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Bring a bit of colour into your life!

And your wardrobe too!

Do you keep trying to get more colour into your wardrobe but always end up going for the old faithful black? Well if ever there was a time to get more colours into your wardrobe, that time is now. There is an abundance of colour now in shops for new spring/summer collections, so there is no excuse for wearing so much black or grey! For an easy way to add colour to your look, invest in a few accessories in different colours that will compliment pieces already in your wardrobe. A bold coloured bag, bangle or pair of shoes will add an instant injection of colour to an otherwise plain outfit. The layering look can also work well for adding bursts of colour. A bright cami worn underneath a chunky knit cardigan will help to achieve the cosy yet sexy look, whereas, a brightly coloured coat has a much less subtle impact but is still fun!

Add a splash of colour!

Add a splash of colour!

Now, we’re not against black completely, we just think that there are so many other gorgeous colours out there, why should black get so much attention?! If you’re more colour shy, than colour happy, try the panelling trend. A simple black (or grey) dress with brightly coloured panelling will get more colour into your wardrobe without giving up totally on black. Plus, when the panelling is done in the right places, the overall effect can be more flattering than plain black! Who’d have thought?! And don’t stop there, bold colourful and great fitting lingerie never fails to brighten up our day!

Panache’s Tango bra comes in a beautiful array of colours including purple and red as well the staple black, white and nude. Also, the Maria bra in eye catching aqua is the perfect antidote to these wintry nights.