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Lovely Lingerie

Surprise your sweetheart with some fab new lingerie

Surprise your sweetheart with some fab new lingerie

 Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to indulge in some luxurious lingerie. Here’s our pick of sensational sets to get you in the mood;

1)     The Rhea bra by Masquerade is the perfect antidote to the typical red and black themed lingerie that has become popular on Valentine’s Day so you can keep your loved one on their toes with this elegant but sexy set in purple. The soft satin fabric gives a sensual touch whilst the bra’s amazing balconette shape and fantastic support up to a H cup will ensure you feel as good as you look. The extra detailing of lace trim and a heart shaped jewel in the centre of the bra make it a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day.

2)      The brand new Sweetheart bra by Bravissimo was designed with love in mind. This stunning white bra with red heart patterning is sexy and feminine we think you’ll want to show it off! Gorgeous lace trim and red bow detailing add to this bra’s attraction, plus the fabulous shape will create a boob boosting effect. Choose from shorts, thong and suspender belt to complete the look. 

3)      Alternatively you could unleash your wild side with the Cheeky Monkey set from Faubourg. The leopard print fabric and purple trim on this set make it fun and sexy, add suspenders to the thong to create an extra special look.

4)      The Starlet bra in scarlet will make you look red hot! This beautiful bra has a half sheer cup with embroidery detailing for a very sexy finish. The same sheer detailing can be found on the matching briefs and thong, wear as a set with matching suspender belt for ultimate effect.

5)      Why not try something a little different? The Tiffany Basque by Masquerade in black satin is as sophisticated as it is sexy, wear it underneath a fitted dress or top for a streamlined silhouette or as lingerie with matching briefs and suspender belt to knock his socks off this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day

What better excuse to get dressed up and head out with the girls?

What better excuse to get dressed up and head out with the girls?

 Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so the shops are full to the brim with ‘love’ themed merchandise; cuddly toys, mugs with hearts on and other novelty gifts that are essential in showing that special someone that you care.

 If you’re more of an anti-valentine than a love bug however you could make the most of the increasing number of single parties that pop up at this time of year. Or use it as an excuse to get your girlfriends together for a night of glamming up and dancing, whether you’re in a relationship or not. We can sometimes feel awkward if single at this time of year, however, some couples prefer to keep Valentine’s Day more of a low key affair and stay in as opposed to dining in a restaurant surrounded by other couples gushing all over one another.

 So if you do have a special someone why not treat them to a home cooked meal, that way you can be as gushy as you wish without putting others off their food. Plus dining in means that you can eat wherever you wish including the bedroom. Ok, so spaghetti on the duvet covers might not be the most romantic thing, but champagne, strawberries and something sweet are less messy and a heck of a lot sexier.

 With the money you save by dining in, you could also treat your fella and yourself to some fabulous lingerie and make this Valentine’s Day an excuse to have some fun! So whether you embrace Valentine’s Day with a special someone or rebel against it with your single friends, we hope you have a fabulous weekend and make the most of the extra love that will be in the air on what would otherwise be a very normal Monday.

And the Nominees are…

 The nominations for the Oscars which are to be held on the 27th February were announced yesterday and the Brits done good! The King’s Speech starring Colin Firth has already picked up Best Actor at the Golden Globes earlier this month. The film also received 11 other nods including Best Supporting Actor/Actress for Geoffrey Rush, the king’s speech therapist and Helena Bonham Carter for her role as the king’s wife, making 12 nods in total for the film.

 The Social Network, the film inspired by the debacle over who created Facebook, picked up 8 nods as did Inception the mind bending film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

 Natalie Portman (Black Swan) along with Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole), Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine), Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) and Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right) take the pole for Leading Actress. And our very own Amy Adams and Helena Bonham Carter are in the running in best Supporting Actress category.

 For the men Colin Firth (The King’s Speech), Javier Bardem (Biutiful), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), James Franco (127 hours) and Jeff Bridges (True Grit) battle it out for the top spot.

Be your own screen scarlet in this fab 50s wrap dress

Be your own screen scarlet in this fab 50s wrap dress

 Here’s the low down of nominations;

  • The King’s Speech – 12
  • True Grit – 10
  • The Social Network – 8
  • Inception – 8
  • The Fighter – 7
  • 127 Hours – 6
  • Black Swan – 5
  • Toy Story 3 – 5
  • The Kids Are All Right – 4
  • Winter’s Bone – 4
  • Alice In Wonderland – 3
  • Biutiful – 3
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 – 2
  • How To Train Your Dragon – 2

 And there you have it; all we can do now is wait until the 27th of next month for the results and to ogle the red carpet dresses.

Festival Dressing

Festival Fun

Festival Fun

Festivals are fashionable places, but they’re also muddy, crowded and the fact that you only get a shower if you’re lucky makes it difficult to look your best. The general festival look is funky bo-ho, the kind of look that seems easy but actually takes a fair amount of planning and with limited wardrobe space in your tent, multi-functional pieces for clever dressing are essential.

