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Meet the Fitter – Maire from Solihull!

Bravissimo fitter Maire from Solihull

Hi everyone and welcome to my first Bravissimo Blog post!!

I’m going to be appearing as a guest blogger every now and again so thought it might be nice to introduce myself.

Where I started….

Well firstly my name is Maire and I started working for Bravissimo about eight years ago  serving customers on the shop floor.  After working for a short time I realised how unique Bravissimo was, because it cared about its customers and wanted to go that extra mile for each and every one of them.  It was the company’s passion for service and making a difference which made me want to become a fitter.

Being a fitter…

It isn’t always an easy job.  You get customers who cry with joy because you’ve found them the perfect item, but then you get customers who cry because they are so self-conscious.  You face the challenges of finding the bra that will look great under one lady’s evening dress or fitting another lady in to a practical nursing bra that will look great under her clothes.  Each customer has a personal requirement and my job, as a fitter, is about making each and every customer happy and relaxed while tailoring my service to provide what they need.  I find being a fitter an extremely rewarding job and I love making a difference to how people feel about themselves.

What happens in a fitting…

Many women seem nervous about having a fitting and although it might seem daunting, you’ll walk out feeling great and uplifted (no pun intended).   Most women who come to us for the first time are wearing the wrong bra size and its great seeing the transformation from when a customer arrive to when they leave.  Check out the ‘fit guide’ on our website to give you a little insight to how a good bra fits and to show you that it isn’t scary.

We as fitters are there to make you feel comfortable so for example if you want us to leave the room while you try each bra on that’s what we will do – just let us know what you need to make you feel at ease. We’ll tell you what we recommend but at the end of the day you’ll decide what style, shape and size you feel most comfortable in


Come and visit one of our stores and get a fitting from one of our fantastic fitting team.  I can’t recommend the experience enough; you’ll go out a new confident and uplifted woman!


How to drop a dress size in half an hour…

Did you know that by wearing the right size bra, your boobs are placed where they should be, your waist is defined and this can result in dropping a whole dress size?

So many women are wearing the wrong size bra, by wearing the wrong size your boobs are not properly supported and this can be very uncomfortable and involve lots of hoiking up of the straps and readjusting throughout the day. Also, if the back size of your bra is too big, your boobs can fall much lower than they should be, this can cause problems when trying to find the right clothing size.

At Bravissimo, we don’t use tape measures as we acknowledge the fact that boobs come in all different shapes, sizes and that the volume of the boobs can also vary greatly. Our bra fitters have the experience to know a good fit and how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong size. Our bra fitting appointments are one on one, that way you get our full attention and we help you to find your correct size. And remember, the girls have been there before themselves, so there’s no need to feel nervous. We also understand that some of us can feel a little embarrassed about the size of our boobs, but there’s nothing more uplifting than a properly fitting, comfortable bra that you can wear all day, the size is just a number.

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