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Pepperberry Sneak Peek

We just love this new maxi dress, we hope you do too!

We just love this new maxi dress, we hope you do too!

 You may have heard about our new clothing range Pepperberry, but have you seen it yet? You can have a peek at some of the new collection via our Facebook page. The range includes more fashion forward pieces such as the glam Puffball Dress in platinum, a great style for a night out with the girls or to impress a hot date! The dress has a simple top with corsage detailing on the shoulder. However, it’s the puffball shape that speaks volumes. Wear with silver heels and a matching clutch bag to complete the party look.

 Next is the 50s style wrap over dress in duck egg blue, the black version has been available online for a few weeks now, but this lighter version will look fab in late spring/early summer. The soft floaty fabric of this dress will flatter any figure and the wrap around style adds definition to the waist. This dress will look great with nude heels and a big pair of sunglasses on a summer’s day (which hopefully isn’t too far away!)

 Maxi dresses are sticking around in the style stakes again this season so don’t miss out on our new Blue Print Maxi dress (see photo). Our zebra print maxi went down a storm so we suggest you move as fast as one to secure one of these for the approaching season. Top tip; don’t wait, wear your maxi dress now for your next night out simply add heels and statement jewellery to turn an elegant day dress into a glamorous evening dress.

 To see more of the new collection check out our Facebook page, we hope you like what you see and don’t worry, we’re introducing the clothing range into many of our existing stores next month and the range will also be available online very soon! By following us on Facebook you will be able to keep up to date with all the latest news and info, you can also leave us comments and make suggestions or just have a chat with other fabulous Bravissimo girls.

Spring/summer trends – part 2

Our denim blazer is the perfect summer jacket and bang on trend for the coming season!

Our denim blazer is the perfect summer jacket and bang on trend for the coming season!



Nothing says summer quite like a whiter than white summer dress. Whether you go for a lacy number which is bang on trend this summer or a simple cotton style, the one rule is that it must be white. The catwalk was full of white maxi dresses, long flowing trousers and top-to-toe white suits which looked great but wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the real world. So when wearing white remember to keep your eye out for potential stain hazards, don’t eat anything without a bib and make sure it’s an easy to wash fabric.


If you didn’t do it last this season then we think you should try embracing the denim trend this season. There are rules however to keep it elegant and avoid the 90s throw back look. We don’t care what the designers say, double denim looks funny! An easy way to introduce denim into your wardrobe is with a simple denim shirt. Choose a fitted style in light or dark denim and wear in place of a cotton shirt for a smart/casual look. Alternatively you could try an oversized shirt and wear open over a summer dress or with leggings. Shirts however can be stuffy when it’s hot so when summer finally arrives swap the denim shirt for a denim skirt. Or go for a denim jacket when the weather permits a lighter jacket option.


We’ve had plenty of practice over winter at layering our clothing and dressing for the ever changing weather conditions, so you should have no problem translating what you’ve leaned over winter into your spring wear. Layers are great when the weather is unpredictable, as we approach spring and with the inevitable April showers on their way, there’s no better time to perfect this style of dressing. The overall look should be light and breezy, mixing long and short layers in lightweight fabrics and breathing new life into old pieces by mixing things up. Top tip; don’t be afraid to experiment with this look.


A big trend last summer and it’s back this season too. Make best use of the pieces you bought last season and work them into your summer wardrobe. Be careful however to choose the right shade for your skin tone, a pale nude will wash out pale skin, blondes should go for a darker shade, whereas brunettes can work the lighter shades for the barely there look. Top tip; mix shades and tones to avoid looking too nude and break up your look with belts, bags and accessories in contrasting shades of brown.

Spring/summer trends – part 1

Nothing cheers us up like a floral print!

Nothing cheers us up like a floral print!

 There seems to be so many this season so to make things a little easier we’ve put together a list of top trends that you might actually wear this coming spring/summer and there’s no neon in sight.                 


