No matter what your shape or size.

The industry is finally waking up to the fact that real women come in all different shapes and sizes but there is still a long way to go before real women are widely accepted by the fashion world. Appearances of plus sized models on catwalks is still seen as controversial and advertising campaigns insist on using waif like models for ‘aspirational’ purposes. However, with the rise in concern for the effects of idealised portrayals of the female form in the media on young women, there is real cause for change. But there is hope. Designers such as Mark Fast, who is known for his clingy sexy knit wear dresses, used plus sized girls for one of his catwalk shows and proved to the fashion world that larger ladies look great in his clothes and with curves in all the right places, they even looked better than some of the other models on the catwalk. Larger ladies are also holding their own in the style stakes with the rise of blogs for plus sized girls who love fashion. Celebrities such as Beth Ditto should also be applauded for their super confidence and lack of regard for those who criticised her for her size. The truth is some women are naturally slim, some are curvy, some flat chested and others have more curves than you can shake a Gok Wan at. The key to looking good however is all about confidence no matter what your size, height, weight or bra size. Everyone is different. Just think what a boring world it would be if everyone looked the same.