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Those keen swimmers among you will know the importance of a well-fitting swimsuit to both flatter and support so you can maximize your time in the pool! Our NEW bra-sized Sydney Sports Swimsuit by Zoggs has a racer back for ultimate uplift and the bright pink details keep it looking pretty! Shop our Sydney Swimsuit here > x

Sydney Sports Swimsuit by Zoggs Sydney Sports Swimsuit by Zoggs, £45.00


Bravissimo Is Coming To Leicester!

Bravissimo is coming to Leicester

Stories from In Store – by Bravissimo Fitter Alexandra Khan

Our expert fitter Alexandra Khan gives us an insight into what it’s like to work in our busy Milton Keynes store!

“It never ceases to amaze me the varied people that are Bravissimo customers, ranging from young teenage girls experiencing their first fitting, to blushing brides to be and expecting yummy mummies. As a fitting consultant at the Bravissimo Milton Keynes store, I experience first-hand interaction with all these different customers and in some way become part of their journey.

Most people will agree that bra shopping is an intimate and, for some, daunting experience. Having someone standing in a fitting room seeing all the bits of your body you normally cover up is something most customers dread. However what I find amazing about Bravissimo, is how one single fitting with a customer can change their perception of themselves completely.

A recent fit I had with a customer showed me exactly this – she walked into the fitting room feeling frumpy in her post pregnancy body, thinking she was a 38DD. I spent around 45 minutes with this lady, going through how different styles of bras can enhance your body and shape in different ways. As well as lingerie the customer also tried on some of our pepperberry clothing, showing her how a good bra and clothes that fit your figure properly can change your shape completely. My customer left wearing a 34G, those extra four inches she thought she had were gone giving her a better lift and an instant confidence boost. The Tie Back Paisley Print Dress cinched in her waist showing off her curves. She also took the new Violet Satine set to match her dress, which gave her an amazing cleavage!

It’s such a great feeling leaving a fitting with the customer over the moon with their experience and purchases. Being able to contribute to how they feel about themselves makes spending all the time with them worthwhile, as you can see their self-confidence blossoming. Some people come in looking to the ground in embarrassment and leave walking tall with their head held high. Most importantly feeling proud of their boobs!”

Milton Keynes Bravissimo Bravissimo Pepperberry Milton Keynes



Pretty in Prints

Liven up your lingerie drawer this autumn with some fabulous vibrant prints and bold colours, combined with the sensational support you love, means you don’t have to compromise on fit in these sassy styles! xPretty in Prints

Jasmine Bra, available in an E-K cup Jasmine Bra, available in an E-K cup
Bohemia Bra, available in a DD-J cup Bohemia Bra, available in a DD-J cup
ail Bra, available in a D-J cup Abigail Bra, available in a D-J cup
Floris Bra, available in a D-K cup Floris Bra, available in a D-K cup