This is top of our list as we often find we wear the same colours and play it safe, sometimes a little too safe. Colour can look bold bright and is more flattering than you think. Yes you can’t go wrong with black but try adding bold flashes of blue, red or orange to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to contrast your colours too; clashing red and purple was a hit on the catwalks for Spring/Summer and makes a statement. We also think there’s something luxurious about wearing such bold colours together, very Sex And The City 2, Abu Dhabi style! Add metallic accessories to complete the look. Our Notch Neck Shift dress in bold red is just the thing for making a colour statement this season.

Wear; jewel tones and luxurious accessories.

Avoid; neon tones.


For a soft way to add volume and texture to your outfit go for a pleat. Whether it’s worn on a top, a dress, a skirt or even a jacket, this subtle detail will add elegance to an outfit and when worn in the right places will flatter any figure. Top tip: if you’re top heavy avoid wearing pleats around the boob area especially when the pleats hang loosely as it will make your bust look much bigger than it is. If the fabric flows you will also loose definition of the waist resulting in a potentially embarrassing ‘is she, isn’t she pregnant’ situation. Instead try a pleated skirt to balance out your frame or fitted pleats such as our Pintuck Shirt for a more structured look.


Each winter we eagerly anticipate what the next spring floral trend will be; will it be bold and bright or an itsy bitsy print, colourful or subtle? Well this season it’s all of the above, for a bo-ho theme go for a small floral print in soft shades and a light fabric such as chiffon. Maxi dresses and skirts are the perfect pieces for bohemian chic just add sandals, a summer hat and a tasselled bag and you’re good to go. Our Chiffon Trim Floral dress will look just as good now with tights and ankle boots as it will in the warmer months with sandals and bare legs. For the bolder types try a big print in a statement colour, a maxi will give maximum impact or keep it smart with a more tailored piece. Our Flower Print Shift dress is the perfect antidote to the winter blues!

Footwear Faux Pas

Easy dressing between the seasons

Easy dressing between the seasons

 We’ve worn our trusty winter boots now for what seems like an eternity but with the weather staying persistently cold and the inevitable shift from snow to rain as the climate warms just enough to turn the frozen stuff into liquid stuff, we’re left with one hell of a dilemma; what to wear on our feet?

 As women we tend to notice what other women wear, more so than men would probably notice of other men, so we were shocked to have seen some brave ladies wearing ballet pumps over the past few days. You know who you are. The odd sunny morning however does not a summer’s day make and we’re sure you were regretting the pumps come lunch time, especially if the seemingly sunny day turned into a rainy day; ballet pumps + puddles = wet feet. Fact.

 So it’s far too cold/wet for pumps and we’re bored stiff with boots therefore we need an alternative and what better alternative than brogues? They’re flat (i.e. comfortable), stylish and look great with skirts, trousers and dresses alike. There’s also plenty of choice from the classic black or brown to the more adventurous metallic shades and heeled versions, so whatever your style you can put your best brogue forward when trans-seasonal dressing!

 If brogues aren’t your thing then why not switch your knee boots for ankle boots? Daintier than longer styles but still great for keeping your tootsies warm and dry, ankle boots will also see you into the summer months. Wear them with skirts and dresses without tights when the weather gets warmer. And whilst we wait, not so patiently, for spring we’re going to try a denim skirt with ankle boots or brogues and tights for a wearable look in between the seasons.

Spring into new beauty

Get your skin ready for summer!

Get your skin ready for summer!

With summer just around the corner, the thought of bare arms, bare legs and generally having more skin on show than we’ve had on show (even in doors) for a long time is a little daunting!  However, a little bit of preparation now will go a long way! We do love summer dresses and skirts but we don’t like having to shave all the time. Guys we know you have to shave everyday, but the odd bit of stubble on a man can be sexy, on a woman however, it’s not sexy at all! So ladies better get those razors/wax strips/hair removal creams out and at the ready. For those of you that suffer from sensitive skin, especially after shaving, try a basic, unperfumed moisturiser as it will soothe and cool the post-shave burning feeling and will also leave your legs soft and well moisturised.  Exfoliating on a regular basis helps to boost the skins radiance and to encourage new skin growth, this will leave your skin glowing. This seasons skirts, dresses and shorts are short so the more preparation you do now, the more confident you will be in this season’s hemline.
As the sun’s rays strengthen it’s even more important to be wearing a facial moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15. It’s also a good time of year to start thinking about eye protection. We’ve had some lovely sunny days already this year and it’s just as important to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays as it is your skin. (Like you needed an excuse to go out and buy a fabulous new pair of sunglasses)!

