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Mad Men (and women) call it the Hendricks effect!

Ever since the Mad Men series began, both men and women have been ogling over Christina Hendricks curves. She has that women want to be her; men want to be with her charm and with her curvy size 14 figure and 38E boobs she is a real inspiration to real women. When pictured on the red carpet wearing THAT custom made Zac Posen dress no-one was really interested in the fact that Mad Men had just won three Emmy awards, as all eyes were on Hendricks. And boy was it an amazing dress, custom made to fit the actresses’ voluptuous curves and in the softest lilac shade which complemented her red hair and porcelain complexion perfectly. But her appearance on the Emmy’s red carpet was more than just a curvy girl in a nice dress, it was proof that women larger than a size 6 can look great in fashionable clothes and look sexy, incredibly sexy!

What Hendricks does is promote natural beauty. Her hips are all hers, her boobs are all hers and her complexion and red hair are hers too. So we might never be a Christina or a Kate Moss but what we can celebrate is being able to make the most of our curves and feel gorgeous in our own skin. No one is perfect and we all have different ideas of what beauty is but what we can be grateful for is for someone like Hendricks to come along, be curvy and be perfectly happy with it! The 35 year old actress has become somewhat of a global phenomenon, not just for the popularity of the series but for her amazing body and all go hand in hand; the popularity of Mad Men, cleavages appearing on Autumn/Winter catwalks, the return to classic feminine looks and the growing acceptance and celebration of women’s bodies with curves in all the right places! That said, not one designer would lend Hendricks a dress and hers had to be especially made to fit her magnificent curves because standard sample sizes wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near her 38E bust or size 14 hips. Curvaceous models are being used more frequently on the catwalks with the likes of Lara Stone and Laetitia Casta appearing in Autumn/Winter 2010 shows. But too frequently these larger than your average model types are used for publicity reasons as opposed for promoting different body types and soon enough the designers are back to using standard models. But this time we think the shift in the size argument might be here to stay!

Hopefully Christina won’t bow to the pressures of Hollywood to look a certain way and we hope that she keeps her curves and keeps giving us fashion inspiration for many years to come!!