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Food, Glorious Food

Mince pies, chocolate, crisps, dips and biscuits; there is temptation all around us at Christmas and with such big tins of chocs and treats it can be tricky to keep an eye on how much we’re having! Before you know it a whole tin of chocolate biscuits have gone. So to avoid over indulging this Christmas why not try some of these tips so you can enjoy yourself without the guilt trip. You could put healthy snacks out alongside the unhealthy ones, for example a bowl of dried fruit and nuts and try to have something healthy for every naughty thing you have. Satsumas, tangerines and clementines are sweet and juicy this time of year so make the most of these sweet but healthy fruits. Swap the Baileys for Tia Maria; simple swaps like this can save big on calories and fat. Also try swapping the bread sticks and dips for carrot and cucumber sticks with low fat dips, swap a handful of chocolates for a handful of nuts and raisins and crisps for rice cakes, you get the idea. And why not swap mince pies with… well, we can’t think of anything to replace mince pies with. It is Christmas after all so we’ll let you off with the odd mince pie seeing as though they’re only usually eaten at this time of year! And just remember the more you keep an eye on what you eat over the festive season, the less hard you will have to work out in January because before you know it bikini season will be upon us once again and that’s a scary thought even before we’ve had our Christmas dinner!

Christmas food…

One thing we love about Christmas is the food! It’s one of the only times in the year that we can enjoy eating whatever

Christmas Pud

Yummy Christmas Cake

we want without feeling guilty, why? Because it’s Christmas! And with a good few months before spring we can worry about the affects later and concentrate on making the most of all the yummy food, and drinks that are around this time of year! Bring on the christmas pud!

Everyone has their own routine at Christmas and we do love roast turkey with all the trimmings. However, we’re going to try something this year so if you fancy a change, why not try something new too. There are loads of exciting Christmas recipes out there, and not a single turkey in sight! Follow this link for some non-traditional Christmas dinner recipes.

And from every thing from peach glazed ham to Danish Christmas cookies, click this link

We hope that you enjoy the festivities, whatever you decide to cook on Christmas day, but this year we’re going with something a bit different… Swedish Christmas meatballs anyone?  No, thought not!