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And the award goes to…

After the BAFTAS came the Oscars and what a night it was. All the Hollywood A-listers were dressed up to the nines, with designer dresses, shoes, handbags and not to mention million of dollars worth of jewellery this event truly was a fashion show in itself!

Who won what;
Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for her role in The Blind Side and reminded us why we love her so much with her heart warming speech and the fact that she stopped off for a burger before heading to the after show parties! What a woman! Kathryn Bigelow made history with her film Hurt Locker by becoming the first woman to win the Best Director award as well as five other awards for the same film. While her ex-husband James Cameron who directed big budget film Avatar missed out, but there was little rivalry between the estranged couple as they joked about the situation backstage.

And the dresses;
Of course, being the Oscars there were plenty of embellishments, frills and floor length gowns, well if you can’t get away with it at the Oscars then where can you get away with it?! Mariah Carey dressed very modestly and showed us curvy girls how to do chic but sexy. She wore an elegant dress cut to flatter her big boobs and jewelled detail drawing attention to her waist. She couldn’t resist a thigh high split though, at least it was a relatively modest split! The new girls on the block (Carey Mulligan, Kirsten Stewart and Gabourey Sidibe) proved they have what it takes to keep up with their more red carpet experienced counter parts and all opted for long gowns, which they looked fab in!

Victoria Beckham launched her new clothing line just in time to dress some of the other celebrities gracing the red carpet. Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz both wore VB’s designs on the night, so even if the British nominees came home empty handed (Colin Firth, Carey Mulligan and Helen Mirren) Mrs Beckham definitely was a winner. SJP looked stunning in her embellished ivory Chanel number we can’t wait to see the outfits in the new SATC film, 10 weeks to go!! There were also plenty of frills at this year’s awards driving the romantic trend for spring/summer. Prints also featured on the red carpet. Only usually at a wedding can us mere mortals get that dressed up for an occasion and that’s only if we’re the bride or bridesmaid. With all these amazing frocks around, we might just have to think of our own red carpet event just to dress up in a Hollywood style gown! Hmmm…

How to wear your hair now…

Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, the only way to wear it this spring is naturally. We must admit we’ve probably over done it with the straighteners over the years but now comes a more forgiving hair trend that will cause less damage and is achievable with less effort.

Be natural this Spring

Be natural this Spring

Harsh layers and severe bobs make way for easy curls and effortless waves with more natural volume. But there are to be no half hearted attempts at styles. If you’re going short, make it extra short. Whereas long styles need to be long enough to get the right amount of volume, whilst keeping the length! Curls work just as well on short hair as they do on longer hair. One of the styles for 2010 is the messy bob, sported by the likes of Danii Minogue. The basic shape is that of a short layered bob but texture is added by loosely curling the hair to give it an undone natural look.

Longer styles suit looser curls and have the length to pull off more of wave than a curl too. The waves should start lower down the hair rather

than at the root, about cheekbone height will give the most flattering effects. Long styles also have the advantage of pulling off another of this season’s hair trends; plaits. Lengthy plaits that sweep to one side scream summer days and boho chic, wear messy to really nail this look. Other up dos include messy buns and loosely pinned hair that looks effortless. This isn’t however always the case. The messy look can take some mastering but with a little hairspray, a hand full of Kirby grips and a bit of practice, we’re sure you’ll have this style mastered in no time!