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Support your boobs when you exercise

Support your boobs when you exercise

If you’ve been planning on getting fit for the last, well, forever, but just haven’t got round to it yet then why not sign yourself up for a charity event? There are so many going on all over the country your biggest challenge could simply be deciding which event to get involved in. One way of choosing your event is to decide on which charity to raise money for first, then visit their website to see what events they have and which might suit/challenge you the most! If you don’t mind which charity you raise money for then check out a few and see which ones are running events that you’d like to get involved in. Most charities will do everything from simple donation collection to more extreme fundraising such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. So sometimes it’s a case of finding the right challenge and then deciding who to fundraise for! Here are some ideas;

  • London to Paris bike ride.
  • Coast to coast bike ride.
  • London marathon.
  • Race for Life
  • Marathons/half marathons in other cities.
  • The Great North Run (Newcastle).
  • Sponsored swim.
  • Or set up your own event, charities are usually open to new fundraising ideas, sponsored silence, casual day at the office, the possibilities are endless!

There is a real sense of camaraderie during these types of events in which everyone pulls together and supports one another to make it through the finish line. They’re great fun, hard work but definitely worth the effort! If on the other hand, you’re more of an adrenaline junkie why not try a sky dive or a bungee jump? You might not have to be as fit, but you will definitely need plenty of courage to throw yourself out of a plane.

For extra inspiration and if you didn’t catch it the first time around, we recommend you watch Eddie Izzard’s documentary about his marathon running. Izzard ran over 40 marathons in 50 days in aid of Sports Relief. His rather controversial methodology to his running proves that you don’t have to be the fittest athlete to achieve something extraordinary. Although we don’t think that eating ice cream will make you run any faster!