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An instant outfit update

They can be chic, simple, fun or funky plus they’re great for disguising bad hair days or in between colourings if you dye your hair, so why do we wear hats so infrequently? Maybe it’s because us ladies spend a lot of time on our hair, getting the cut, style and colour right can take a lot of time and maintenance so the idea of all that effort being hidden underneath a hat doesn’t really make sense. On the other hand, a hat could save you precious getting ready time so that way you have more time to enjoy yourself and do whatever it was you were getting ready for!

Why not try dressing up a woolly hat? We’re fans of the casual smart look here at Bravissimo and a cute woolly hat can be given the style treatment with a pair of fitted jeans and heels. Woolly layers are at the forefront of minds and our wardrobes as the weather gets increasingly cooler but we think even practical layers such as hats, scarves and gloves should be fun too! The 70s is a huge trend this autumn with flared trousers, silk pussy bow blouses and the all important camel coat so why not add a 70s style floppy felt hat to that list? Or go for a chic beret, the French know how to do understated style and the beret is no exception; simple yet effect and a fashion favourite that never really goes out of style! Command attention in a military style cap; with the military trend the effect is all in the detail and so a cap with cute button detailing will add a smart twist to any outfit. Top tip: limit your military coat, boots, hat, tops and dresses to 2 pieces at a time maximum, leave the top-to-toe look to the actual military!

Military coat by Bravissimo

Military coat by Bravissimo

Check out our military style coat with gorgeous button detailing and plenty of room for your boobs without the extra bulk. The trilby hat is stylish, smart and sophisticated; wear yours with jeans heeled brogues and trench coat for a glamorous Mrs Gadget look or channel Marlene Dietrich and wear with a suit, a sultry smile and heels. Throughout history hats have been worn for many occasions especially those more formal occasions and were worn on a regular basis, a hat makes a great fashion accessory and immediately changes your outfit so we say why not get ahead in the style stakes and get a hat!