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The Mother Of All Sundays

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, how are you planning to celebrate your Mum? Are you cooking up a feast so she doesn’t have to? Treating her to afternoon tea? Or are you sending her on a spa day sometime soon? Whichever way you choose to say thank you, one think is for sure; mums are pretty amazing.
Some combine working and bringing up children, which involves top organisational skills and is like a military operation most days, not forgetting missing your child like mad. There are stay at home Mums that are attached to their toddlers 24 hours a day, in a continuous cycle of cooking, feeding, clearing up, tidying toys and keeping that bundle of energy entertained! If the kids are at school, it’s a series of open evenings, after-school activities, washing and ironing uniforms and dealing with the odd strop. And when they hit teenage years, it is teenage angst and hormones, you become a taxi service on a Friday night and counsellor on Saturday morning and they expect that The Bank of Mum will never run dry. Then there are the thousands of single Mums all over the Uk. Just how do they do it? No time off for good behaviour, they just carry on, pushing through fatigue and doing the best for their children year upon year. All Amazing mums!

If you are reading this blog and haven’t bought anything for your Mum for this Mothers Day, don’t panic, it’s not too late. How about buying a Bravissimo gift card online? You can spend as little or as much as you like. So for Mothers Day itself, all you need is a box of chocs or a nice plant and stick a card to the side with an ‘I O U one Bravissimo gift voucher’. She can spend it on what she wants, when she wants, whether it’s a necklace from our Pepperberry range or a Sensational Set from Bravissimo, it’s up to her.

How to Order Bravissimo Gift Vouchers

  • Select the gift voucher value required
  • Choose an e-voucher or a paper voucher
  • Add to your shopping bag

Happy Mothers Day to all our wonderful Mums, and for those who have lost their mums, it’s a great time to recall all the wonderful memories and share them with your loved ones.