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Pre-Christmas pamper

Bravissimo Nightwear

Bravissimo Nightwear

Christmas is a time for spending with the family, taking time off work and enjoying good food and good company. But Christmas can also be a very stressful time of year as people frantically rush round the shops trying to find the perfect present for their loved ones. So it makes sense to us to have a pamper day just before the 25th so that we can look and feel our best on the big day. We’re talking face masks, long soaks in hot baths, doing our hair, nails and probably a drop of red to help us to unwind. If you’re anything like us, you also probably have a stash of bubble bath and pampering tools from last Christmas, so they might as well be used to make room for the next lot! We’ll use any excuse for a night of ‘us’ time but we think that after all that shopping (and half of it not even for ourselves) we’ll be in need of some rest and relaxation.

Optimum pampering time is 2-3 hours including;

  • a long soak in the bath, glass of red wine optional
  • candles
  • face mask
  • hair mask
  • exfoliation
  • hair removal
  • cutting and shaping of nails, fingers and toes
  • painting nails, fingers and toes
  • intensive moisturising
  • cosying up in gorgeous nightwear
  • followed by un-intensive post-pampering activities such as reading a book or watching a film

And if you just don’t have the time to pre-pamper then make sure you have the time for some post-Christmas pampering, ideally before the New Year then you can be looking your best for New Year’s Eve.

Snow Go

Last week the UK was brought to a stand still due to sub-zero temperatures and persistent snow. Even though blizzards were predicted the sheer volume of snow and the fact that it just kept coming left even the weather forecasters stumped. Many people were forced to abandon cars across the country as snow quickly turned into ice making driving dangerous and driving up hill near impossible. Others experienced cancelled flights with many of the big airports forced to close and major delays on trains and other forms of public transport. The North East, Yorkshire, Humber, Scotland and Wales have been the worst hit but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country has got off lightly as the snow continues to push further south. Even London, where snow rarely settles, has had a good few inches. Temperatures in the Scottish Highlands were reported to have fallen to a little as -18.6C. That’s cold! The bad news is this weather shows no sign of going anywhere any time soon and so has sparked the need for a review of how we cope and in particular how the transport system copes in such wintry conditions. Safety is paramount when the weather is this treacherous so if you don’t need to make a journey the advice is to stay indoors. If you do however need to venture out it has been advised to wear plenty of warm layers and to take some food and a drink with you just in case your journey is delayed.

Our advice if you have been snowed in is to make the most of it. If you have children, no doubt they’ll have been frolicking in it already so why not join them? Besides we adults can enjoy the snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights too! Then you can look forward to warming up with a hot bath, a hot choc and snuggle up in some cosy lounge wear and night wear for the rest of the day. Surely that’s got to be better than a day in the office?!

Big bras without the big price tag

Harmony Bra, available up to 40KK

Harmony Bra, available up to 40KK

If you have been blessed with big boobs, it seems unfair that in some places you can be charged more for a bra that fits. We understand that there is inevitably more fabric in a bigger bra, but clothes prices aren’t based on size so why should bra prices be?

At Bravissimo you get great service as well as value for your money, whether you’re a size 28D or a 40KK everyone gets the same expert bra fitting and same great lingerie at an affordable price. We also have an ever increasing range of clothing cut to fit and flatter bigger boobs, supporting nightwear, swimwear and sports bras with a shock absorber system so that you will be fully supported whatever activity you do! Our everyday bras have given our customers the comfort and support they need to make their day more enjoyable. We also have a range of soft cup and nursing bras to take care of your boobs when they’re under the most stress and strain. Having boobs is part of being a woman, having big boobs is part of being a Bravissimo woman. But whatever your size you should look after your boobs, give them the support they need and treat them every now and again to a beautiful new bra!

New winter collection is here!!

Take a look at our new winter collection, its packed full of luscious lingerie, sumptuous sleepwear and fabulous fashion! This season has a prominent lady-like feel with sophisticated hem-lines, 1950s inspired dresses and 1970s inspired feminine blouses. And we can finally say thank-goodness for fashion that is as chic as it is wearable!

Check Shift Dress

Check Shift Dress

Go classic in our check shift dress, this cute shift is cut to fit and flatter bigger boobs without compromising on style. The hint of electric blue gives this dress a modern spin, wear it as it is for now and layer up with long sleeve jerseys and light weight knitwear when the weather gets cooler. In keeping with the classic theme, the herringbone dress will be a wardrobe staple for chic winter dressing. With satin trim to add a little luxury this dress is smart, sophisticated and everything winter is about! The key skirt styles for this season are 1950s A-line and pencil and we have to admit we do love a good pencil skirt as they’re a bit sassier than other skirt styles and very flattering! Soft feminine blouses are also having a thing this season. Our caramel spot shirt hits three trends in one; the colour caramel, the spot detailing and the almost sheer fabric, we love it! As well as oodles of new clothing we have new lingerie styles, nightwear and swimwear, click here to see our new collections.

