Every now and then a fashion trend will come along and leave us with open mouths wondering who in their right mind would wear that? Remember winkle pickers, shell suits and jelly shoes?

But fashion isn’t always about wearability, as the catwalks often prove. Fashion can be about having fun with your clothes and experimenting with different looks and styles. Wearing certain clothes can help to make you feel more confident, comfortable or sexier. It’s all about dressing appropriately for each situation.

We can sometimes however, get stuck in a bit of a fashion rut. We get to the point where we know what suits us, what shapes are flattering on our body types and which colours to buy. But why oh why stick to the same old  jeans, empire lines and black? Just because we know that these are flattering doesn’t mean that we can’t try something different every once in a while.

Although, we women have definitely got the long straw, men’s fashion isn’t any where near as fun. We have dresses, skirts, strappy tops, cute cardigans, sexy shoes and tonnes of accessories that men just don’t get to enjoy (apart from David Beckham in THAT sarong). We even have the masculine trend, proving that not only do we have our own fashion trends but that we also look great in men’s style clothing too!

So when it comes to fashion, the only real rule is to enjoy what you wear and don’t feel chained to one style or look, experimentation is key to finding a few brand new looks! And whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. We will all at some point in our lives, look back and ask ‘what was I wearing?’ but that’s half the fun of it!