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Feeling blue? Get a new hairdo!

40s Inspired Hair

40s Inspired Hair

A new hair style can take you from glum to glam in a matter of minutes and is a much cheaper and less painful way to change your looks than other more drastic procedures! Don’t underestimate the effect a great hair cut can have, getting the right style to suit your face and colour for your skin tone could be all it takes to make you feel like a whole new woman! For example, a fringe will frame your face very differently, curls, layers and colour can also change your appearance quite dramatically. If you are thinking about changing your hair, make sure you take the time to go for a proper consultation, this way you can be sure of what you want and will make you feel fantastic!

Plus, sleeping on the idea of having a new style before you go for the chop, especially if it is something quite different, can be a good idea. Anyways, it will always grow back if not!

Hair colour is about as loud and proud as it’s ever been so why not try being a braver shade? Purples and reds are very popular at the moment and work well for most skin tones. However, if you are very pale, these tones are best avoided as they are likely to be too harsh against your skin colour. So if you’ve always fancied being a red head, then go for it, you never know unless you try and that’s why they make semi-permanent hair dye! If you prefer not to colour your hair then why not try changing your style, by simply adding curls to naturally straight hair or straightening curly hair, you can achieve something very different. 1950’s style ringlets will give a glamorous sexy edge, you could also match you’re make-up to this era with a matte complexion, defined eyebrows and red lipstick. 50s style lingerie will help complete your theme and make you feel extra sexy and glamorous. Alternatively, try an up do to make a change if you’re used to wearing your hair down you could even add a hair accessory for a special event. The key with hair is experimentation and not getting stuck in a hair style rut!

How to feel good naked

how-to-feel-good-nakedUnfortunately there is only one Gok Wan in the world and we can’t all go on TV, strip down to our undies and have the pleasure of his expert advice. So here are some hints and tips to keep your body looking and feeling beautiful during the winter months.

Now is the perfect time of year for some full on girly pampering, yay! Our skin can take a bit of a battering during the brisk winter weather, so now is the time to think about your winter beauty regime and how to protect your skin during the cold coming months. In order to help your skin endure the winter season and re-appear looking as fresh as a spring daisy come March, follow these winter tips;

1- Moisturise moisturise moisturise! To avoid dry and chapped skin, lips especially can suffer from the change in climate, invest in both face and lip moisturisers. Re-apply moisturisers when the skin feels dry or tight to avoid it becoming a problem. Also, why not do something for your boobs too. Simple cleansing and moisturising will keep your skin supple and soft, but for an extra special treat we recommend that you try some aromatherapy. Just mix three drops of your favourite essential oil with a base oil and apply after bathing – we like Lavender or Ylang Ylang to relax and any citrus based oil to revitalise.

2- Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dull skin and stimulate new skin growth, so scrub up for the festive season! A good exfoliation will re-energise the skin, and get rid of the top layer of life less winter skin. Do this once or twice a month to keep yourself looking and feeling gorgeous.

3- Get a bit of colour the healthy way. Having a little bit of colour can make us feel more cheery. A good blusher will make your face look fresh and healthy, pink tones work great on blondes and light brunettes, whereas bronze/brown tones work well for darker hair/complexions. A spray tan is the best way to go for an all over healthy glow, especially if you are considering baring your legs in those all important party frocks! Choose a subtle shade to suit your tone and achieve that natural look.

Although it would be nice, you don’t have to go to an expensive health spa to achieve the desired affect. Set aside a night of peace and quiet. Dig out some bath products, run a hot bath and get scrubbing. This time of year means parties, family gatherings and work do’s a plenty, so you will want to look and feel at your very best. And nothing beats a good pampering to help you feel fabulous, whether you’re wearing clothes or not!