It can be tricky, battling with the weather whilst trying to remain looking chic. So if you’re fed up of leaving the house looking fine but looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards by the time you get to work then follow these helpful hints for maintaining your appearance in the wind, rain and snow!

First and foremost, invest in a good umbrella that will stand the test of time and wind! There’s nothing worse than your

Be prepared for the weather

Be prepared for the weather

 umbrella turning inside out at the slightest breeze, it’s also quite embarrassing and almost impossible to correct when your hands are full of shopping bags from the post-Christmas sales.

Footwear is another serious consideration when the weather is bad. This time of year, the ballet pumps should be put away for spring. Soggy feet are not fun! Instead, go for a good pair of leather boots. Flat boots are great, more safe, and come in so many different styles, and will go with anything from jeans to leggings and dresses.

An effective way of staying chic in the cold is by layering your clothing. The trick is to keep your garments co-ordinated but not overly matchy-matchy. For an easy chic look, try a long cardigan cinched in with a waist belt.

Don’t skimp out on accessories or forget to accessorise just because the rest of your outfit is hidden under a mass of knitwear. Choose leather gloves over wool for a sophisticated look and don’t be afraid to wear that hat.

The key to looking good in bad weather? Preparation. And a versatile wardrobe!