How To Care For Your Bra

Idol Bra by FreyaWe get lots of lovely feedback from our customers about the first time they discovered Bravissimo and how finding the right bra not only changed the way they feel, but changed the way their clothes looked too. We know that Bravissimo customers have their own personal favourites, so why not extend the life of your bra with our How To Care For Your Bra Guide?

Here are our recommendations

This may sound obvious, but having a few bras to rotate is a good idea and will make them last longer.

Hand wash your lingerie in cool to lukewarm water, this protects the details like lace, the elastic and fibres and, protects the colour, so your colours will stay vibrant and your whites will stay white. Washing machines are too powerful for the job, like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Anything that is underwired needs care. Washing underwired items in the washing machine can shrink the fabric and wires could warp and be exposed, so hand washing in cool water is advised.

When you are drying your bra, air-drying on an airer or line drying is the best. It is not advisable to dry your bra on the radiator or in the tumble dryer, which can damage the wires, as it’s a direct heat source.

A quick guide to hand washing your bra

• Keep your whites, colours and blacks separate, and don’t use the same water.
• Fill your sink with cool or lukewarm water.
• Add hand wash liquid specifically made for use on delicates (use according to the hand wash instructions).
• Swish around your lingerie, rub together gently, then leave to soak for up to an hour.
• Rinse your bra in cool water, until the water runs clear.
• Don’t wring your bra out, gently squeeze.
• Place between two towels and pat to remove excess water.
• Dry on an airer or on the washing line. Whites will stay bright white, if dried outside.

So now you can enjoy your favourite bras that bit longer. If you have any questions about how to care for your bra, please speak to our customer service team, or pop into one of our stores.

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Game On For Sports Bras



Panache Sports BraWe all love watching Wimbledon for the British underdogs, the adrenaline-fuelled battles, crowd camaraderie, and all the ceremony, not forgetting the tradition and rules. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament (dating back to 1877), so some of these rules have been in place for a very long time. This year, these strict guidelines nearly cost Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard dearly just because a black strap on her sports bra was visible under her tennis whites. Little did she realize that she was making such a faux pas, but the rules state: ‘Any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration) must also be completely white.’ So, that’s her told!

At Bravissimo, we have a wide variety of sports bras, for your chosen sport, workout, or exercise class.

Active Multi Sports BraIf tennis is your game, try the Panache Sports Bra by Panache, in white. This bra has received fantastic reviews. You say its ‘super comfortable’, ‘gives you total support no matter how much you move’ and ‘looks good’. If you need more support for high impact sports, it can be worn as a racerback. It’s also available in, black, storm and pink.

The Active Multi Sports Bra by Shock Impact Free Sports BraAbsorber comes in grey or pink.

This is a great new bra, which is made from breathable, high performance fabrics. It is designed with shaped & padded straps for extra comfort during your workout, and the back fully opens for complete ease when you’re getting ready.

For unrivalled comfort and support at the gym, try the Impact Free Sports Bra by Royce. This bra is wire-free with soft cups, Velcro covers the back clasps, so you can wear it as outerwear too. You will feel utterly confident, however hard you’re exercising, that your boobs will stay in place. Goes up to a K-cup and is available in white and black.

As you know, the right sports bra can make all the difference to your enjoyment of exercise, and we hope you have found one here that will work for you. To see our full range of sports bras visit

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What Is A Balconette Bra & What Does It Do For You?


Boudoir Beau Bra

If you are one of our Bravissimo ladies, the following questions will probably have crossed your mind, what is a Balconette bra and what will it do for me?

What is a Balconette Bra?

A Balconette bra style is cut straight across the top part of your boobs rather then in the middle like a half cup or in a V shape like a plunge and has a deeper centre panel and wider cut shoulder straps.

What does a Balconette Bra do for you?

Instead of pushing your boobs together to create a cleavage (like a plunge), a Balconette will create lift from the bottom and upwards. It will give your boobs a rounder shape, but not cut too high over the boobs. If you want more support & coverage, look for a style with a higher middle panel and higher cups. This style tends to have wider set straps and should sit comfortably on your shoulders and your boobs should fill the cups giving you a more rounded shape. Balconettes are best for wider necklines, sweetheart necklines and scoop necks and for boobs that need a bit more uplift, but still want a flattering rounded shape.


Tango Balconette BraWe have 44 different styles of Balconettes in Alana Braour collection, we have underwired styles or moulded styles for a more defined shape. Our Bravissimo firm favourites are the Alana Bra by us, in candy pink and the Tango Balconette Bra by Panache, now in lemonade and amethyst, (perfect colours for summer) or try the sexy Boudoir Beau Bra another Bravissimo style in violet and poppy/orange. All of these brilliant balconettes will offer you a lovely rounded shape, great support and all day comfort. Browse our collection, you will certainly find one you love.

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Beautiful Bridal Lingerie Essentials

Deco Darling Bra

We are still in the middle of wedding season, if you are a bride-to-be, hopefully you will have read our blog on ‘what bridal lingerie to wear under your wedding dress’.

At Bravissimo, we love to give you lots of choice and we didn’t want to leave anything out, so below you will find some more stunning wedding lingerie, bridal essentials to help your wedding day run smoothly, and also luxurious & sexy underwear for your wedding night and honeymoon.

The Elodie Bra In Cappuccino

The Deco Darling Bra by Freya in Ivory, with its subtle and pretty pattern, is a great choice for any bride. This bra scores high on comfort and offers a smooth silhouette under your dress. Because it’s a moulded plunge, it’s perfect if your dress is a low scoop neck, which shows some cleavage. This style additionally comes in Black/Blush with a rose overlay design; this is the ultimate lingerie set for your honeymoon. The set also comes with the Deco Darling Suspender and the Deco Darling Brief.

Is your dress sheer or silk? You may be better opting for nude wedding lingerie like the The Elodie Bra by Fantasie in Cappuccino. This style has a side sling shape, which pushes you forward and creates uplift, a great choice if your wedding dress has a cowl neck, but you still need that hint of cleavage. Try the Black/Berry colourway for your wedding night, with matching Elodie Thong, which has a sexy keyhole feature.

Deco Darling Babydoll

Are you looking for some wedding underwear that gives support, fantastic cleavage, prevents your wedding dress clinging in all the wrong places and is special enough for your wedding night? The Deco Darling Babydoll by Freya, offers you all that for your big day.

If the wedding dress you have chosen is backless, which is a lovely look for summer, then don’t worry. We sell Low Back Converter Clips (D+) by The Natural. These very clever clips, simply hook onto the hook & eye on any bra and wrap around your waist…problem solved.

If you are a bride-to-be and want any advice on the best lingerie for you, please pop into one of our stores, or speak to one of our customer service team.