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Everyone For Tennis

Freya Active Underwired bra in black

Freya Active Underwired bra in black

Cups of tea, talking about the weather, complaining about the trains, and queuing, just some of the things that make us proud to be British. Another one is the great institution that takes place in London SW19 in late June.

It’s Wimbledon fortnight and everyone is getting a bit overexcited. The All-England Club is awash with the world’s finest tennis players, the seats, stands and hills are packed full of British women cheering on their heroes, eating strawberries & cream, drinking champagne and generally having a great time. It is also the time of year, when your local park’s tennis courts are packed with hopefuls desperately trying to emulate Andy Murray or Laura Robson.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a tennis pro, then Bravissimo can recommend the Freya Active Underwired bra, we have been told by some of our Bravissimo ladies, that this is a great sports bra for high impact sports like tennis. The Freya Active will keep your boobs securely in place, fully supported, but still gives great shape and uplift and is super comfortable too. It comes in a great range of colours, including graphite/lime, red, nude, black and white. We have plenty of the black and white available, and keep checking our website, as the other colours will be back in stock soon. Enjoy the rest of Wimbledon ladies, we know we will.

Colour Riot

Tango Plunge Bra by Panache

Tango Plunge Bra by Panache

If you have picked up a fashion magazine lately, you will see that colour blocking is a huge trend this summer. There has been an explosion of colour all over the high street. This also translates to lingerie. Remember the days when your only choice when buying a bra was limited to white for everyday and black or red if you were planning a bit of romance, not very imaginative! Bras has moved on, women now want their underwear to be as vibrant and exciting as their outerwear.

Bravissimo have some gorgeous everyday bras in a variety of colours. starting with our extremely popular Alana Bra by Bravissimo, this bra is comfortable, pretty and gives great shape and support, it comes in eight colours, including cherryade and emerald. The Melody Balconette Bra by Panache in electric blue is another newcomer, this is a really pretty bra with the lace detailing, it is an underwired balconette, is incredibly flattering and also gives fantastic support. The alternative to this bra if you would prefer a full cup is the Melody Full Cup Bra by Panache, there are six colours to choose from, including magenta and purple. If you are looking for a bra to wear with a low cut top, then the Tango Plunge Bra by Panache is that bra, it is an underwire plunge and is available in nine colours, including deep coral and spearmint, which is new for summer.

Why not pop into one of our stores and have a browse? There really is a different gorgeous shade for every day of the week, you needn’t have another boring bra day ever again.

Prints Charming

We are all familar with Bravissimo’s wide variety of colours to choose from when buying lingerie. And pretty embroided florals have been used since Victorian times on underwear. Bravissimo have some beautiful lingerie sets in this season’s ditsy floral prints, but what about other prints? There is no reason why you shouldn’t experiment a bit when it comes to what you wear under your clothes and Bravissimo have some very funky prints in the range. It used to be that printed textiles were only reserved for bikinis and swimsuits, now the trend has well and truly being bucked, and there is no stopping us when it comes to lingerie design.

The really great thing about printed bras is that if you are out and about this summer, like at a picnic with the girls or at an impromptu music festival, you can whip your top off and be out and proud of your fabulous boobs, and you will not look out of place – on the contrary you will definately turn a few heads. So pop into one of our shops over the weekend or look online and check out our great range of prints. Here’s a couple to get you started.

New from Bravissimo is the utterly delicious Sherbet Stripe Bra in candy stripes of pink and yellow with contrast pink lace and yellow bows. It’s an underwired balconette, with fullly ajustable shoulder straps. Available in sizes HH to K, it has additional lining for extra support.

Or for a bra that gives fantastic cleavage, take a look at the Karina Bra from Cleo. A Bravissimo exclusive, it’s a plunge bra which is underwired and lightly padded. The fun star print comes in Aqua/Lemon and Melon.

No Pain, no gain

Bravissimo's D+ Max Sports Bra

Bravissimo's D+ Max Sports Bra

Yippee, it official, summer is on the way. And its fast approaching the time of year when you start exposing bits of your body (legally of course). In Britain, much more skin is on show during the summer months, so many of us are heading to the gym two weeks before our annual reveal, in the vain attempt of getting a beach body we can be proud of.

If you are one of our Bravissimo ladies that will be heading down the gym, it is essential that you invest in a good, supportive, sports bra. We know the problems associated with wearing an unsupportive bra in our day to day life, but did you know that during exercise, your bigger boobs can bounce up to 14cm in a unsupported bra? As well as this being highly embarrassing for you – in front of your fellow gym goers – it’s also bad for your health. Exercising in the wrong bra can also cause breast pain and can result in permanent sagging. In short, finding the right sports bra can transform your workout, and turn you from a gym hater to a gym bunny.

