as-the-night-draws-in… and there becomes a distinct chill in the air, our thoughts turn to winter knitwear, hats, boots, scarves and finding the perfect winter coat. Yet blazoning down the recent Milan catwalk was a sea of sheer fabrics and corsetry. The last thing on our mind as we see our own breath in the morning air is baring all next summer! However, the underwear as outerwear trend seems to be back!

Antionette Basque (MQ16)

Antionette Basque (MQ16)

We have a lovely basque for winter and whether you choose to wear it as underwear or outerwear is up to you. Either way, we hope you’ll feel great and fully supported!

Panache’s porcelain brief body with tummy control will also help to slim the figure and give you an extra confidence boost, love it!

Other trends to look out for…

As you may have noticed sequins are back, but beware there are rules when wearing sequins in order to keep it chic and sexy and avoid looking like a 5 year old that has covered themselves in glue and rolled around in glitter. When donning sequins, limiting them to one garment/one area is best practice, leave the all over sparkly mini dress, matching bag and shoes to the teenagers. A small sequinned clutch will jazz up an old outfit, sequinned tops look great paired with simple well fitting jeans and help to balance the glam factor. And the last rule, keep jewellery to a minimum, a sparkly top is enough with out adding more shiny things!

And for bigger boobed ladies, if you want to draw attention away from your boobs, avoid long round necklaces as they will make you look even bigger – opt for statement necklaces that sit on your collarbone instead.