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A woman and her knickers

Sensational set from the new collection

Sensational set from the new collection

 You only have to look at pictures of women’s lingerie over the decades to realise how much effort us ladies put into what is worn underneath; the corsetry and infinite layers of the Victorian era, the glamorous silk slips and loose fitting styles of the 30s and the screen scarlet lingerie of the 50s. It makes us wonder what happened to all that effort; today we’re often so busy we’re lucky if we manage to put our knickers on the right way round or even notice if we don’t!

  Underwear choice is more frequently made according to comfort and practicality rather than style or effect. However, every once in a while to make ourselves feel feminine and fabulous again, we’ll wear one of our favourite sets and remind ourselves what it feels like to be a woman. Not a mum, not a business woman, not housewife or an accountant but a red blooded woman in sensational lingerie. And although it might not be practical to dress like this everyday, we advise you to start paying more attention to what you wear underneath your clothes as it can make such a difference to your day.

  Did you know that a properly fitting bra can make you look slimmer? Well, a bra that fits correctly will position your boobs where they should be and not allow them to fall too low as some badly fitting bras can. The lift of a properly fitting bra can help to define your waist and draw attention to the narrowest part of your body, the waist. A good bra can also make your boobs look fuller and perkier as well as giving plenty of support. Not quite a corset, but thanks to modern design and technology you can get a fabulous boob boosting effect without being tied up tighter than a boat in a storm. If you’d like to try a bra fitting by Bravissimo then click here to find your nearest store. Alternatively you can call our customer helpline where flocks of our gorgeous Bravissimo girls are waiting to help you and your boobs get the bra you deserve. Why not take a leaf out of the books of the glamorous women that have gone before us and make just as much effort in your underwear as you do in your outerwear?

Great Basics

Deco Bra by Freya

Deco Bra by Freya

As well as our ‘Sensational sets’ in pretty prints and gorgeous colours, we also have a range of great basic underwear because sometimes a girl just needs a simple bra that will go with everything! We also have a number of multi-way bras and strapless bras up to H cup so whatever you wear on top, you know you will be fully supported underneath.

The Evie bra has soft foam cups for comfort and can be worn as a full bra, alterneck, cross-back or strapless. This style is available in Ivory, black or nude you can match the right colour to your wardrobe. Top tip: choose a nude bra over a white bra when wearing a white top or dress, the nude bra will be invisible, whereas a white bra will show through.

The Porcelain bra is a multi-way bra too but has moulded cups for a seem free look and plunge shape making it ideal for low cut tops. This bra also comes in a balconette version which is a little less versatile but just as comfortable and works great under tee-shirts.

Another great bra for wearing underneath tee-shirts is the Deco bra, it also works well under low cut tops as it creates a smooth line and has a low centre front.

All of our basic bras have matching underwear too, most in brief or short and thong versions, which are great for everyday wear and when you just want to feel comfortable.

If you like a basic style bra but also like a little bit of luxury then try the Zara bra, it has a great push up plunge effect for added oomph, but comes in a simple design and luxurious satin fabric, oh and it’s multi-way too! What more could a girl need? You just have to decide which colour now, black, white or latte?

Come and say hello

Pop in for a visit

If you’re new to Bravissimo or usually shop online, why not pop in to see us at one of our stores. The Bravissimo experience is about getting women like yourself into the underwear that you want to wear without compromising on fit or style. Our trained fitters are there to offer you guidance and advice for finding your true size. We strive to give you gorgeous and properly fitting underwear, swimwear, nightwear and clothing that will help you to make the most of your figure and most importantly make you feel fantastic!

If you come for a bra fitting, our trained fitters will do their best to make you feel relaxed and comfortable as we understand that some women feel more self-conscious of their boobs than others. They will talk through what styles you like and get you to try some bras on to find your true size. We fit bras the Bravissimo way, i.e. no tape measures as we understand that boobs come in all different shapes and sizes and all bras fit different. Many women are shocked with the difference in size from when they came into store to when they leave, but rather than getting too preoccupied with numbers, we want to make sure that you are happy with the fit and styling of your new underwear. Sometimes if you have been wearing a back size that is too big, your new bra might feel a little firm, this will take some getting used to but wearing a bra that’s back size is too big won’t give the right amount of support therefore it’s important to give your body chance to get used to the new size. We won’t ever push you into buying something you’re not completely happy with and are there just as much to give you advice and pass on our expertise as we are to sell underwear.
So if you usually shop online or are new to Bravissimo, why not visit us in one of our stores to find out what we’re really about!!

