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Pick and mix nightwear

Now choosing your nightwear can be just as much fun as being in the sweet shop with our gorgeous range of mix and match nightwear which has enough support for an equally sweet sleep. This season we’ve designed our nightwear so that you can mix and match any top with any bottom. Choose from cute cami tops and long or cropped bottoms in different prints to create different combinations. We also have the Patch Pocket Nightie in aqua and contrasting yellow trim, perfect for hot summer nights. All of our tops and nighties have built in support with adjustable shoulder straps, soft underband and shaped foam cups to provide your boobs with enough support whilst you sleep. This is all to ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep, as it’s just important to look after your boobs as you sleep as when you are awake! But nightwear doesn’t just have to be comfortable, you can also keep on trend whilst you sleep with our floral long PJ bottoms, striped cropped PJ bottoms and floral cami top. Sweet!

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams!

Some extra tips on getting a great night’s sleep;

  • Write things down before you go to bed – If your head is buzzing full of worries, thoughts and ideas when you’re trying to sleep then try writing them down on a piece of paper before you hit the pillow. This could help you to organise your thoughts and make it easier to deal with them in the morning. Besides, lack of sleep will only make you more stressed!
  • Take a bath – A hot bath can help you to unwind and often the hot water makes us feel nice and sleepy so when we get out, we’re ready to go straight to sleep, just make sure you get dried before you roll into bed!
  • Read – Reading can help to relax the mind and encourage sleep, plus it’s much better then watching TV before you go to bed.
  • Spend time in a different room – If you really can’t sleep then try spending 10-15 minutes in a different room. You could sit in the living room for this amount of time or take a stroll around the house; you’ll be amazed at how well this works.

Sweet dreams…!