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If you saw the opening ceremony of the Olympics back in July, you might have noticed that Sir Tim Berners-Lee took a central role, sending a text message to the audience which was then projected around the stadium. Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist and the inventor of the ‘World Wide Web’.

We may underestimate what an impact one man has had on our everyday lives, however day to day has become much simpler in many ways. We can effectively take our office anywhere we go now, we can watch movies on long journeys, we can send emails, communicate with friends and people we’ve never met on Facebook and make comments on Twitter and more importantly… we can SHOP (you can’t argue with genetics!). And, what is even more amazing, we can do all of this on our mobile phone, who would have thought even ten years ago that all this would be possible!

Marcie Bra by Cleo Marcie Bra by Cleo

Browsing and shopping online via a smartphone has definitely made our lives easier. Picture these scenarios:

    It’s your best friend’s wedding at the weekend and you’ve nothing to wear and no time to go into town
    Your toddler (or partner!) screams at the top of their voice every time you enter a shop
    You are constantly travelling with work and never in one place for too long
    You working night shifts, so the shops are closed when you are awake

Whatever your shopping predicament is, online shopping on your smartphone could be the answer.

Well, good news ladies! Bravissimo’s website in all its glory, is now optimised for your smartphone, so now you buy all your favourite styles and be first to check out new additions to the autumn collection, like the utterly gorgeous Marcie Bra by Cleo.

Enjoy the weekend ladies and happy shopping, wherever you may roam. Please type in on your mobile browser, and tell us what you think!