How do French ladies do it? Looking chic and fashionable in such an effortless way? It is a question that has flummoxed us for years.  Aside from their proximity to the fashion capital itself, Paris, French women know how to balance just the right amount of fashion and style. So what’s their secret?

Style. It’s simple, French ladies will wear one trend at a time and work it to perfection rather than covering themselves head to toe in the latest fashion fads. These women seem to have the innate ability to spot a fashion classic, whilst we’re still wearing leggings (in every colour, texture and print imaginable).

So how do we do the Parisienne chic thing? The key is great basics, a classic white shirt, great fitting trousers, the perfect fit coat and lashings of black. French women are also more conservative when it comes to flashing the flesh, in other words, they don’t! Sexiness is achieved by leaving what is underneath to the imagination, rather than showcasing your assets in a more obvious way. It’s a look that takes practice to perfect, but effortless chic never goes out of fashion.

If you’re not quite ready for spring trends just yet, why not try the French opulent look by teaming your basics with hints of velvet, silk and plenty of embellishments. A brocade dress or puff ball skirt works well to achieve the luxurious look that makes this trend what it is, but remember, subtlety is key when doing it the French way!