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Be bold and add some colour to your wardrobe

Add some colour

Add some colour

In summer we often feel much braver when it comes to colour. Fashion wise colour palettes usually lighten and brighten like the weather, but there’s just something about the sun shining that makes us want to be a shade or several braver. This can also be said for our holiday clothes, we wouldn’t dream of wearing a multi-coloured kaftan at home, but on a beach in the Mediterranean we don’t think twice about it. So why is it that we enjoy colour so much in summer but don’t seem to wear anything but black in winter? A lot of it is to do with mood, generally during summer and when the weather is nice, our moods are nicer too. Feeling happy then leads to feeling more confident, therefore you’re less likely to feel self-conscious in a colour you wouldn’t normally wear.

It’s always good to know what colours/shades and tones suit you best but sometimes it’s good to step away from what you’d usually go for and try something different. There are so many colours out there it’d be a shame not to wear them. So why not add some colour to your wardrobe this summer and make a statement in colour? Our Dropped Waist Jersey Dress is cut to accommodate your boobs and is so versatile – it can just be rolled up and put in the suitcase (and no travel iron required!) If red isn’t your colour try turquoise, our Jewel Appliqué dress is an elegant cocktail dress, perfect for summer parties. If you like your blues, our Rhinestone Halterneck top in ocean blue is a brighter bolder blue for you to try. However, if you’re a fan of orange then try the Cotton Pleat Summer dress, this piece will add instant colour injection to your working wardrobe. We also have a selection of strappy tops in various colours and some fabulous lingerie in really bright colours. Check out the Summer bra in fiesta, the Alex Bra in sunshine and Camouflage Candy in hot coral.

So why not make this summer, the summer you introduced more colour into your wardrobe?

Come and say hello

Pop in for a visit

If you’re new to Bravissimo or usually shop online, why not pop in to see us at one of our stores. The Bravissimo experience is about getting women like yourself into the underwear that you want to wear without compromising on fit or style. Our trained fitters are there to offer you guidance and advice for finding your true size. We strive to give you gorgeous and properly fitting underwear, swimwear, nightwear and clothing that will help you to make the most of your figure and most importantly make you feel fantastic!

If you come for a bra fitting, our trained fitters will do their best to make you feel relaxed and comfortable as we understand that some women feel more self-conscious of their boobs than others. They will talk through what styles you like and get you to try some bras on to find your true size. We fit bras the Bravissimo way, i.e. no tape measures as we understand that boobs come in all different shapes and sizes and all bras fit different. Many women are shocked with the difference in size from when they came into store to when they leave, but rather than getting too preoccupied with numbers, we want to make sure that you are happy with the fit and styling of your new underwear. Sometimes if you have been wearing a back size that is too big, your new bra might feel a little firm, this will take some getting used to but wearing a bra that’s back size is too big won’t give the right amount of support therefore it’s important to give your body chance to get used to the new size. We won’t ever push you into buying something you’re not completely happy with and are there just as much to give you advice and pass on our expertise as we are to sell underwear.
So if you usually shop online or are new to Bravissimo, why not visit us in one of our stores to find out what we’re really about!!

See here to find your nearest Bravissimo store.


The start of this new month brings with it lighter nights and brighter days, or a least we hope so. We have to say it, we’re done with winter and as much as we do enjoy cosying up on cold nights with a hot choc and girly DVD, we’d much prefer to have a social life and not feel like its bed time when we leave work because it’s so dark.

Basic White Tee

Basic White Tee

The somewhat erratic weather of recent has been teasing us with the odd but gloriously sunny day, the next day however is rubbish and the next few days after that too! This is causing havoc with our wardrobe choices, as when we leave the house in the morning it’s cold and rather grim, but come lunch time the sun comes out in all its glory and makes conditions almost stifling. Then as soon as the sun goes down, it’s blumming freezing again! What is a girl to do?! Well, during this inter-season phase, when its not quite warm enough to wear the spring/summer collections that have been in the shops since February, but neither is it cold enough to still be wearing full on winter layers, the key to combating wardrobe choices is layering. Luckily this is hot trend too right now, so you can look chic and keep warm/cool/dry all at the same time! The best place to start with the layering look is with a good set of basics, long and short sleeve tee-shirts, simple cardigans and shirts. Click here to view our range of basic tees and tops for layering, and to assure you get the perfect fit discover your Bravissimo size.

Our New Spring Collection is Here!

Check out our new spring collection, it’s full of new styles of lingerie, swimwear and clothing as well as brand new spring colours in some of your favourite styles!

The lovely Alana Bra to a K cup

The lovely Alana Bra to a K cup

The Alana bra now comes in the gorgeous shade of pale aqua, the perfect accompaniment to your spring pastel wardrobe. Both the Ariza and Eliza bra also come in brand new shades for spring and for those days when a plain t-shirt bra just will not do, try the Frankie or Arabesque bra in bright colourful patterns to liven up your day! We also have some great new work wear, the iridescent collection comprises a fitted jacket, uber smart shift dress and tulip skirt in a shimmery slate grey fabric, it will jazz up any office! Mix and match with your wardrobe basics for work and if you’re brave enough, wear the jacket with a sexy basque underneath to nail the underwear as outer wear trend in the evening. We now have more dresses than ever, which are all designed to fit you perfectly. One of our favourites has to be the waterfall dress in scrumptious raspberry. It’s a very flattering style and is sure to turn heads. Got a party to attend? Why not try the sleek satin shift dress for size? This fully lined shift dress with belted empire line gives great shape and is the kind of dress that won’t go out of fashion, it’s a classic! The twist front dress in a divine shade of blue is great for those of you that prefer to cover up thanks to its long sleeves, higher neckline and just below the knee length. It’s a very sexy dress without revealing too much! As well as new clothing and lingerie styles, we’re also bringing you new swimwear and night wear, we’re nice like that! Take a look at our new spring collection.

That should be enough to keep you going, for now!

What to do with your winter wardrobe…

We take a look at what trends to dig out for spring and which should be put away for a later date.

Things to think about putting away;

  • Jewel colours. Spring/summer is all about beautiful pastel shades
  • Shoulder pads, we want our summer wardrobe to be a little more feminine please
  • Fur coats. If recent temperatures are anything to go by, we’ll be saving them for next winter too!
  • Swap winter’s heavy red lipstick for nude tones
  • Black. We know it’s a lot of people’s favourite colour and we can’t live without our staple items in black, but this season try brightening up your mood as well as your look with some more colourful pieces

Things to keep out/dig out;

The classic trench coat

The classic trench coat

  • The classic trench coat. The perfect style to carry us out of winter and into warmer weather, sometime soon we hope!
  • Keep the sequined bling from winter but wear dressed down during the day to change the look.
  • Metallics are also on trend for spring too, same rule applies, wear during the day/to the office for the wow factor.
  • Underwear worn as outerwear. This spring we predict that you will love your underwear so much, you just won’t want to cover it up!
  • Anything military style. Double breasted buttoning and military detailing should see you happily into spring
  • Now the only thing left to do is to find some space in our wardrobes to squeeze our January sales bargains in there too!