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Choice, Choice, Choice

Choice, Choice, Choice

We women should think ourselves lucky that we have so much choice when it comes to fashion. Because lets face it, men’s fashion isn’t anywhere near as exciting. Men usually turn to their friends, girlfriends or worse still their mums for fashion advice. This is why we appear to have an epidemic of men wearing checked shirts. It will have started with a man admiring his friend’s shirt, so he got one himself, which another man liked, so bought one and so on and so on. An now all we see at the weekends is a sea of check, honestly a little individualism goes a long way (fellas take note). On the other hand, the metrosexual male is different. This man enjoys fashion, likes to wear things his own way and isn’t afraid of the odd grooming product/razor blade every once in a while. Men’s fashion is no longer a boring and simple choice between which jeans to wear with which tee-shirt or which suit/shirt/tie combo to wear today. Men now have the choice of skinny jeans, slim fit suits and cardigans, not to mention the wider acceptance of men’s accessories, we no longer flinch when we see a man carrying a ‘man bag’, nor do we squirm if we see a guy wearing jewellery or sporting an interesting hat. This is partly thanks to a number of celebrities leading the way for fashion forward men everywhere;

  • Justin Timberlake
  • Kanye West
  • Jude Law
  • David Beckham

And if our men are trying to imitate these gorgeous guys then we’re not complaining! So ladies, celebrate being both the fairer sex and the sex that gets the best choice of fashion too! Oh, and next time you’re out of an evening, count the number of men you see in a checked shirt, you’ll be surprised!