Thanks to the glorious British weather, most outdoor festivals will become muddy so be prepared for anything, from a little soft ground under foot to full on mud baths! That’s why footwear choices should be sensible, don’t take your favourite pair of sandals as they will inevitably get ruined. Wellies are a good idea especially for UK festivals; however, novelty wellies are out. Instead go for a plain black or green and that way more attention can be paid to your outfit!

What to take;

  • Utility style shorts, stylish and practical especially if they have pockets!
  • Plenty of vest/tee-shirt tops always come in handy. Vests and strappy tops with integral support are great as you won’t need to take lots of different bras with you.
  • A couple of skirts/dresses/playsuits, dresses are an easy throw on outfit and will save space in you bag for other things
  • Something warm, we don’t want to sound like your mother, but it does get cold when the sun goes down so a couple of warm layers are essential. Plus a waterproof jacket, light weight layers are usually best.
  • A few funky accessories will dress up a casual outfit, the more bangles the better and festivals are great places to get away with more unusual accessories such as hats, head pieces and more eclectic jewellery so don’t be afraid to be bold and try something new!

What to avoid;

  • We do love a maxi dress, but they’re just not practical. Great for the city or on the beach or in a park but not great for mud, struggling through crowds of people or frequenting the porter-loos.
  • Don’t take anything too expensive, the festival look is somewhat cheap and cheerful so don’t risk loosing your designer sunglasses, I-pod or favourite piece of clothing!
  • Try not to take too many clothes as you will probably stick to a couple of pieces of clothing for the majority of the time (that’s why accessories are great, they allow you to change the look of an outfit without changing the whole thing!

Festival must haves;

  • Cleansing wipes
  • Toilet roll/tissues
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel (clever invention)
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses (the more outrageous the better)
  • Paracetamol
  • Back pack, hands free handbag, that’s what we’re talking about!
  • Dry shampoo and hair accessories to disguise unwashed hair

Happy festivaling!!

Easter time

easterAs well as looking forward to having an extra couple of days off over Easter, we’re also excited to get the family together and enjoy some Easter fun (and food!). It’s a great time of year to get the family round and feast on some scrummy nosh. Not since Christmas have we had everyone round to eat drink and be merry, so its about time we got everyone together again.

As it’s almost spring, the weather is getting better/nights are getting lighter and there’s even more reason to celebrate! If you have young children or will be catering for young children around Easter then why not put together an Easter egg hunt. They’re great fun and will keep the kids entertained for hours (depending on how difficult you make it of course!).

If you’re planning a child free Easter, or your children have grown up, then you could always make the Easter egg hunt more of a challenge by creating cryptic clues and making the prize more interesting. We’re sure friends and family would be more keen to participate if they knew that there was a good bottle of wine at the end of the hunt! Easter is also good to test your baking skills.

With all the chocolate and sweet treats doing the rounds this time of year, no wonder it’s the busiest for home baking too! Cup cakes, buns, scones, hot cross buns there’s plenty to go at and you know what they say, practice makes perfect! Baking is also a fun activity for the whole family and is one of those past times that will always remind us of our own childhoods. Follow these links for recipe ideas and inspiration;


Let it snow, just not too much…

As we see the first snow fall of the festive season we should be enjoying every flake and making the most of the novelty

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

of having snow at Christmas time. Instead though, we listen to severe weather warnings and the threat of ‘heavy snow fall’.  If we Brits call it heavy snow fall, then what on earth do the Canadians call it? Our heavy snow fall would barely make people from other such countries bat an eyelid. Surely we could learn a thing or two from our counter-parts in colder climates if they can cope with -40 degrees and snow blizzards?! When snow hits their towns and cities, things still work. Taxis still run, trains keep going and people just carry on as normal. So why is it that when it snows in England, we grind to a halt?  The favourite excuse is that we’re just not used to snow.  However, one thing we know for sure, when we do get heavy snow, the kids love it!

So are we hoping for a white Christmas? Yes, we just hope it doesn’t snow too much!

Ice, ice baby…

Fun with friends

Fun with friends

To really get into the Christmas spirit why not get a group of your girl friends together and give ice-skating a go? You might not have been ice-skating since your teens, or may never have donned a pair of skates before but we assure you, there’s nothing better for getting into the festive mood.

You don’t have to be Torvill or Dean, or have been put through your paces on Dancing On Ice to enjoy this Christmas activity. Unfortunately, however there is always one show off at this kind of thing, you know the one that insists on skating as fast as they can around the rink and almost knocks us novices over in the process, so look out for them! But if all else fails you can hold on to the side rail or get a friend to pull you along! Plus a drop of mulled wine will help to cushion the blow if you do fall skates over head! And to warm up afterwards, we suggest going for a scrummy hot chocolate, with cream, marshmallows and chocolate flakes on top (yum) and as ice-skating is a great form of exercise, you can enjoy the extra toppings guilt-free!

There are city centre ice skating rinks popping up in most major cities now, to find your nearest rink just follow the link here :

And just remember to wrap up warm, don’t wear your best clothes, take a thick pair of socks and gloves but most of all, ENJOY!!