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In praise of the Super fan

If you are a friend of Bravissimo on Facebook, you will have noticed that the Bravissimo Super Fans’ event took place in London the other night. Some of our past Super Fans got together and swapped their experiences of Bravissimo and what being a Super Fan meant for them personally. I know we may have mentioned it before (once or twice), but finding the right bra really can change your life and these girls a testament to that.

One fan had her fitting over the phone, at first she wasn’t too confident, however the fitter was knowledgable and helpful and talked her through signs that she should be looking for when trying on a bra. The Bravissimo parcel arrived and as soon as she tried on her new bra, she had her eureka moment.

Some Fans had been so unhappy with their boobs that they had even considered surgery, only to find that the right bra eliminates backache, corrects posture, which in turn improves the figure, knocking a few pounds off and creating a new feeling of self confidence as a consequence. All that from a bra, can’t be bad eh!

Another Super Fan was looking for some lingerie for her wedding but was not keen on the prospect of searching the high street for something supportive but dull, until she stepped into a Bravissimo store and was shown the Hestia Basque and couldn’t believe how sexy it was, whilst still offering great support and lift.

One of our other Super Fans was introduced to Bravissimo by a friend, after she had been complaining that there was nothing out there for bigger boobed ladies apart from granny bras, she literally could not believe her eyes when she actually saw how much choice Bravissimo offered and in so many gorgeous colours and fabulous styles.

We would like to thank our wonderful Super Fans and all our Bravissimo ladies for continuing to support us and being so passionate about our brand. We hope more and more of you will continue to spread the word, so women can get the very best advice in the future. And for anyone reading this that suspects they are wearing the wrong size, remember there is tons of information on our Perfect Fit Guide on the Bravissimo website, or you can pop into one of our stores or telephone us for advice on 01926 459 859.

Burlesque Beauties

Thrill Me Bra by Curvy Kate

Thrill Me Bra by Curvy Kate

We try our best at Bravissimo to keep adding to our range of lingerie, whilst keeping up with current trends and keeping our ladies’ boobs wonderfully supported. If you have been taking any notice of the trends recently, lingerie seems to be getting prettier, sexier, more glamorous and even more luxurious. There has been a huge influence from 1940s and 1950s underwear styles, think Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell and Elizabeth Taylor. Lingerie has been getting more ‘showgirl’, and some of the styles wouldn’t look out of place on a west end stage or at a burlesque show.

Once upon a time these very sexy styles were only made for our smaller boobed friends, now thankfully, you won’t miss out. Why should women lose out on style, just because they have more up top?

Bravissimo is definitely leading the way in this bigger boob lingerie revolution and we are extremely excited about some of our new styles, we hope you will love them too. The Paige Bra by Miss Mandalay is sexy and fun, it has a sheer panel for an extra touch of sassiness, a fuller cup than the normal balconette and the hot pink colour is exclusive to Bravissimo, the contrasting bright yellow lace trim, is a really great finishing touch. The matching thong is really flirty, with its two bright yellow frills and little bow.

The Thrill Me Bra by Curvy Kate, will be sure to thrill you and anyone who comes within half a mile of you. Not only does it ooze sex appeal, we have it on very good authority, that this bra is very comfortable and gives amazing uplift. The Azure/ Plum is a lovely colourway and it also comes in blushing Rasberry/Charcoal. It is lightly padded and underwired with fully adjustable shoulder straps. The matching shorts are soooo gorgeous and just to top it off; they have added suspender straps, in case they weren’t sexy enough.

As mad as march hair

New season, new trends, new hair!

New season, new trends, new hair!