Bravissimo have some great options, for a bra best suited to high intensity sports, with fantastic support, shape and no wire, try the D+ Max Sports Bra by Shock Absorber. Or for an underwire bra, choose the Active Underwired bra by Freya, this is a full cup with flexible underwiring, it is really supportive, comfortable and separates the boobs nicely creating a great shape. Its available in lots of colous, black,white, red, nude and graphite and lime which will be back in stock very soon.

So now you are all set, you will have to come up with another excuse to why you can’t hit the gym!

Say it with flowers

Fern Bra by Panache

Fern Bra by Panache

Saturday is the last day of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, if you are fortunate enough to have tickets or have already visited the flower show, lucky you! If you are going on Saturday, then don’t forget to take a brolly as it could be a wet one, if the forecast is to be believed.

One of the highlights is the Irish Sky Garden by Diarmuid Gavin, known for his inventive and unusual garden design, and his latest creation doesn’t disappoint. His garden in the sky overlooks reflective pools and at its highest point, you can see the whole of Chelsea and beyond, taking in the river and Battersea Power Station. Some of the gold awards were handed out to The B&Q Garden, A Postcard from Wales, Hae-woo-so (Emptying One’s Mind), The Daily Telegraph Garden and The HESCO Garden by Leeds City Council. To see more visit

If you have missed Chelsea there are plenty more amazing gardens to see. On the 5-10th of July, It’s the largest flower show in the world at Hampton Court Palace. And on the 20–24 July in Knutsford, Cheshire, The RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park takes place.

If all this flowery and fragrant talk has inspired you, why not say it with flowers and browse some of Bravissimo’s pretty floral lingerie. The Fern Bra by Panache is very feminine, with its small print and contrast lace and fuller cup. Or there is the Fairytale Bra by Faubourg, an absolutely beautiful bra with coloured floral embroidery on cream, the matching shorts and thong feature a really cute skirted detail.

Mum’s the word

Sophie Nursing Bra in Candy Pink

Sophie Nursing Bra in Candy Pink

Whether you are pregnant with your first baby or adding to your brood with another little one, pregnancy throws all sorts of strange and wonderful symptoms. Some of the joys of pregnancy are bigger boobs (as if they are not big enough already), swollen feet, sensitive skin, varicose veins, stuffy nose, temperature fluctuations, itchiness and that’s just for starters! So with all this to contend with, and looking more like a hot air balloon every day, us ladies really need to feel pretty and feminine, so what better way to do that than with a bra that doesn’t look like your Grandma’s old faithful.

Firstly when you are expecting, it is a good idea to wear a bra without an underwire we can recommend the Charlotte Soft Cup Bra by Royce, it has a soft full cup and can be worn during your pregnancy (and after) and gives a really flattering shape. After your baby is born and if you are breastfeeding, there is the lovely Sadie Nursing Bra by Royce, this is a really comfortable bra that will keep you cool when your hormones are making you hot and bothered, as it has thermo regulating properties, it comes in pink & silver, black & silver and ivory & silver. The last bra definitely worth a mention, is the gorgeous Sophie Nursing Bra by Panache, this is a very pretty nursing bra, made in a soft jersey fabric covered with lace. It has detachable straps for breastfeeding and comes in four colours; candy pink, fuchsia & peach, black and Ivory & Peach.

Every mum-to-be and new mum should be able to enjoy every moment, and a comfortable bra is a great place to start!

Game, Set and Match

The Parisian Plume Bra

The Parisian Plume Bra

According to our not so secret sources, when it comes to underwear, Bravissimo girls prefer to wear matching lingerie. There is something about wearing a set that makes us feel more together and ready to face the world, it’s a bit like red lipstick or a great pair of heels, lingerie sets inject a touch of glamour into our lives, even if the weather is pants, you’ve still got your matching bra and pants!

A few years ago B.B. (Before Bravissimo), sets used to be reserved for your wedding day or a romantic night, now thankfully, times has moved on and lingerie has too and we don’t need an excuse to wear a matching set.

So if you want to feel sexy, special but still supported, take a look at the Parisian Plume Bra, new from Bravissimo. This set puts the “Ooh” into the “Ooh-La-La”, the bra is a half-cup, but still offers plenty of support, it is lightly padded, creating a lovely rounded shape and it is very comfortable. You have the option of the matching shorts or thong, or why not get both?

The Broderie Bra by Bravissimo is a beautiful bra; it is balconette in style, with a lower centre, so can be worn with lower cut tops. For the pretty option, it comes in cornflower blue, but if you want to do sassy, it comes in black and more colours are available. It is utterly gorgeous with its threaded organza ribbon and again we haven’t compromised on comfort or support when designing this bra. Wear with the super cute and comfy matching shorts and it is a great match.

We hope you like our selection and we will keep you posted on many more great pairings in the future.

Boosting Balconette Bras

The ever popular Alana bra with five colours to choose from

The ever popular Alana bra with five colours to choose from

 Balconette bras typically have a higher centre front than other styles such as a tee-shirt bra or plunge shape. They also have cups which have a straight horizontal line across the boobs which create a fuller and more rounded shape. Here are our top ten balconette bras, there’s one for every occasion!