See here to find your nearest Bravissimo store.


Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, have just had one or are planning to, you really should consider what underwear you wear during these times. Throughout pregnancy and for quite a while afterwards, especially breast feeding mums, may experience swollen and sore boobs. It is therefore important to give your boobs the correct support to avoid any further discomfort as boobs can change size throughout pregnancy. We’d also recommend wearing a non-wired bra just after the baby’s birth as this will give your boobs time to settle down. If you’re planning on breast feeding we can fit you for a nursing bra, however, we advise this is left until around the 36th week, at this point you will be closest to the size you will be when the baby is born. For further advice or if you have questions just pop into a store or go online, and see Bravissimo’s range of nursing bras.

Our boobs naturally change shape and size throughout our lifetime so it’s a good idea to check your bra fit every once in a while to ensure you’re wearing the right size and that your boobs haven’t changed too much so that they no longer feel comfortable in your current underwear. Here are some signs that might indicate that you need to re-check your size;

  • If the bra seems to fit ok but is uncomfortable, the style might simply need changing. Different women prefer different styles of bra as these styles will fit different women in different ways. As long as the bra fit and is comfortable to wear then its thumbs up!
  • If the band of the bra is digging in or feels too slack then this needs to be changed, if the bra band isn’t tight enough then your boobs won’t be getting the support they need.
  • If you feel like your boobs are popping over the top of your boob, giving a ‘four-boob’ effect then the cup size might need changing.

It’s a good idea to check for these signs every once in a while as sometimes changes happen over a period of time so aren’t as noticeable. If you’re unsure just pop in and speak with one of fitters, they’re very helpful and will help you to find the perfect fit.

Angela & Friends…

We’re proud to have visited the lovely ladies at Angela & Friends last week for a bra fitting clinic.  The Sky One daily chat show is hosted by Angela Griffin and friends.  We had the pleasure of fitting all the ladies, all of which were wearing the wrong size bra when we arrived, however we’re pleased to say they were all wearing the correct size when we left, and all looked fabulous!

How curves are breaking into high fashion

Thanks to Eleanor Mills of the Times Online who has written this article…

It’s the late 1980s, and I’m spending more time than I should be shaking my booty on the dancefloor. Those three great clubs of the time — the Wag, Heaven and Phil Sallon’s Mud Club — are notoriously difficult to get into, but in a skintight black Alaïa-like dress, getting past the doorman is no problem. For a big night, I wear my favourite, a green stretchy Lurex halterneck from Kensington Market, which, worn with towering heels, never fails to gain me free admittance, guest list or not. Back then, my friends and I dubbed it the X-rated dress — there was just something about the way it clung to me (with my tiny waist and enormous bosom) that seemed to reduce most doormen to nodding compliance. Happy days!

So I know better than most that while fashion has pretty much constantly extolled the virtues of the waif, out there in the real world the male population has always appreciated a more curvaceous specimen. Granted, my voluptuous figure was not always such a boon — I got sick of being greeted with “Hello leftie, hello rightie, oh… hello Eleanor” in the school corridor, and once, rather memorably, when I interviewed Mikhail Gorbachev for this paper, he spent most of the time talking to my chest.

But still, it was with delight that I looked at these amazing high-fashion pictures from the latest V magazine (currently dominating billboards all over Manhattan), which show beautiful girls with the odd tummy roll and some meat on their thighs. Unlike Beth Ditto — who is as much of a freak in the size stakes as her whippet-thin model counterparts — the V girls look like gorgeous versions of the many. These pictures prove what sensible women have always known: beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, and there is no one body shape that trounces all the others.

Even Karl Lagerfeld, who has been withering in the past about “fatties”, has just photographed Miss Dirty Martini, a burlesque performer of considerable bodilicious charm. In fact, the “plus-size” model market is booming, according to Gary Dakin of Ford Models. “The girls’ rate has moved from £900 a day to £9,000 or £12,000 a day.” He is cock-a-hoop as he has just taken a booking for Crystal Renn, the world’s most famous plus-size model, to close one of the big shows at this season’s New York fashion week.

Add to that Mark Fast’s sexy knitwear selling out in Browns to real girls, the awe-inspiring shape of Joanie from Mad Men and Catherine Zeta-Jones sporting magnificent cleavage on the red carpet, and it seems abundantly clear: the voluptuous woman’s fashion moment has arrived.