One thing to be grateful for is that beauty is going natural. Although we do enjoy experimenting with false eyelashes, they’re great fun and very now, but overall the emphasis is on natural effortless beauty which means less time getting ready and more time enjoying ourselves and our natural beauty. Hurray!

Wear me any way dress


Wear me any way dress

If you’re looking for the perfect smart enough for work/sexy enough for an evening out dress then look no further. Our wear me any way dress ticks all the right boxes. Its flattering v-neck will make the most of your assets but won’t show off too much, the wide waist band emphasises the waist and has interesting button detailing, the cute puffball shoulders give the dress a fashionable twist and the length is cut perfectly to the knee. Add to this the versatility of being able to tie the fabric tie at the front or at the back and you’ve got yourself a pretty nifty little dress. Wear this dress with flats and a cardigan for the office or dress up with killer heels and a smattering of sparkly jewellery for an evening out.

All of our clothing range is cut to fit and flatter a fuller bust, without compromising on style. You no longer have to put up with gapping buttons, pulling seams or having to buy a bigger size just to accommodate your ample bosom! Our clothes are based on standard high street sizes but also come in sizes ‘curvy’, ‘really curvy’ and ‘super curvy’ to allow for different cup sizes. This way you can wear your true size whilst feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes.

What the fashion?!

Every now and then a fashion trend will come along and leave us with open mouths wondering who in their right mind would wear that? Remember winkle pickers, shell suits and jelly shoes?

But fashion isn’t always about wearability, as the catwalks often prove. Fashion can be about having fun with your clothes and experimenting with different looks and styles. Wearing certain clothes can help to make you feel more confident, comfortable or sexier. It’s all about dressing appropriately for each situation.

We can sometimes however, get stuck in a bit of a fashion rut. We get to the point where we know what suits us, what shapes are flattering on our body types and which colours to buy. But why oh why stick to the same old  jeans, empire lines and black? Just because we know that these are flattering doesn’t mean that we can’t try something different every once in a while.

Although, we women have definitely got the long straw, men’s fashion isn’t any where near as fun. We have dresses, skirts, strappy tops, cute cardigans, sexy shoes and tonnes of accessories that men just don’t get to enjoy (apart from David Beckham in THAT sarong). We even have the masculine trend, proving that not only do we have our own fashion trends but that we also look great in men’s style clothing too!

So when it comes to fashion, the only real rule is to enjoy what you wear and don’t feel chained to one style or look, experimentation is key to finding a few brand new looks! And whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. We will all at some point in our lives, look back and ask ‘what was I wearing?’ but that’s half the fun of it!

What to do with your winter wardrobe…

We take a look at what trends to dig out for spring and which should be put away for a later date.

Things to think about putting away;

  • Jewel colours. Spring/summer is all about beautiful pastel shades
  • Shoulder pads, we want our summer wardrobe to be a little more feminine please
  • Fur coats. If recent temperatures are anything to go by, we’ll be saving them for next winter too!
  • Swap winter’s heavy red lipstick for nude tones
  • Black. We know it’s a lot of people’s favourite colour and we can’t live without our staple items in black, but this season try brightening up your mood as well as your look with some more colourful pieces

Things to keep out/dig out;

The classic trench coat

The classic trench coat

  • The classic trench coat. The perfect style to carry us out of winter and into warmer weather, sometime soon we hope!
  • Keep the sequined bling from winter but wear dressed down during the day to change the look.
  • Metallics are also on trend for spring too, same rule applies, wear during the day/to the office for the wow factor.
  • Underwear worn as outerwear. This spring we predict that you will love your underwear so much, you just won’t want to cover it up!
  • Anything military style. Double breasted buttoning and military detailing should see you happily into spring
  • Now the only thing left to do is to find some space in our wardrobes to squeeze our January sales bargains in there too!