If you read the tabloids or the internet gossip sites, you would have seen that Lily Allen got married at the weekend to Sam Cooper. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to take your hat off to her, she has been through an incredibly tough time over the last few years, miscarrying, then losing a baby late in her pregnancy. On her wedding day, she shared some incredible news with her family and friends, that she is pregnant again, and you could see the happiness radiating from her.

Recently Kelly Brook also suffered miscarriage at five months and at the weekend she was out and about and smiling for the cameras once again. The same thing happened to Amanda Holden panelist on the X-Factor, when she was seven months pregnant. She is now back working, playing Princess Fiona in Shrek The Musical.

It’s so great to see these famous women, picking themselves up after such sadness and loss, showing great dignity and strength and moving on with their lives and achieving happiness and success again. Sometimes as women, we don’t always have the most helpful female role models in tabloid news and the media. We can though be very proud of these ladies and wish them all the best.