1)     The Rhea bra by Masquerade comes in gorgeous iris coloured  satin material with lace trim and has a classic balconette shape but is given the glam factor with the use of luxurious fabric.

2)      The Lucy bra by Freya again uses a sumptuous satin feel fabric but has a fun print with purple trim making it perfect for everyday wear or save it for those days when you want an extra touch of luxury.

3)      Our Alana bra has been a popular choice for our Bravissimo girls as it offers the support you’d expect from a Bravissimo bra as well as fabulous embroidery detailing and now it’s available up to an L cup. With five colours to choose from you really are spoilt for choice!

4)      The Starlet bra is another fantastic, not to mention red hot, style from the Bravissimo Spring collection. The style is based on the shape of the Alana bra so you know you’ll be getting a great fit, however the finish to this bra has much more va-va-voom and will be most appreciated on special occasions.

5)      Curvy Kate’s Thrill Me bra has most certainly been designed with fun in mind. This bra has a Moulin Rouge feel to it with its red satin fabric, black lace trim and ruffles on the briefs that accompany the set.

6)      Our Flirty Frill set on the other hand has a much softer look and feel to it, with a subtle colourway and delicate floral patterning this set will bring a breath of fresh air to any lingerie drawer.

7)      Both the Eliza and Ariza bras by Panache look dainty and delicate, however the clever sheer fabric gives great support. Plus there are over four colours to choose from for each set!

8)      We think our Sweetheart bra is as lovely as it sounds. And now that Valentine’s Day has been and gone you can treat yourself to this fabulous set without feeling guilty about it!

9)      The Alexa bra by Freya looks light and sheer but provides great support and the fantastic berry shades will add a colour injection to your lingerie collection.

10)   And finally we have the Angie Basque by Masquerade. This basque has a fabulous balconette shape plus boning down the bodice to create an enviable silhouette.

 You may have noticed that we sneaked two styles into number 7, there are just so many to choose from, even we can’t decide which ones we love the most!

Lovely Lingerie

Surprise your sweetheart with some fab new lingerie

Surprise your sweetheart with some fab new lingerie

 Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to indulge in some luxurious lingerie. Here’s our pick of sensational sets to get you in the mood;

1)     The Rhea bra by Masquerade is the perfect antidote to the typical red and black themed lingerie that has become popular on Valentine’s Day so you can keep your loved one on their toes with this elegant but sexy set in purple. The soft satin fabric gives a sensual touch whilst the bra’s amazing balconette shape and fantastic support up to a H cup will ensure you feel as good as you look. The extra detailing of lace trim and a heart shaped jewel in the centre of the bra make it a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day.

2)      The brand new Sweetheart bra by Bravissimo was designed with love in mind. This stunning white bra with red heart patterning is sexy and feminine we think you’ll want to show it off! Gorgeous lace trim and red bow detailing add to this bra’s attraction, plus the fabulous shape will create a boob boosting effect. Choose from shorts, thong and suspender belt to complete the look. 

3)      Alternatively you could unleash your wild side with the Cheeky Monkey set from Faubourg. The leopard print fabric and purple trim on this set make it fun and sexy, add suspenders to the thong to create an extra special look.

4)      The Starlet bra in scarlet will make you look red hot! This beautiful bra has a half sheer cup with embroidery detailing for a very sexy finish. The same sheer detailing can be found on the matching briefs and thong, wear as a set with matching suspender belt for ultimate effect.

5)      Why not try something a little different? The Tiffany Basque by Masquerade in black satin is as sophisticated as it is sexy, wear it underneath a fitted dress or top for a streamlined silhouette or as lingerie with matching briefs and suspender belt to knock his socks off this Valentine’s Day!

When Underwear Counts

Good underwear = a good day

Good underwear, good day!

 There are certain situations in life when what you wear underneath your clothes can make all the difference to how you act on the outside. A first date for example. You wouldn’t turn up to a first date wearing your everyday boring underwear, even if you are the only one that’s going to see it. The same rule applies for the second or third date or even a date night with a long term partner. Great lingerie makes us feel great, whether you prefer a simple set or something a little sassier, especially when that set provides the right amount of support. Other occasions when underwear counts;

  • Weddings; whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or a guest weddings are the time to dig out your best frock and therefore find some appropriate underwear to enhance both your wedding outfit an your mood on the big day. Plus a honeymoon just wouldn’t be a honeymoon without some luxurious lingerie.
  • Interviews; although it might not be appropriate to dress sexily for an interview, a fabulous lingerie set underneath your straight laced suit or some figure smoothing underwear underneath a smart shift dress could give you that all important confidence boost.

 So whether you’re going to a wedding, an interview or that all important first date, make sure you have the right underwear to go with your outfit. Great lingerie can also perk up what would otherwise be a regular day. So why not try wearing one of your favourite sets on a normal day and see what difference it makes?