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The sun has definitely got his hat on and it is beginning to feel very summery indeed. What does this mean for us girls? Time to bare those arms, legs and décolletage. If your body is going to be seeing the light of day, there is probably some serious maintenance to be done, and that starts with exercise.

The Freya Active Underwired

The Freya Active Underwired

If keeping fit has fallen off your priority list whilst winter was with us, that’s fair enough. Winter is about covering up and comfort food, who feels like venturing out to burn calories when it is freezing? Spring is the perfect time to get in shape and outdoors is the way to go. In these times of recession, how many pursuits are free and make you look gorgeous and feel healthier? Exercise is a great way to connect with others too. In the digital age, social media has become a huge part of our lives, so sometimes the simple act of taking part in a activity with a group of people in the real world seems to happen less regularly. Think back to when you were a kid, you were always doing things in groups and taking part in team activities, like dancing, netball, hockey and athletics and you were probably much more content because of it.

If you are looking for a gentle introduction to a team sport, you could give netball a go. Back to Netball is a scheme currently being run by England Netball and supported by Freya. In fact Freya Active has been awarded “Official Sports Bra Supplier” to the England Netball Squad. Back to Netball is all about encouraging women over the age of sixteen to get back into netball even if you haven’t played since you were at school. Sessions are available all over the county; do take a moment to have a look at their new campaign on the website ‘Back To Netball’. You can enter your postcode in the session finder and find your nearest class. The sessions are for all ability levels, and there is a coach on hand to cover basic skills development and court play. But this isn’t just about tabards and getting sweaty, this is about meeting new friends, having fun and getting fit, without even realising it.

The one big difference between playing when you were at school and now is, the amazing sports bras that are available from Bravissimo. The Freya Active Underwired by Freya provides a truly comfortable fit and amazing support, you can jump up and down as much as you like and the only thing that will be bouncing is the ball. So ladies why not sign up this weekend.

Get in shape now and beat the January rush …

Don't forget your sports bra

Don't forget your sports bra

… If you’re anything like us here at Bravissimo, then even the word ‘gym’ sometimes sends a little shiver down your spine! But we’re all guilty of promising ourselves that we’ll start our extreme exercise routine next week, after we’ve just finished doing this or that or the other.

So, if the gym is not for you, why not try something else to keep you in shape? Here are just some ideas;

•    Salsa – so much fun you won’t even know your exercising (until the next day maybe anyway!)
•    Biking – a lot quicker than walking and loads more fun than running
•    Walking – even increasing the amount you walk each day can help to improve fitness levels, just wrap up warm!
•    Cleaning – yes cleaning can burn up to 300 calories an hour and obviously will make your home look great too, get that hover out quick!
•    Gardening – the celebs are doing it so why cant we?!
•    Dancing – is a great way to combine exercise into your night out, a good boogie is great cardio
•    Kick-boxing – it’s a great way to tone up and learn self defence at the same time, it does however require a high level of commitment and discipline and is not for the faint hearted
•    Canoeing – maybe in summer, great fun though
•    Skiing – a fantastic skill to have and is great to do even on a rainy day!

Try to get ahead of the game for Christmas, if you can get into a good routine for a month before Christmas the January health kick will be that little bit easier. If you don’t want to go it alone, get your girl friends together and try something new. One last thing, don’t forget the sports bras ladies!