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Cosmopolitan anyone?

We’re so over the snow right now we could quite happily never see it again, ice on the other hand, we’ll keep but only to put in our cocktails!

Cocktail Party Anyone?

Cocktail Party Anyone?

This winter has been a long and cold one, which goes without saying really but honestly shouldn’t it be spring sometime soon? The dark nights and freezing temperatures have really taken a toll on us this year, not to mention the disruption it has caused on the roads and general transport. So we’ve come up with the perfect antidote to these cold wintry nights, a cocktail party! Now we realise that January’s pay check is a long time coming but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun, whilst sticking to a budget. So why not turn the heating up, invite your girlfriends round, put on the cocktail dresses (just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean you don’t have to make an effort) and get the cocktails flowing! Hosting your own party is great as there are only the people there that you want to be there, there are no queues to get in and you can be in control of the music. If everyone brings a different bottle, mixer or nibbles then the costs are spread out evenly and you actually end up getting more for your money if you make the cocktails yourself! Do this and you’re guaranteed to forget about the rubbish weather in no time. What better way to get excited for the Sex and The City sequel than cocktails with the girls?!

For a whole host of weird and wonderful cocktail recipes as well as the classics visit:

Work wear…

Now that we’re really back in the swing of things, we need a little something to cheer us up. Hopefully our gorgeous new early spring clothing will do just that!

The slinky knit dresses is ideal for comfort and versatility. But for something a little more special, take a look at our

Slinky Knit Dress

Slinky Knit Dress

fabulous animal print wrap dress, which is on trend for this season’s safari look and the figure hugging button up dress. We know just how important comfort and fit is, that’s why our clothing is designed to give you that extra bit of room for your boobs without compromising on style.

If you want to add a bit of glam to your usual work attire, try the jewel trim top. The subtle jewels on the shoulders of this top make for a little bit of work time sparkle.

Stripes are a must this season and are a wardrobe staple that can be worn smart or casual. Our nautical stripe tee will last all season and the red stripe adds an instant colour injection.

The great fine stripe shirt gives a defined waist and its subtle details add femininity without being overly frilly. Great for the office but also great worn with jeans out of business hours too.

To finish off your spring work look, try our all weather trench. Super smart, super flattering and with two colours to choose from, the only other thing you need to decide is navy or stone?

How to do…

Animal print!

Animal Print Inspired Dress

Animal Print Inspired Dress

Never wear more than a couple of items of print at the same time, this applies to both clothing and accessories. You don’t want to be mistaken for Bet Lynch do you?!  Don’t mix and match your animal prints, wearing a leopard print coat and a zebra print bag will just make you look like safari gone wrong. The animal print trend leaves little room for error, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t unleash your inner animal!  When done right, the print can look glamorous and we’ve introduced a jersey animal print inspired wrap dress for Bravissimo girls, that’s right on trend this season!