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£5 off sportswear!

£5 off sportwear

We want to help you get active and beat those winter blues by offering

£5 off all full price sports bras and sports swimwear until 31st January*

Whether you’re a runner, a walker, a swimmer, a skier or love to shake it at Zumba, why not invest in new sportswear to ensure you are fully supported while you’re exercising.

The benefits of a well fittings sports bra…

As there are no muscles in the breasts, if you exercise without the correct support, the ligaments can stretch meaning your boobs could have less uplift in the long run. So if you like to hit the gym hard, or prefer something a little gentler, it’s always a good idea to wear a properly fitted sports bra as this will help to protect your boobs, holding them more firmly to prevent bouncing. We offer both underwired and wire-free styles all of which are designed to offer maximum support whilst you exercise.

Guide to a good fitting sports bra…

  • The underband should be firm, lie flat to the skin and not ride up at the back.
  • Straps should be comfortable, stay on your shoulders and not dig in.
  • Your boobs should be fully encased within the cups, not spilling over at the top or the sides.
  • Finally JUMP! Test the bounce factor!

If you need any more advice or you’re looking for a sports bra for something specific, we’d love to help so please call us on 01926 459 859.

*Click here to see full Terms & Conditions.

Sales shopping

If you have any money left after Christmas then you might have decided to hit the sales and make the most of the reduced prices. However there are certain ways to ensure you get the things you actually want and avoid coming home with bags full of things that you’ll probably never wear but bought because they were massively reduced!

1-     Don’t buy anything that has been damaged; we’re talking broken zips, fabric tears and suspicious marks that may or may not come out. You might have the intentions of repairing the damage or trying to get the mark out but unless you’re Kirstie Allsopp then it’ll probably end up in the back of your wardrobe, unworn.

2-     Try to stick to classic pieces that will stand the test of time as opposed to buying lots of fashion forward pieces that by the time you get round to wearing them their fashion moment will have been and gone.

3-     Be prepared. Sales shopping shouldn’t be considered a leisure activity; when the prices are slashed it’s a case of every woman for herself! So expect queues for changing rooms, elbows barging through the store and potential scuffles for the must haves.

4-     Avoid the crowds and shop online. If you just can’t stand all the argy-bargy then do your sale shopping online. Shopping from the comfort of your own home is easy. The only downside however is not being able to try things on. Here at Bravissimo we let you search by size for lingerie and clothing, making it quicker and easier to find what you’re looking for! Another major benefit of online shopping, no rooting through rails and rails of clothes only to find they don’t have your size!

5-     Finally, think about what you could buy to see you through to spring. A couple of basic pieces can make your current wardrobe more wearable so transitional pieces are a must when sales shopping!

Top ten sales must-haves;

1)     a great fitting pair of jeans

2)     a good pair of boots

3)     a classic white shirt

4)     anything cashmere

5)     fabulous lingerie

6)     a good winter coat, we still have Jan and Feb to get through yet!

7)     shoes; that pair you’ve had your eye on for months, now half price?! Well, it’d be rude not to!

8)     basics, tee-shirts, long sleeve tops etc are always worth getting in the sale

9)     children’s clothes, well they will grow so fast so make the most of the small price tags

10)Christmas presents, if you can face it, there are bargains to be had

Did you know that shopping is a great form of cardio? So there’s even more reason to brave the sales! Get up to 50% off at Bravissimo, online and instore.