Hybrid biker boots with wedge heel

Hybrid biker boots with wedge heel

As footwear trends begin to adopt the same fast pace as clothing trends, we now have more shoe styles than we could ever imagine, which means twice the fun when putting our outfits together! Gone are the days of simple footwear choices; flats or heels? Boots or pumps? We now have shoe boots, heeled brogues, wedges, pencil heels or even clogs to choose from, which means that we can have just as much fun with our footwear as we do with our clothing!

Here’s our low-down on this season’s hottest shoe trends, as if you needed any encouraging to go shoe shopping;

Wedges are making a come back this summer but this time they’re much more decorated than previous seasons and are also much higher than before.

Brogues are still big news and look great worn with this season’s smart shorts, heeled or flat.

Translucent shoes, we’re not sure about this look either. We really don’t want to see other peoples toes squished together in a pair of see through shoes. Opt instead for translucent details on heels, sides or straps.

Peep-toes, another fundamental summer shoe trend which can be worn now too! Peep-toe shoe boots are also very comfortable and make perfect alternative to sandals! Or invest in a pair of peep-toe lace up shoe boots to nail the sports wear look. Although we don’t recommend trying to participate in actual sports in such high heels, this could end in disaster.

Clogs are probably the hottest and least expected shoe trend of the season. Clogs are THE fashion shoe buy for the summer. So say Chanel.

Nude shoes, as the trend translates from fashion to footwear, shoes in any shade of beige or peachy pinks will do!

Denim shoes, not since the Spice Girls days have we coveted a pair of denim wedges this much but boy are they back and more grown up this time round.

Futuristic, shiny silver with Perspex details to add a fashion forward look to your outfit.

Hybrid shoes; the wedge that thinks it’s an espadrille, the heel that thinks it’s a trainer, the boots that think they’re peep-toes…? Shoe styles become merged as trends cross over to create new looks, how exciting?!

Now all we need is a little sunshine and a few degrees so we can wear summer sandals and flip-flops again! Time to get those feet buffed and polished girls!