Beach Tips For You Summer Holiday: Look Beautiful & Stay Safe!

We all look forward all to a well-deserved break and chill out and many will spend all year focused on those precious days in the sun!

You have chosen and bought your beautiful new holiday swimwear and this is one of the best bits about going away. If you haven’t found your perfect swim set yet we’ve just had some new styles arrive.


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Next you need to think about what happens when you get your lovely self to the beach. When you step out into the sand on that first day we know you will be feeling good, but we also want to be sure that our customers stay safe from the sun.

Whether you’re hitting a beautiful beach in the Med or one of our lovely beaches in the UK, the sun can be just as strong. The last thing you want to happen is to get sunburnt so here are a few simple beach tips to make sure this doesn’t happen.


Beach Tips

  • Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 and a UVA brav summerfilter of five stars
  • Make sure your sun cream is not past its expiry date – most have a shelf life of just 2-3 years
  • Apply regularly (at least every 2 hours) and after you swim
  • Try and stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat (this will help keep the sun off your face and hair too)


And don’t forget your hair needs extra care when on the beach.  An simple updo (clip or a bun) or cover up (hat or scarf) is ideal; this way the sun can’t reach the ends of your hair, which are older and will be quicker to dry out. Extra conditioning will help keep the moisture in your hair and if you for added UV protection you can use a sunscreen diluted with water before you swim or sunbathe.

Follow these beach tips and have a beautiful and safe holiday this summer and if you are getting away on a last minute break check out our Summer swimwear sale and grab a bargain!



When Should You Buy A Nursing Bra?

The Sophie Nursing BraIf you are expecting a little bundle of joy over the next few months, you may have been amazed and mildly alarmed at all the changes your body goes through. Swollen ankles, weird cravings and aversions to food, hair and skin changes, dropping off to sleep at the drop of a hat and needing the loo lots, are just some of the things to expect. But one of the first symptoms you may experience is your boobs getting bigger. It may seem unlikely that they will get any bigger once you have had the baby, but oh, they will!

For this reason it’s advised to leave buying your nursing bra as near as possible to the end of your pregnancy. Your breast size can increase by one to two cup sizes once your milk supply has kicked in and your boobs may get bigger if you have chosen to breastfeed, you may also need extra room for breast pads.

At Bravissimo when you are fitted for a nursing bra, we will take on board all of the above to try and find the best possible size for you.

You may find that your nursing bra gives you a different shape to your normal bra, this is because nursing bras are soft cup bras. We don’t use wires, as wires don’t give the flexibility we need when nursing, they can also dig in and damage the breast tissue and can even cause mastitis. So here is our nursing bra guide to help you through the final stages of pregnancy.

The Charlotte Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra Guide

  • It should be soft, supportive with full cups and no wires
  • You should be able to release the cup with one hand
  • There should be plenty of room for baby to feed
  • It should have room for growth, as your boobs can fluctuate throughout the day
  • It should be good quality and wash well

Here are some examples of the nursing bras Bravissimo offers:

The Sophie Nursing Bra by Panache is such a pretty lace bra available in candy/pink or black. The cups are lined with jersey so they are extra soft, and

the straps have soft plush padding on some sizes for added comfort. The cups drop down for ease when breast-feeding. This bra offers comfort and a great shape along with a pretty lace design.

The Sadie Nursing Bra


The Charlotte Nursing Bra by Royce comes in nude, white and black.

It’s a soft full cup, which offers you more support. The cups are drop down for easy feeding. It will give you comfort and confidence after your baby is born and beyond.

The Sadie Nursing Bra by Royce is a great nursing bra. You tell us it gives a nice shape and is so soft, meaning it’s extremely comfortable. It is designed with silver fibres, which means it protects against odour, it’s anti bacterial and it regulates temperature. It is also available with three hooks for some sizes, which will provide you with extra support if you need it.Ava Nursing Bra by Royce

If you love the feel and fit of the Sadie Nursing Bra, then you will really love the Ava Nursing Bra by Royce. Brand new to Bravissimo, this bra has drop down cups for practicality when nursing. It is a soft cup bra and is available in this simple cream dot design with black lace edging. It is available up to a K cup and also comes with 3 hooks for larger sizes. We think this style offers you the same great shape of the Sadie, along with super support and that all day comfort.