 As daffodils start to appear and we count down the days until the clocks go forward and British Summer Time officially begins (27th March) we’re fancying a new do to see in the new season. And boy are there some interesting styles to choose from…

  • Colourful; we’ve done the statement colour look with our make-up and even worn clashing colours, or at least attempted to wear more colour with a brightly coloured handbag. But this season it’s all about making a statement with your hair colour. The dip-dye effect has been popular on the catwalk and has filtered down to the main stream with extreme versions (blonde hair with bright pink ends) and less extreme versions (brown hair with blonde highlights in the lower section of hair as opposed to starting from the roots). The most popular full head colour has to be red and we have the fabulous Christina Hendricks to thank for that! So how daring will you be?
  • Frizzy crimp; a popular style on the catwalks for spring summer this look works particularly well with the season’s 70s styled hats. If you have naturally curly hair up the volume with hairspray to create a soft wispy finish. Those with straight hair will need to add volume by curling, crimping and even back combing. When worn with a hat the style can afford to be bigger and bolder than normal so that the texture is seen from underneath the brim. Finish the look with this fabulous Scoop Neck Jersey top and bootcut or flared jeans.
  • Loose waves; summer style often includes laid back outfits like easy summer dresses and bo-ho styles that are perfectly accentuated by big loose curls or waves. Brunettes can even go for a few subtle highlights to distinguish the texture further.
  • Undone bun; the messy up do was another hot look on the catwalk and can be easily achieved by spraying the hair and creating texture before you style. Up dos look great when a dress or top has an interesting neckline as it showcases the detail and doesn’t hide it under layers of hair. We think up dos are underrated as they keep our hair from getting in the way,  and don’t require washing and styling everyday, plus this season’s relaxed styles means no need for perfection, hurray for up dos!

Try a fresh face for spring

Complete a bold floral print with bold make-up

Complete a bold floral print with bold make-up

 No, we’re not talking about some horror surgery scene á la Face Off (the film with John Travolta who swaps faces with a cop in order to fight crime). We’re talking about a fresh new make-up look especially for spring. Often we can get stuck in a bit if a rut when it comes to our make-up routine and this might not be making the most of our changing styles. Generally when transitioning from winter into spring, our clothes become lighter and brighter, so why not freshen up your make-up bag to complement this change in the seasons? There are two main trends this season; the natural look and experimentation with colour. And here’s how to do them;

 Natural: a barely there natural look can be achieved by using a tinted moisturiser instead of a heavy foundation. We love tinted moisturiser as it’s very easy to apply, blends to our natural skin tone and provides just enough coverage for us to feel like we’re wearing something on our face without feeling clogged up. Add a swish of blusher and a highlighter cream or powder to the temple for a natural glow. Top tip: to finish off the look define the eyebrows with a pencil that is closest to your natural hair colour and dare to bare by leaving your eye make-up in the bag. This might be scary thought for some, however, not wearing eye make can produce a fresh and more youthful look, plus the definition of the eyebrows will help to add structure to your eyes without overdoing it.

Colourful: contrary to the natural look is the bold and bright colour trend which was popular on the catwalks for the spring season and when done right this look can have stunning results. From vibrant violet to contrasting shades of blue and orange, the key to this look is all about experimentation. The focal point of this trend is the eyes, try blending contrasting colours from the inner lid to the outer lid and add a swish of the brighter tone to the under lid to add drama to the look. To avoid looking like a girl who had raided her mother’s make-up case for the first time (or a drag queen) build your eye shadow up in layers. Start with thin subtle layers and build up the drama depending on the occasion i.e. add hints of colour for the daytime and go all out on a glam night out! If bold colours aren’t your thing then try a metallic shade and add liquid eye liner for extra oomph.

 It’s important to consider your make-up palette for different outfits. For example a set of red lips will work perfectly with the Flower Print Shift Dress as the shade will pick out the red pattern in the dress and give a striking effect. When wearing bold colours though it might be advised it keep your make-up simple, our Notch Neck Shift Dress comes in a fabulous red shade, however red lips, unless perfectly matched could look too much. Therefore a softer more natural look would suit this dress, although classic dark eyes would give it more of a glamorous spin. The natural, barely there trend looks great when rocking a bo-ho outfit like the new Blue Print Maxi Dress from the Pepperberry range or to make a change from your everyday make-up routine. Get out of your make-up rut and try a fresh face for spring.