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Spring cleaning

It’s the perfect time of year for a good scrub, clean and sort out. If you’re anything like us girls here at Bravissimo then you might just hoard stacks of magazines too. You keep them for a particular article or image that you want, but you end up keeping the whole thing and forget what it is you wanted it for so desperately in the first place. So we’ve come up with a cunning plan; get a scrapbook to safeguard anything you find of interest then recycle the rest. Better still donate them to your local GP practice or hospital/dentists’ waiting room (as long as you haven’t cut them into shreds already to fill up your new scrapbook). That’s your magazine stash sorted, now for the clothes.

It might be hard but try to throw out all those fashion fads you bought on impulse but know you’ll never wear; those sequin leggings, that prom dress, what were you thinking?! From now on the emphasis in fashion land is about fashion forevers and classic styles rejuvenated with modern twists, rather than quick fix fashion fads. Check out our great basics range for some fashion essentials to see you through spring. We also have a range of classic and elegant shift dresses that can be dresses down for work or glamed up for the evening! Easy, classic and a great fit, what more could you want?

A great way to clear some space, get some new clothes and not spend a penny is to organise a swap shop with your friends. The basic rules are that each participant brings with them a few old clothes that they no longer wear, but can’t seem to part with. The clothes are then laid out for others to swap, borrow or keep and everyone should go home with something new. You know what they say; one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. This can also be done with old boyfriends, but is way more complicated and can get messy, so best stick to the clothes for now ladies!

Easter time

easterAs well as looking forward to having an extra couple of days off over Easter, we’re also excited to get the family together and enjoy some Easter fun (and food!). It’s a great time of year to get the family round and feast on some scrummy nosh. Not since Christmas have we had everyone round to eat drink and be merry, so its about time we got everyone together again.

As it’s almost spring, the weather is getting better/nights are getting lighter and there’s even more reason to celebrate! If you have young children or will be catering for young children around Easter then why not put together an Easter egg hunt. They’re great fun and will keep the kids entertained for hours (depending on how difficult you make it of course!).

If you’re planning a child free Easter, or your children have grown up, then you could always make the Easter egg hunt more of a challenge by creating cryptic clues and making the prize more interesting. We’re sure friends and family would be more keen to participate if they knew that there was a good bottle of wine at the end of the hunt! Easter is also good to test your baking skills.

With all the chocolate and sweet treats doing the rounds this time of year, no wonder it’s the busiest for home baking too! Cup cakes, buns, scones, hot cross buns there’s plenty to go at and you know what they say, practice makes perfect! Baking is also a fun activity for the whole family and is one of those past times that will always remind us of our own childhoods. Follow these links for recipe ideas and inspiration;


Hurray for Easter Bank Holidays!

We can’t wait for the Easter bank holidays and we think we’re just about ready for an extra couple of days off. So whether you’re planning a cheeky trip away or simply catching up on some extra ‘me’ time, we hope you make the most of it! This time of year is also a great excuse to treat yourself to some chocolate or little bit of what you fancy whether that’s a lush pamper day or some gorgeous new underwear, sometimes we just have to spoil ourselves!
Here’s when the holidays fall, just in case you weren’t sure;

Good Friday: 2nd April
Easter Sunday: 4th April
Easter Monday: 5th April

Spring Catalogue Out Now!

Spring Catalogue Out Now!

Also, British summer time officially begins Sunday 28th March so surely the weather must be getting better by then, we certainly hope so! Another great thing to celebrate this time of year, apart from the start of summer, is our new catalogue! It’s jam packed full of new underwear, swimwear and clothing just for you Bravissimo girls. Not got your copy yet? Click here to get one.

New things…
After the success of our very own Alana Bra (now in fresh aqua as well as the classic black, white and nude) we bring you the Broderie bra, this pretty embroided bra in white and pale violet will give you all the support you need as well as looking fabulous! So we’d like to say thanks for the feed back on the Alana bra and we hope you like the Broderie bra just as much, just let us know! We also have a whole host of new work wear, swim wear in a 28 back and gorgeous new nightwear, enjoy!

French fancy…

How do French ladies do it? Looking chic and fashionable in such an effortless way? It is a question that has flummoxed us for years.  Aside from their proximity to the fashion capital itself, Paris, French women know how to balance just the right amount of fashion and style. So what’s their secret?

Style. It’s simple, French ladies will wear one trend at a time and work it to perfection rather than covering themselves head to toe in the latest fashion fads. These women seem to have the innate ability to spot a fashion classic, whilst we’re still wearing leggings (in every colour, texture and print imaginable).