We hope you have found a nursing bra for you. For fitting advice, please ring one of our telephone fitters on 01926 459 859 or pop into one of our stores.

However many weeks you are, we wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy from all here at Bravissimo x

Want to learn more about nursing bras? Visit our nursing bra FAQ page.

How To Care For Your Bra

Idol Bra by FreyaWe get lots of lovely feedback from our customers about the first time they discovered Bravissimo and how finding the right bra not only changed the way they feel, but changed the way their clothes looked too. We know that Bravissimo customers have their own personal favourites, so why not extend the life of your bra with our How To Care For Your Bra Guide?

Here are our recommendations

This may sound obvious, but having a few bras to rotate is a good idea and will make them last longer.

Hand wash your lingerie in cool to lukewarm water, this protects the details like lace, the elastic and fibres and, protects the colour, so your colours will stay vibrant and your whites will stay white. Washing machines are too powerful for the job, like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Anything that is underwired needs care. Washing underwired items in the washing machine can shrink the fabric and wires could warp and be exposed, so hand washing in cool water is advised.

When you are drying your bra, air-drying on an airer or line drying is the best. It is not advisable to dry your bra on the radiator or in the tumble dryer, which can damage the wires, as it’s a direct heat source.

A quick guide to hand washing your bra

• Keep your whites, colours and blacks separate, and don’t use the same water.
• Fill your sink with cool or lukewarm water.
• Add hand wash liquid specifically made for use on delicates (use according to the hand wash instructions).
• Swish around your lingerie, rub together gently, then leave to soak for up to an hour.
• Rinse your bra in cool water, until the water runs clear.
• Don’t wring your bra out, gently squeeze.
• Place between two towels and pat to remove excess water.
• Dry on an airer or on the washing line. Whites will stay bright white, if dried outside.

So now you can enjoy your favourite bras that bit longer. If you have any questions about how to care for your bra, please speak to our customer service team, or pop into one of our stores.

How did we do? Have we missed anything? Please leave your comments.

Game On For Sports Bras



Panache Sports BraWe all love watching Wimbledon for the British underdogs, the adrenaline-fuelled battles, crowd camaraderie, and all the ceremony, not forgetting the tradition and rules. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament (dating back to 1877), so some of these rules have been in place for a very long time. This year, these strict guidelines nearly cost Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard dearly just because a black strap on her sports bra was visible under her tennis whites. Little did she realize that she was making such a faux pas, but the rules state: ‘Any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration) must also be completely white.’ So, that’s her told!

At Bravissimo, we have a wide variety of sports bras, for your chosen sport, workout, or exercise class.

Active Multi Sports BraIf tennis is your game, try the Panache Sports Bra by Panache, in white. This bra has received fantastic reviews. You say its ‘super comfortable’, ‘gives you total support no matter how much you move’ and ‘looks good’. If you need more support for high impact sports, it can be worn as a racerback. It’s also available in, black, storm and pink.

The Active Multi Sports Bra by Shock Impact Free Sports BraAbsorber comes in grey or pink.

This is a great new bra, which is made from breathable, high performance fabrics. It is designed with shaped & padded straps for extra comfort during your workout, and the back fully opens for complete ease when you’re getting ready.

For unrivalled comfort and support at the gym, try the Impact Free Sports Bra by Royce. This bra is wire-free with soft cups, Velcro covers the back clasps, so you can wear it as outerwear too. You will feel utterly confident, however hard you’re exercising, that your boobs will stay in place. Goes up to a K-cup and is available in white and black.

As you know, the right sports bra can make all the difference to your enjoyment of exercise, and we hope you have found one here that will work for you. To see our full range of sports bras visit

What do you think of our choices, have we missed anything?

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