Sports Bras

£5 off sportswear!

£5 off sportwear

We want to help you get active and beat those winter blues by offering

£5 off all full price sports bras and sports swimwear until 31st January*

Whether you’re a runner, a walker, a swimmer, a skier or love to shake it at Zumba, why not invest in new sportswear to ensure you are fully supported while you’re exercising.

The benefits of a well fittings sports bra…

As there are no muscles in the breasts, if you exercise without the correct support, the ligaments can stretch meaning your boobs could have less uplift in the long run. So if you like to hit the gym hard, or prefer something a little gentler, it’s always a good idea to wear a properly fitted sports bra as this will help to protect your boobs, holding them more firmly to prevent bouncing. We offer both underwired and wire-free styles all of which are designed to offer maximum support whilst you exercise.

Guide to a good fitting sports bra…

  • The underband should be firm, lie flat to the skin and not ride up at the back.
  • Straps should be comfortable, stay on your shoulders and not dig in.
  • Your boobs should be fully encased within the cups, not spilling over at the top or the sides.
  • Finally JUMP! Test the bounce factor!

If you need any more advice or you’re looking for a sports bra for something specific, we’d love to help so please call us on 01926 459 859.

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Great Britons

The London Olympics are only ten days away and the sense of expectation is growing. All over the country crowds in their thousands queued to get a glimpse of the Olympic Torch procession, and it was a great way to ensure Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English people feel part of the games. You may have been past the Olympic Park if you live in or near London, it’s hard not to be impressed, as it is truly a spectacular site.

Panache Sports Bra Panache Sports Bra

So as we are gearing up for the opening ceremony, we hope, that like us here at Bravissimo, you are feeling inspired by those past and present Great Britons like Dame Kelly Holmes, who has overcome physical illness, injury and depression and went on to win a double gold at the Athens games in 2004. So what makes an Olympian so different to the rest of us? Apart from their physical fitness, it is their self -belief. On her own website, Dame Kelly says: “The lesson I have learned time and time again, is if you want something just go out and get it. For me success is a choice and along the way, there are always disappointments and problems, even mountains to climb. But I always talk in my mentoring and education programmes, about breaking down goals in to smaller steps and making the journey to what you want more achievable.”

What a great mindset to have and something we can apply to our own dreams and ambitions in our daily lives. So while we are watching the Olympics this summer and those amazing people achieve their goals, hopefully it might inspire us all to reach for our dreams, or, if watching all those incredible athletes, just gets us enthusiastic about sport and encourages us to have a go ourselves, well that can’t be a bad thing either. And if you have decided to get fit of fitter this summer, Bravissimo, have some brilliant sports bras that will support you all the way.