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Mum’s the word

Sophie Nursing Bra in Candy Pink

Sophie Nursing Bra in Candy Pink

Whether you are pregnant with your first baby or adding to your brood with another little one, pregnancy throws all sorts of strange and wonderful symptoms. Some of the joys of pregnancy are bigger boobs (as if they are not big enough already), swollen feet, sensitive skin, varicose veins, stuffy nose, temperature fluctuations, itchiness and that’s just for starters! So with all this to contend with, and looking more like a hot air balloon every day, us ladies really need to feel pretty and feminine, so what better way to do that than with a bra that doesn’t look like your Grandma’s old faithful.

Firstly when you are expecting, it is a good idea to wear a bra without an underwire we can recommend the Charlotte Soft Cup Bra by Royce, it has a soft full cup and can be worn during your pregnancy (and after) and gives a really flattering shape. After your baby is born and if you are breastfeeding, there is the lovely Sadie Nursing Bra by Royce, this is a really comfortable bra that will keep you cool when your hormones are making you hot and bothered, as it has thermo regulating properties, it comes in pink & silver, black & silver and ivory & silver. The last bra definitely worth a mention, is the gorgeous Sophie Nursing Bra by Panache, this is a very pretty nursing bra, made in a soft jersey fabric covered with lace. It has detachable straps for breastfeeding and comes in four colours; candy pink, fuchsia & peach, black and Ivory & Peach.

Every mum-to-be and new mum should be able to enjoy every moment, and a comfortable bra is a great place to start!

Game, Set and Match

The Parisian Plume Bra

The Parisian Plume Bra

According to our not so secret sources, when it comes to underwear, Bravissimo girls prefer to wear matching lingerie. There is something about wearing a set that makes us feel more together and ready to face the world, it’s a bit like red lipstick or a great pair of heels, lingerie sets inject a touch of glamour into our lives, even if the weather is pants, you’ve still got your matching bra and pants!

A few years ago B.B. (Before Bravissimo), sets used to be reserved for your wedding day or a romantic night, now thankfully, times has moved on and lingerie has too and we don’t need an excuse to wear a matching set.

So if you want to feel sexy, special but still supported, take a look at the Parisian Plume Bra, new from Bravissimo. This set puts the “Ooh” into the “Ooh-La-La”, the bra is a half-cup, but still offers plenty of support, it is lightly padded, creating a lovely rounded shape and it is very comfortable. You have the option of the matching shorts or thong, or why not get both?

The Broderie Bra by Bravissimo is a beautiful bra; it is balconette in style, with a lower centre, so can be worn with lower cut tops. For the pretty option, it comes in cornflower blue, but if you want to do sassy, it comes in black and more colours are available. It is utterly gorgeous with its threaded organza ribbon and again we haven’t compromised on comfort or support when designing this bra. Wear with the super cute and comfy matching shorts and it is a great match.

We hope you like our selection and we will keep you posted on many more great pairings in the future.

When Underwear Counts

Good underwear = a good day

Good underwear, good day!

 There are certain situations in life when what you wear underneath your clothes can make all the difference to how you act on the outside. A first date for example. You wouldn’t turn up to a first date wearing your everyday boring underwear, even if you are the only one that’s going to see it. The same rule applies for the second or third date or even a date night with a long term partner. Great lingerie makes us feel great, whether you prefer a simple set or something a little sassier, especially when that set provides the right amount of support. Other occasions when underwear counts;

  • Weddings; whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or a guest weddings are the time to dig out your best frock and therefore find some appropriate underwear to enhance both your wedding outfit an your mood on the big day. Plus a honeymoon just wouldn’t be a honeymoon without some luxurious lingerie.
  • Interviews; although it might not be appropriate to dress sexily for an interview, a fabulous lingerie set underneath your straight laced suit or some figure smoothing underwear underneath a smart shift dress could give you that all important confidence boost.

 So whether you’re going to a wedding, an interview or that all important first date, make sure you have the right underwear to go with your outfit. Great lingerie can also perk up what would otherwise be a regular day. So why not try wearing one of your favourite sets on a normal day and see what difference it makes?

‘Brilliant Bravissimo’ – a review from a happy customer

It’s always fantastic to hear that customers are having a great fitting experience in our shops. We’ve read Tor’s blog and she says:  “If you’re bigger busted and you want a bra that fits properlyand looks amazing, it’s definitely worth heading down to find out how great Bravissimo is for yourself.”

Click here to read the full review of Tor’s visit to our Oxford Circus shop. 

Our Winter collection is available now – click here to take a peak.

New Beauty Rules

As make-up trends change almost as quickly as fashion trends do these days, we take a look at the latest beauty looks for autumn.

From defined cheekbones to a flawless undefined finished. The new emphasis for the face is to have a smooth velvety coverage and to leave the blusher firmly in your make-up box. According to the experts this helps to give a youthful appearance but is scary for those of us who like a bit of colour to make us look and feel awake! Give it a go, you can always take your blusher with you if you feel bare without it!

