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reasons to be cheerful

What a wet week! Just when we thought it couldn’t rain anymore, it did and then it rained some more. In fact, a whole month’s rain in two days in some parts of the country. Our mood maybe a wee bit damp just like the weather, so here are two reasons to smile and start your Friday off on the right note…it’s nearly the weekend and it’s payday…Hurrah. The weekend means a lie-in (hopefully), copious amounts of tea or coffee, relaxing in front of Saturday night TV, (a whole night’s viewing and you don’t have to use your brain once) and maybe a bit of socialising.

The weekend is a great opportunity to catch up with friends. We all lead extremely busy lives and sometimes the most important things on our to do list get pushed to the bottom, making way for seemingly more urgent things, like washing the dog or cleaning out the fridge. And one of the most important things is to spend time with the people we love and love to be around. Something as simple as going shopping with a friend is time well spent, and most of us don’t do enough of it.

Primrose Bra

Primrose Bra

As women, we tend to rush around sorting out everyone else, but neglect time spent on ourselves. So if you do one thing this weekend, arrange to see your friends. As teenage girls we practically lived around each others houses and our friends were the most important people in our lives, but as we get older and build careers and have families, our mates take a back seat. So those friends that you haven’t spoken to for ages, why not text or give them a ring and those friends that live near enough, why not arrange a day out with them? You could plan a shopping trip or visit an art gallery, or both if you are feeling energetic. And if you are stuck for what to do, why not pop into one of our stores, and you both could have a bra fitting, if you haven’t had one in while. Ring ahead and book a 20 minute consultation with one of our trained fitters.

You will also get to see our some of brand new lingerie styles for summer. They are utterly gorgeous, like the Primrose Bra by Bravissimo, based on the shape of the bubbles bra, it is a combination of polka dots and floral embroidery. Available in white/lemon, it is so fresh, it will give you an instant summery feeling and it might even make you part with some of your hard earned cash.

However you choose to spend the weekend Ladies, enjoy yourselves and don’t forget your brollies!