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Brighton beach

Brighton beach

We know it’s only Wednesday, but the schools are shut and this time of year is always extra busy, so the middle of the week is an acceptable time to start planning the weekend ahead.

There are many great towns and cities in Britain (outside London) that are perfect for a day’s shopping; Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cambridge and Brighton to name but a few. So why not indulge yourself and round up a couple of girlfriends and plan a day away? If you have children you could leave them with your partner (get him involved!). Sometimes school holidays can be more stressful and exhausting, so a break and a change of scenery to recharge your batteries will make you feel re-energized as you tackle the rest of the holidays. If you are single, just pick up the phone, your friends will be glad that someone has taken the initiave to organize something.

As its summer, let’s take a closer look at the city of Brighton and Hove on the south coast. Prince Regent made the area fashionable after his first visit in 1783; he fell in love with Brighton and went on to commission the building of The Royal Pavilion. In 1841 with the arrival of the railway, Brighton was more accessible to Londoners, it attracted many day trippers, the town was also known as a health resort, as the seawater was thought to bring many health benefits. Brighton is often known as ‘London by the Sea’, as it is just 50 minutes train journey from Victoria. Its population is made up of students from all over the world, young families and famously has a vibrant gay scene.

You will not get bored in Brighton, there is plenty to do. If you are there early enough you could have a delicious breakfast at Bill’s Produce Store (The Depot, 100 North Road), or for a traditional ‘greasy spoon’ you could go to Cafe Motu (6 Trafalgar Street), a no frills café that serves a fantastic English breakfast.

Then you could take a slow amble through the North Laines, and look at all the amazing independent shops selling vintage clothes, baby clothes, lovely homewear and beautiful jewellery. You could then book yourself in at The Treatment Rooms (New Road), a beauty salon and day spa. They offer all sorts of lovely treatments like a Swedish massage or an aromatherapy facial. You could then have a spot of lunch at Dermot O’Leary’s Fishy Fishy Seafood Brasserie (East Street).

After lunch you could pop into our Bravissimo store (North Street) and have a bra fitting from one of our experienced fitting consultants. If the sun is shining, and it usually is, there’s no better place to be. Give it a go this summer – and do pop in to our store to say hello!


How will you treat yourself after Lent?

How will you treat yourself after Lent?

 It’s not quite been a week yet but we’re already seriously craving the things we have given up. You may, like us, have eaten enough sugary stuff on Pancake Day to last the whole 46 days of Lent but sometimes denying ourselves something only makes us want it more! That’s why a reward is needed to keep us all going and to give us a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to.

 If you gave up shopping then firstly you’re much stronger than we are here at the Bravissimo office, secondly you might want to think of a reward that you can focus on to keep your motivation up. This will also give you time to think about the things you want to buy and if after 46 days you still can’t get that pair of shoes out of your head then you should treat yourself to them! If the feeling passes however then you’ll know you made the right decision and will have saved yourself a few pounds. Why not treat a loved one too? If you have a friend or family member who really deserves a treat, be it a post Lent treat or not, why not give them a Bravissimo gift voucher? That way they get to choose what they spend it on and you will be known as the kind thoughtful one!

 If you’ve decided to give up chocolate, sweet things or other food stuffs that are generally bad for your health then you’ll probably be in the same boat as us (seriously craving them). Why not plan a spa day for some serious post Lent pampering? Not that we need an excuse some for some R&R but not eating chocolate for 46 days is quite a feat and a treat that doesn’t involve making up the calories will be far more rewarding.

Good luck, only another 40 days to go!

Perfect picnic food

We Brits love a picnic and whether you go for haute cuisine or a simple French baguette and cheese, there’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors with some yummy food and a flask

of tea of course! So here are some ideas to make a perfect picnic;

  • Make it a home-made picnic, sandwiches and salads are much cheaper and often healthier when made at home. A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to food so make
    Have a picnic...

    Have a picnic...

    sure you have enough time to prepare your dishes and do some preparation the evening before if you plan on leaving early the next day.

  • If it’s an impromptu picnic, get the basics; bread, cheese, ham, salad and get stuck in with your fingers!
  • Try making wraps instead of sandwiches, it’s much more fun! Carrot and cucumber batons with hummus are also a healthier option than breadsticks.
  • Use leftovers, made too much pasta again for dinner? Then use what’s left to make a pasta salad, just add some pesto, ham, olives and serve with rocket for a full flavour dish.
  • Take something sweet to complete the feast make sure you have something to satisfy your sweet cravings. Cakes, scones and strawberries with cream will round off a very British day out nicely.
  • Don’t forget the props, the food is sorted but it’s the blanket, chairs, plates, games to keep the kids entertained and extras that will make your picnic more comfortable and enjoyable!

Happy picnicking!

Christmas food…

One thing we love about Christmas is the food! It’s one of the only times in the year that we can enjoy eating whatever

Christmas Pud

Yummy Christmas Cake

we want without feeling guilty, why? Because it’s Christmas! And with a good few months before spring we can worry about the affects later and concentrate on making the most of all the yummy food, and drinks that are around this time of year! Bring on the christmas pud!

Everyone has their own routine at Christmas and we do love roast turkey with all the trimmings. However, we’re going to try something this year so if you fancy a change, why not try something new too. There are loads of exciting Christmas recipes out there, and not a single turkey in sight! Follow this link for some non-traditional Christmas dinner recipes.

And from every thing from peach glazed ham to Danish Christmas cookies, click this link

We hope that you enjoy the festivities, whatever you decide to cook on Christmas day, but this year we’re going with something a bit different… Swedish Christmas meatballs anyone?  No, thought not!