly standard Christmas gifts for men, but from what we know about men, they’re quite simple creatures and as Christmas is a time for many of their favourite things; eating, drinking, sitting in front of the TV, receiving a gift on top of this is a bonus! Plus, we think that men get most of their underwear and socks over numerous Christmases, goodness knows the kind of underwear men would be wearing if they didn’t receive a couple of nice pairs of boxers at Christmas. So, although socks and underwear as gifts for men is a little cliché at least they’ll have a couple more pairs of nice pants to keep them going until next year! But if you don’t want to buy him underwear, why not buy yourself some? A gorgeous new lingerie set that you can both benefit from, now that’s our kind of present!