We were very excited to read this in this month’s Scientific Journal and wanted to share it with you.

A study published in this month’s edition of The Scientific Journal shows that women with big boobs are funnier than those with smaller busts.  The study of over 1,000 women, conducted at Imperial College, showed that women with a cup size of D cup or above scored 68% higher in terms of their wit, sense of humour and ability to make others laugh.

Professor Dee Andover oversaw the study and explains “At first we speculated that the results might be due to environmental factors because many women with big busts learn at an early age to equip themselves with a quick wit and good sense of humour in order to deal with unwanted attention.  However, following a robust trial, we were surprised to discover that there seems to be a link between the gene that governs parts of the brain associated with creativity, language and fast response, and that also plays a role in the genetic predisposition to having bigger breasts.”

A quick look at many of our most talented and popular female comedians and comedy actresses certainly seems to show that many are blessed with bigger boobs.  These include Miranda Hart, Dawn French, Sarah Millican and Victoria Coren-Mitchell.  The results are sure to be greeted by many with a positive response as Professor Andover says, “These results turn some of the stereotypes about women with bigger busts on their head and may be a cause for celebration for many.”

How great is that?!  Click here to see more big boobed women who are brilliant at making us laugh…