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Ice, ice baby…

Fun with friends

Fun with friends

To really get into the Christmas spirit why not get a group of your girl friends together and give ice-skating a go? You might not have been ice-skating since your teens, or may never have donned a pair of skates before but we assure you, there’s nothing better for getting into the festive mood.

You don’t have to be Torvill or Dean, or have been put through your paces on Dancing On Ice to enjoy this Christmas activity. Unfortunately, however there is always one show off at this kind of thing, you know the one that insists on skating as fast as they can around the rink and almost knocks us novices over in the process, so look out for them! But if all else fails you can hold on to the side rail or get a friend to pull you along! Plus a drop of mulled wine will help to cushion the blow if you do fall skates over head! And to warm up afterwards, we suggest going for a scrummy hot chocolate, with cream, marshmallows and chocolate flakes on top (yum) and as ice-skating is a great form of exercise, you can enjoy the extra toppings guilt-free!

There are city centre ice skating rinks popping up in most major cities now, to find your nearest rink just follow the link here :

And just remember to wrap up warm, don’t wear your best clothes, take a thick pair of socks and gloves but most of all, ENJOY!!

Why wait for a man to buy you flowers?…

…We drop hints but sometimes men just don’t seem to pick up on them. Well, we’ve decided to start a revolution (a

That's what friends are for...

That's what friends are for...

very nice revolution!). We’d like to spread some love amongst friends and instead of waiting for your other half to buy you some, why not we buy each other flowers!  It’s such a lovely way to tell a friend that you appreciate them. Many of our friends have seen us through the good, the bad and the down right ugly of times. So don’t they deserve a little something for all their hard work and their commitment! There’s nothing we like more than a girls shopping day, so whether you treat yourself or your friend, the simple fact is we all love to receive a little something to show we care.

So, don’t wait, buy yourself some flowers, or better still get your friend to buy you some!