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Your life according to your handbag

We love handbags, they look great, we can have different bags to suit our changing outfits as well as our changing moods and we keep EVERYTHING in them. Including some, all, or more of the following;

Trusty Handbag

Trusty Handbag

  • purses
  • mobile phones
  • make-up
  • hand cream/hairspray/other beauty products we cant live without
  • lip balm
  • diary
  • glasses/sunglasses
  • hair bobbles
  • magazines
  • deodorant
  • jewellery
  • cereal bars/sweets
  • MP3 player
  • loose change
  • chewing gum
  • pack of tissue
  • pen

The list goes on. Forever. But heavens knows, if we were ever to be whisked off our feet by a gorgeous man or (more likely) end up stranded somewhere due to poor transport/volcanic ash, we know that we have enough things in our handbag to keep us entertained and looking beautiful for ooh at least a couple of days!! So there you have it the reason women love handbags, they’re practical AND fashionable which is a combination that doesn’t happen very often! Saying that, even the most organised of women can have the most disorganised handbag. You might know such a know woman, she has an immaculately tidy house, a perfectly mowed front lawn and always looks great herself, but take a look in her handbag and you’ll find chaos, the true reflection of what’s happening inside a woman’s mind! Even if she does carry all of her things around in a designer ‘IT’ bag!