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Those Dreaded Words

Happy Shopping!

Happy Shopping!

Christmas shopping. How has it crept up so fast? Well if you’re like most of us here at Bravissimo, you haven’t even started yet, but don’t panic, luckily there is still time to shop, whether it’s on the high street or online. To give yourself a head start, why not buy a few extra gifts that can be given to most people, pampering bath sets, yummy chocolates, a bottle of Rioja etc, as there will undoubtedly be someone you accidently forget and if not you can have them as an extra treat for yourself instead!

Talking about treats for yourselves, use our Wish List to let your friends and family know you want without having the guilt of asking them directly. Plus the more you wish for, the more likely you are to get a surprise by giving your friends and family lots of options! But if you look at your wish list after you have sent it, you might ruin the surprise as this would be the equivalent of looking a the bottom of the wardrobe, or wherever your loved ones usually hide their gifts!!

Why not get started with your very own Christmas wish list