Autumn/WInter is full of beautiful natural/neutral tones from the leaves on the trees to beige and camel taking over our winter wardrobes, so it makes sense that make-up is following this same theme. A brown eyeshadow looks great on blue, green and brown eyes and will complement the shades in between. Experiment with different tones to find the one that suits your eye colour as well as your skin tone. We recommend a multi-shadow that way you get to try out a few different tones to see which works best (many of these come with a step by step guide of which colour to wear at which place on the eyelid, making it even easier to try a new look). Another noticeable change in make-up is the lack of mascara seen on many a catwalk. This barely there look is also said to create a more youthful appearance, well it’s worth a try and sounds far less painful than a face lift!! Top tip: when going mascara free ensure the eyebrows are well defined to keep some definition in the eye area.

Last year was all about the eyes, dark smoky colours and the longest/wildest false eyelashes you could find. This season however, the focus is definitely on the lips. However this trend isn’t for the faint hearted as the colour du jour is black, well almost black, dark shades of plum, berry and deep purples. A little gothic you might think, but this bold make-up statement is do-able by us regular women and doesn’t have to be left to celebrities on the red carpet. The trick is to practice the application to get a smooth, smudge free result; a lip liner in a dark tone will help. Keep the rest of your make-up simple and wear with tonal clothing, too much black will look OTT so try deeper shades of blues, browns and reds to keep the look modern.

Get the same rush you did when you were a little girl raiding your mother’s make-up box for the first time by trying out some of these new make-up looks!!

Handbags and glad-rags

There are certain things in life that men just can’t appreciate in the same way as we do. Men have golf clubs, cars and tools; we have handbags, shoes and lingerie and we don’t think either party will ever truly understand the other’s passion for these things. The great thing about handbags, this actually applies to shoes too, is that no matter how much our weight fluctuates and our bodies change over time, shoes and handbags will always fit. Handbags don’t suit a certain body type or come in different sizes, handbags don’t discriminate against size or body shape and you’ll still be able to carry your favourite handbag whether you put weight on or loose weight. The square style handbag is popular this season for its minimal look. They are simple in design and work perfectly with the tailored/masculine trend or to contrast against a floaty feminine dress! We also love clutch bags as the prefect accessory to the party dress this season! It is possible to make just as much of a statement with the bag you’re carrying as you can with what you wear or what you accessorise with. And even though we might not be able to buy the latest designer ‘IT’ bag each time one comes round, at least we can enjoy the array of different styles out there on the high street and maybe treat ourselves to the odd piece of designer arm-candy every once in blue moon (or big birthday!), well at least we know it will always fit! The same can be said for shoes as feet don’t tend to change size after a certain point in our lives we don’t have to worry about not being able to fit onto our favourite pair of shoes like we do our favourite pair of jeans. Heels also make us stand taller walk with that sexy sashay and add inches to our height as well as our confidence. So even if your outfit is the usual head-to-toe black, you can always rely on an interesting handbag/shoe combo to liven up the look! In addition to shoes and handbags we lucky ladies also get to enjoy the pleasure of wearing lingerie. Yes a man can appreciate lingerie from a spectator’s perspective but won’t get to experience the feeling that wearing great fitting, pretty lingerie provides. And as underwear lays the foundation for what is worn on top, getting it right is just as important as what you decide to wear on top of it!

We sometimes envy men for their easy way of life and minimal grooming but then we remember all those little pleasures such as shoes, handbags and fabulous underwear that men don’t get to enjoy. Note to men; we need handbags to carry the things we need to keep us looking beautiful and fresh all day long, sometimes a girl needs a pair of heels to make her walk taller and feel more confident and we need lingerie, well we don’t think we need to explain the lingerie thing, we think you get that one! As for the golf clubs, cars and never ending collection of tools, we will do our best to understand!

That time of year again!

We can hardly bring ourselves to say the word yet left right and centre the ‘Ch’ word is being thrown around like Anne Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing! Yes, we’re afraid it that’s time of year again when thoughts turn to that very special (and might we say very stressful) time of year; Christmas. The supermarkets have had Christmas themed stock on the shelves for weeks (we have just been avoiding that particular aisle), the sofa ads have started to take over our televisions and we begin mentally making a shopping list for presents. But don’t panic, there are still 6 weeks until Christmas, so plenty of time to shop without it turning into frantic panic on Christmas Eve. And we’ve got an idea of how you can turn your Christmas shopping experience into a much more pleasant one; Christmas markets. Get into the spirit of things and venture out to a Christmas market, whether in it’s in the UK or further afield, you’re sure to find plenty of trinkets and stocking fillers to satisfy any taste.

You can find a mix of German and Continental themed Christmas markets in;

  • London
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Peterborough
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle
  • Bath
  • Oxford
  • Glasgow

To name a few, for more Christmas markets across the country click here. There are also great deals on transport and accommodation for European Christmas markets. Top tip: book a hotel with a spa for some post-shopping pampering and you’ll be ready and raring to go the next day!! We particularly like the Lille Christmas Market, its easy access on the Eurostar and the city has everything you need from market stalls to high street shops and high end boutiques. And it’s just a hop, skip and a Eurostar away in less than an hour and a half so you can be sipping mulled wine, eating glorious food and looking at the pretty Christmassy things in no time at all!

