As we bid farewell to March and welcome April with open arms (crikey 2010 is going fast) we are finally turning our minds into spring mode. We’re busy planning our spring wardrobes (and actually wearing some of it), thinking about Easter breaks away and considering after work drinks instead of heading straight home in the dark. The latter is probably the thing we’re most excited about, having a social life after work and leaving the office before it gets dark! So even though we’re not too happy about having lost an hour of our weekend we are very grateful for the lighter evenings. The weather however is sure to fluctuate, in typical April shower style, as it has begun to already. Bright sunshine in the morning fools us into thinking it might actually be a nice day. But then the rain comes in the afternoon, leaving us stranded (wherever we may have decided to venture, in what was previously such a lovely day) wondering how the heck are we going to get home without ruining our new pumps/handbag/hair do?!

But after spring comes summer. We’re also getting increasingly excited at the prospect of summer and have started planning what we want to do with our summers, namely; BBQs despite the British weather, picnics, trips to the beach etc. As well as becoming excited for what we want to do over summer, we’re also getting impatient for our summer wardrobes and are desperate to be wearing linen trousers, cotton dresses (without thick tights and boots) and sandals sometime soon!

So make this April fool proof. Get the brolly out, wrap up in plenty of layers and prepare for the inevitable showers and pranks!