New nightwear

Satin Trim nightwear by Bravissimo

Satin Trim nightwear by Bravissimo

Enjoy a bit of luxury whilst you sleep with our gorgeous new range of satin trim nightwear. Choose from PJ bottoms, cami top, lounge top and nightie in powder pink or grape for a stylish night’s sleep! Our nightwear tops and nighties are designed with a soft integral bra for ultimate comfort and support whilst you sleep. Sometimes after a hard day, putting on your pjs and relaxing at home can be the best cure for a hectic day and this range will ensure you feel cosy and comfortable no matter what you’ve had to deal with throughout the day. The satin trim trousers are perfect for relaxing thanks to their soft jersey fabric, wear with the long sleeve lounge top when the nights are chilly or pair with the cami top on warmer evenings. Why not try our satin trim nightie for added glamour and comfort whilst you sleep? Now you just have to decide which colour…!

Top de-stress tips;

  1. Take a few deep breaths, sometimes we can let the little things bother us, to combat this take time out to refocus on what is really important.
  2. Go for a walk, if your head is spinning with thoughts of what you have to do, work, money or other worries a little bit of exercise can help to combat this stress and relieve some of the tension that stress creates.
  3. Make a list, prioritise your tasks for the day and then get on with them, by writing things down you’re less likely to forget them and it makes it easier to manage your time.
  4. Have a long soak in the bath, there’s nothing like a bit of pampering to help us to de-stress and feel great. We think every woman should have a whole night of pampering at least once a month, no children, no partners, just pure relaxation and pampering. Well, if you insist…!
  5. Talk to your friends. Chances are if you’re having a stress about something your friends are or have done before too, they might be able to give you advice or simply help to take your mind off things. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

How to de-stress

Get some you time

Get some you time

Stress is a word that we use and hear on a day to day basis, we’re stressed at work, stressed at home, stressed about money or bills and never seem to have the time to do everything we need to do. Stress is something that can build up over time without us even noticing, but it’s important to acknowledge when stress levels are getting too much and to do something about it.

It’s important during our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles to get enough ‘me time’ and we’re definitely fans of that here at Bravissimo. Spending quality time with yourself can help you to relax and refocus on the important things. We can sometimes get distracted by trying too hard to please others, partners, children, our boss often take priority over ourselves and our own needs. So how can you de-stress and get more ‘me time’?

  1. Set aside an hour a week to do something you enjoy doing, undisturbed and without company. This could be a long soak in a hot bath (with a glass of wine maybe), an hour in the gym or running exercise is great for relieving feel good endorphins, an hour spent watching your favourite TV or reading etc. This time spent alone will help you to relax and ease some of the tension that can rub off from others around you who are just as stressed!
  2. Write an action plan, when we have so many things we need to do swirling around in our heads, it makes it difficult to focus and prioritise. Creating lists and putting things into an order of importance will help you to stay organised and stop you from forgetting important things, just remember to take said list with you!
  3. If you’d rather be in company than out of it then get your friends together for a catch up and good old gossip to get things off your chest. It’s one great thing about being a woman, we tend to share our problems and get through them with a little help from our friends, whereas men are more likely to try to deal with them alone and there’s nothing quite like a gossip session to make you feel human again. You never know, your friends might be having similar problems causing them stress, as they say a problem shared is a problem halved!
  4. Turn your phone off. Now this one does sound drastic and isn’t always possible if you have dependents and are worried about emergencies occurring the one and only time you turn your phone off. In this case, try putting it on silent whilst you bask in your own personal time. We probably couldn’t imagine a life without our mobile phone, but it wasn’t that long ago that no one had a mobile phone and the world worked fine, sometimes we’re so concerned about missing something that we don’t appreciate the simple things in life i.e. an evening off without calls from friends, children or e-mails from the boss, pure bliss!

Pick and mix nightwear

Now choosing your nightwear can be just as much fun as being in the sweet shop with our gorgeous range of mix and match nightwear which has enough support for an equally sweet sleep. This season we’ve designed our nightwear so that you can mix and match any top with any bottom. Choose from cute cami tops and long or cropped bottoms in different prints to create different combinations. We also have the Patch Pocket Nightie in aqua and contrasting yellow trim, perfect for hot summer nights. All of our tops and nighties have built in support with adjustable shoulder straps, soft underband and shaped foam cups to provide your boobs with enough support whilst you sleep. This is all to ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep, as it’s just important to look after your boobs as you sleep as when you are awake! But nightwear doesn’t just have to be comfortable, you can also keep on trend whilst you sleep with our floral long PJ bottoms, striped cropped PJ bottoms and floral cami top. Sweet!