So how do we do the Parisienne chic thing? The key is great basics, a classic white shirt, great fitting trousers, the perfect fit coat and lashings of black. French women are also more conservative when it comes to flashing the flesh, in other words, they don’t! Sexiness is achieved by leaving what is underneath to the imagination, rather than showcasing your assets in a more obvious way. It’s a look that takes practice to perfect, but effortless chic never goes out of fashion.

If you’re not quite ready for spring trends just yet, why not try the French opulent look by teaming your basics with hints of velvet, silk and plenty of embellishments. A brocade dress or puff ball skirt works well to achieve the luxurious look that makes this trend what it is, but remember, subtlety is key when doing it the French way!

How to look good when the weather is bad…

It can be tricky, battling with the weather whilst trying to remain looking chic. So if you’re fed up of leaving the house looking fine but looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards by the time you get to work then follow these helpful hints for maintaining your appearance in the wind, rain and snow!

First and foremost, invest in a good umbrella that will stand the test of time and wind! There’s nothing worse than your

Be prepared for the weather

Be prepared for the weather

 umbrella turning inside out at the slightest breeze, it’s also quite embarrassing and almost impossible to correct when your hands are full of shopping bags from the post-Christmas sales.

Footwear is another serious consideration when the weather is bad. This time of year, the ballet pumps should be put away for spring. Soggy feet are not fun! Instead, go for a good pair of leather boots. Flat boots are great, more safe, and come in so many different styles, and will go with anything from jeans to leggings and dresses.

An effective way of staying chic in the cold is by layering your clothing. The trick is to keep your garments co-ordinated but not overly matchy-matchy. For an easy chic look, try a long cardigan cinched in with a waist belt.

Don’t skimp out on accessories or forget to accessorise just because the rest of your outfit is hidden under a mass of knitwear. Choose leather gloves over wool for a sophisticated look and don’t be afraid to wear that hat.

The key to looking good in bad weather? Preparation. And a versatile wardrobe!

Tailored trousers…

As well as the LBD this party season, why not try a pair of TBTs too (tailored black trousers).

The general rule when wearing trousers for a dressed up occasion is the rule of opposites i.e. when wearing tight fitting trousers, a loose fitting top is best and looser fitting trousers work well with structured tops. For example the peg trouser, which is slightly high waisted, has more volume at the top of the trouser and narrows into cropped leg should be worn with a more figure hugging top so to avoid drowning out your figure or making the look too casual. Trousers that have a slight cropped length are also perfect for showing off those killer party heels!

If you prefer a more classic style of trouser, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black trousers that kick out a little at the

Pretty Pleat Top

Pretty Pleat Top

leg. Slim fit trousers are also a good option for the evening and slim fit trouser are usually more flattering than slim fit jeans! Once the trousers have been chosen, attention can be turned to what is to be worn on top. If choosing plain black trousers, the top can afford to be a bit more wow. Our pretty pleat top in gorgeous ruby red or silver is perfect to wear with trousers, the flattering v-neck will make of the most of your figure and with sizes 8-18 curvy – super curvy you know it will also be the perfect fit!

If you’re feeling more daring and for an ultra sexy look wear your party trousers with a corset or basque, this will add femininity and glamour to the look.

Winter Boots

Winter Boots

Casual Winter Boots

There are just so many styles out there at the moment and you can’t beat a good pair of winter boots to keep your feet and legs warm and dry! As our favourite pumps and gladiator sandals become obsolete we take a look at the winter footwear trends this season;

1- The biker boot craze really took off over summer and is staying for winter too! They look great with skinny jeans or leggings and a long top/dress over the top giving an edgy rock-chick look which is bang on trend this winter!
2- The over the knee boot has become a staple in many women’s wardrobes. Flat over the knee boots are particularly cute and look great with casual dresses and skin tight jeans. They also keep your legs warm right up to your thigh as they provide much more of a barrier against the elements than a pair of tights do!
3- The shoe boot a great and, more often than not, more comfortable alternative to stilettos on a night out. We love shoe boots here at Bravissimo, they’re funky, come in all sorts of styles, colours and fabrics and look great with tights/leggings/jeans/dresses and skirts, perfect to mixing and matching! 
4- The flat ankle boot is great for throwing on with almost anything, much easier to get on than thigh boots and carries a lot less risk than platform boots! Studded and buckled ankle boots have just the right balance of attitude and style!