Luckily, an underwear revolution has made all this possible. As any larger breasted lady knows, the trick to showing off an hourglass figure is the underpinnings. In my Wag days, finding a bra to fit my bosoms was a nightmare. There were only a handful of stores that stocked them, with Fenwick being the least depressing. Most 16-year-olds never went near a proper lingerie department, so they weren’t exactly presented with a teenage me in mind. On top of that, the prices were astronomical; my mum gave me a special extra allowance, as the bigger bras were at least £30 a pop. I would be imprisoned in a cubicle while some sniffy sales lady, tutting about support, rummaged in the back of the shop for an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Invariably they looked like nursing bras or sturdy matron’s attire. The best I could hope for was black. If they didn’t have black, I’d buy white and dye them. It was hell.

But then, 15 years ago (it celebrates its birthday this month), a shop was founded that was to change my life: Bravissimo. It caters entirely to the large-breasted, its smallest cup size is a D, going up to a KK. There are 2m ladies on the database, because as well as those of us who are just built that way, in 2008, 8,439 British women had their breasts surgically enlarged (up 30% on the year before). Bravissimo stocks all the best bras for big breasts — Freya being my favourite, but also Panache, Masquerade, Pureda, Wonderbra and Fantasie. From about £20 up — oh joy — it sells them in all the colours of the rainbow and just about every pattern.

Even today, putting on a well-fitting bright red bra with gorgeous embroidered flowers, or a green and pink lace confection, fills me with satisfaction. Being able to flaunt my straps or let a little bra lace peep through is a thrill. Bravissimo now has an excellent website and shops with trained fitters nationwide, and the collection changes four times a year. These days it sells nightwear with integral soft bras, attractive sports bras and strappy tops and vests with built-in support. It also produces a catalogue that is peppered with heartfelt stories from women, like me, who are grovellingly grateful for the company’s existence and send in tales of how being properly lifted and separated has made them look stones lighter, boosted their confidence and changed their lives.

Call us on 01926 459 859 for our telephone fitting service

Call us on 01926 459 859 for our telephone fitting service

Fitting is key. (Bravissimo will even do a fitting over the phone.) Many girls who might have just struggled on in a 34B bra are discovering, through being properly measured, that actually they are a 30G or a 32FF. With this trend for large breasts on small frames and larger-breasted Brits generally, other lingerie brands are moving in: Elle Macpherson Intimates has just started making bras up to a G cup (they are pretty, but lack technique when it comes to support), M&S is now doing a GG, Prima Donna (as designer as underwear gets: a bra costs £80, knickers £50) now does brilliant larger sizes, while Midnight Grace bras provide notable forward thrust.

If a decent bra is the curvy lady’s foundation stone, the finishing touch is a proper slip. Years ago an elegant friend suggested wearing a silk nightie under dresses rather than a standard slip — silk gives off less static and is much sexier than nylon. A slip allows a dress to skim and cling where you want it to, rather than where you don’t. (For extra help, shapewear such as Spanx work up to a point, though I constantly have to hoick them back into place, and they are definitely a bit Bridget Jones when it comes to the reveal.)

A basque is good for support too. I didn’t need one when I was 16, but it certainly helps now. The key is to ensure it is long enough to prevent an unsightly bulge where it stops, and to get it fitted properly so the bra part does its job. Rigby & Peller is the undisputed queen of the corset. I was fitted for a basque (£81) that I have worn under a number of dresses ever since with great results. A basque separates the larger breast from the waist like nothing else and is much sexier once you take the outer layer off. Masquerade does a good basque too (available from Bravissimo up to a G cup for £55). And since underwear as outerwear is a big part of the spring/summer look, a basque is a wearable way for the newly cool curvaceous posse to work that trend with the requisite amount of support.

As for outerwear, most designers don’t understand a womanly form, but Donna Karan does: I’m a huge fan, as she cuts her clothes to accentuate and flatter (her sweater dresses rule). On the high street, Warehouse, Phase Eight, Oasis and recently Comptoir des Cotonniers do better than the rest. I also recommend the incredibly slimming denim brand Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. Over in the States, NYDJs have been a big hit with the “Mom” demographic, as, too, has the brand Hello! Skinny Jeans — its jeans are “a marvel of denim engineering and artistic suggestion”, according to Tyra Banks.

So, bootylicious ladies, I know you’ve had that va-va-voom thing going for ever and the men around you love you for it, but now — finally — fashion is shining a benign eye upon you: so whether you skim, cling or strut, don’t waste this chance. Flaunt it.

Eleanor Mills