We do love Christmas here at Bravissimo and especially get into the swing of things once we’ve got a couple of presents under our belts and the initial stress is over! If you don’t have one already, you can order your new winter 2010 catalogue by clicking here and start making your own Christmas wish list. You could even ‘accidentally’ leave the catalogue open at your wish list page for unassuming passers by. Fingers crossed you have been a good girl this year and get everything you wish for!

New styles

Demi Diba Bra by Bravissimo

Demi Diba Bra by Bravissimo

As we bring you the new winter 2010 collection, we’re very excited to present our first ever half-cup bra, the Demi Diva. The half/cup style allows for low necklines to be worn without the hazard of flashing your underwear. It also gives amazing shape and leaves slightly less to the imagination! But the cleavage boosting properties aren’t the only thing we love about this bra. We also love the bra’s gorgeous design. It is simple but sexy, the subtle stripes and embroidery detailing on this bra make it sophisticated without being overly fussy. Wear with the shorts style briefs for practical days and with the tie-side briefs for when you feel like having a bit more fun! If you like this style we think you might also like the Lace Luxe bra by Faubourg. It is a little more on the racy lacy side but gives great shape and you have the option to attach suspenders to the matching thong to really turn this set up a notch! This style is again suited to lower cut tops as the low balconette fit suits such styles. Looking for something extra special? The Starlet bra has been designed especially with Bravissimo girls in mind, based on the ever popular Alana bra we hope you love the fit of the Starlet bra just as much. Red is a hot colour this season so why not give this red hot style a go, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! And for extra special occasions try the matching suspender belt!

Click here to see other styles in the new winter collection.

Sumptuous satin

Satin PJ Bottoms & Cami Top

Satin PJ Bottoms & Cami Top

Satin is soft, silky and sexy, whether it’s an evening dress or a PJ set, satin adds that extra bit of sass! Take our satin pyjamas for example, the cami top provides the same integral support that all our nightwear does. It’s also comfortable to wear and will keep your boobs in place all night long. What makes this particular set stand apart from the rest however is its luxurious satin fabric. This season’s gorgeous new satin range comes in a choice of cami top, PJ bottoms and night dress in stunning petrol blue. The night dress also has integral support to ensure a sound night’s sleep plus it comes in an extra exciting colourway; raspberry. Why not add some satin nightwear to your Christmas wish list? Or simply treat yourself! As well as adding glamour to your nightwear, satin can up the glam ante when it comes to evening wear too and nothing beats a sexy satin dress for the party season. Our Teal Tulip Dress with its deep v-neck and tie waist detailing will flatter your figure in all the right places. Plus the rich colour will set you apart from the sea of little black dresses this season. Check out the Satin Bow Dress, Beautiful Bandeau Dress and the Satin Ballerina Dress too if you like what you see in the Teal style! If dresses aren’t your thing or you’d like an outfit with a difference over the party season then why not try our Tuxedo Trousers. There’s no doubt that trousers are a huge trend this season so instead of the standard cocktail dress, give trousers a go for a change. They can look just as sexy and feminine as a skirt or a dress and channel the tailored look perfectly. Our Tuxedo trousers are a classic straight cut with satin trim on the pockets to add that important evening touch. Wear with a tailored top such as the Asymmetric Evening Top in bold red to make a statement or a simple cami and Sensational Sequin Shrug for added glamour clout! If you like your lingerie to have a soft satin feel we have a selection of satin bras that will make you feel extra sexy and super supported. Our favourite of the moment is the new Thrill Me bra by Curvy Kate the padded balconette style gives great shape plus, choose between frilled shorts with the option to attach suspenders or thong with frill sides perfect for the thrill seeker in you! Also look out for the Polka Dot bra by Masquerade, the Belle bra by Fantasie and the Zara bra by Panache if you like the satin touch.

Fashion for Everyone

No matter what your shape or size.

The industry is finally waking up to the fact that real women come in all different shapes and sizes but there is still a long way to go before real women are widely accepted by the fashion world. Appearances of plus sized models on catwalks is still seen as controversial and advertising campaigns insist on using waif like models for ‘aspirational’ purposes. However, with the rise in concern for the effects of idealised portrayals of the female form in the media on young women, there is real cause for change. But there is hope. Designers such as Mark Fast, who is known for his clingy sexy knit wear dresses, used plus sized girls for one of his catwalk shows and proved to the fashion world that larger ladies look great in his clothes and with curves in all the right places, they even looked better than some of the other models on the catwalk. Larger ladies are also holding their own in the style stakes with the rise of blogs for plus sized girls who love fashion. Celebrities such as Beth Ditto should also be applauded for their super confidence and lack of regard for those who criticised her for her size. The truth is some women are naturally slim, some are curvy, some flat chested and others have more curves than you can shake a Gok Wan at. The key to looking good however is all about confidence no matter what your size, height, weight or bra size. Everyone is different. Just think what a boring world it would be if everyone looked the same.