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Happy Father’s Day

We want to wish all of our wonderful Dad’s a very Happy Father’s day on Sunday. Here are some of our thoughts on what makes dads so great.    

You can always rely on dad:

  • To make you laugh
  • To pick you up when you’re stranded
  • To give you guidance
  • To rescue you from a spider
  • To embarrass you
  • To say yes (when mum said no)
  • To finish your dinner so that you’re still allowed pudding
  • To fix it
  • To be your hero

What makes your dad the best dad in the world?

Welcome to our new blog!


Welcome to our new look blog! We’re revamping our blog to bring you more of what you want in the world of ‘big boobness!’. As the new title suggests we’ll post on anything and everything about Life, Love and Lingerie. We’ll have guest posts from our buyers, technical team and other people inside Bravissimo.

Expect the inside information on events that are happening at Bra Towers, or opinion on bra news and tips, help and advice.

We’ll ensure you’re the first to know about new ranges with sneak peeks from behind the scenes at our photo shoots.

You’ll be able to comment on our blog for the first time too! Any of you that have shopped with us for a while will know that we love your feedback, it’s the cornerstone for everything we do every day here at Bravissimo.

So why not let us know what you think or what you’d like to find out about and we’ll do our best to include it in the blog x

Modern Romance…

Valentines Day is just around the corner, but in a world where e-mails, texts and twitters have taken over from actual human interaction, we ask “where has the romance gone?”

It seems gone are the days when men would swoon their love interest with poetry and love letters, unfortunately we haven’t received a love letter since our teens and not heard any poetry since we studied it at school. And it seems that the commercial aspect of the day has taken over from its meaning. Come late January, you can’t move in any shop for  stuffed cuddly toys holding hearts and other Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. Even the petrol garages have jumped on the band wagon of selling anything that could be seen as a token of affection.

However, we believe that romance does exist but that it’s merely taken on a different form, a modern form whereby a Facebook poke has become the equivalent of that flirtatious look and an ‘x’ at the end of a text means so much more than just an x. So maybe we should take a break from our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles and bring some old fashioned romance back into our lives, the sort that involves mushy words and face-to-face interaction.

Single? Valentines Day isn’t just for couples, show your loved ones that you care and treat them instead! And if you are in a relationship, make this Valentines Day about spending time with each other. 

Want some inspiration on Valentines lingerie, here’s what we recommend