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams!

Some extra tips on getting a great night’s sleep;

  • Write things down before you go to bed - If your head is buzzing full of worries, thoughts and ideas when you’re trying to sleep then try writing them down on a piece of paper before you hit the pillow. This could help you to organise your thoughts and make it easier to deal with them in the morning. Besides, lack of sleep will only make you more stressed!
  • Take a bath - A hot bath can help you to unwind and often the hot water makes us feel nice and sleepy so when we get out, we’re ready to go straight to sleep, just make sure you get dried before you roll into bed!
  • Read - Reading can help to relax the mind and encourage sleep, plus it’s much better then watching TV before you go to bed.
  • Spend time in a different room - If you really can’t sleep then try spending 10-15 minutes in a different room. You could sit in the living room for this amount of time or take a stroll around the house; you’ll be amazed at how well this works.

Sweet dreams…!

Are you getting enough sleep?

With the average adult not hitting the pillow until 11.40pm on a weeknight, no wonder many of us suffer from a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can not only leave us tired and cranky but long term sleep deprivation can also lower the immune system. On average adults in the UK are getting just 5 and half hours of sleep a night, way below the recommended 8 hours. There are a number of things keeping us awake; work stresses, money worries, kids waking up, our partner fidgeting throughout the night, hogging the covers, talking or worse snoring in their sleep. And no matter how much you love someone if his or her bedtime habits are keeping you awake at night then something has to be done.

So what can be done to help us get enough shut-eye?

  1. Try Feng Shui in your bedroom, or at least changing it around so that beds are not next to noisy windows or hallways.
  2. Tidy your room. Keeping a bedroom clean and tidy will help to create a relaxed atmosphere. Also try scented candles or lavender oil in a hot bath to help send you off to the land of nod.

    Support your boobs while you sleep

    Support your boobs while you sleep

  3. If you share your bed, invest in a mattress that you both find comfortable. We sacrifice a lot in a relationship but sleep shouldn’t have to be something we compromise on. And one person’s idea of what makes a comfy bed can be another person’s nightmare, so try to meet somewhere in the middle. A king sized mattress might also be worth a thought if you like to have your own space while you sleep.
  4. Wearing the right nightwear can do wonders for ensuring a good night’s sleep, and bigger boobs need plenty of support. All of our nightwear is designed with this in mind and comes fitted with extra support and no wires to make sure you have a comfortable night. Click here to see our nightwear collection
  5. Buy some earplugs. Wearing them in bed can take a bit of getting used to, but if your partner snores or talks in their sleep or if you live in a noisy neighbourhood then simple foam ear plugs can be all that it takes to drown out some of that annoying night time noise.
  6. Exercise, regular exercise is also a great way to ensure a good night sleep. Don’t exercise too late though, as your body could still be on a high from the buzz of adrenaline and keep you from sleeping.
  7. Sleep alone. If all else fails and you just can’t get enough sleep whilst sharing your bed then sleep in different bedrooms. We might have vowed ‘til death do us part’ but if lack of sleep is putting pressure on your relationship then the only thing for it could be to sleep in separate bedrooms. This doesn’t however, have to come with any kind of stigma and could even lead to improvements in your relationship if both of you are getting a good night’s sleep!
  8. Get intimate. On the other hand all that might be needed is a bit of night time fun to help ensure that you both have a good sleep. Sex releases endorphins which research has shown can encourage a sound sleep.


Easter time

easterAs well as looking forward to having an extra couple of days off over Easter, we’re also excited to get the family together and enjoy some Easter fun (and food!). It’s a great time of year to get the family round and feast on some scrummy nosh. Not since Christmas have we had everyone round to eat drink and be merry, so its about time we got everyone together again.

As it’s almost spring, the weather is getting better/nights are getting lighter and there’s even more reason to celebrate! If you have young children or will be catering for young children around Easter then why not put together an Easter egg hunt. They’re great fun and will keep the kids entertained for hours (depending on how difficult you make it of course!).

If you’re planning a child free Easter, or your children have grown up, then you could always make the Easter egg hunt more of a challenge by creating cryptic clues and making the prize more interesting. We’re sure friends and family would be more keen to participate if they knew that there was a good bottle of wine at the end of the hunt! Easter is also good to test your baking skills.

With all the chocolate and sweet treats doing the rounds this time of year, no wonder it’s the busiest for home baking too! Cup cakes, buns, scones, hot cross buns there’s plenty to go at and you know what they say, practice makes perfect! Baking is also a fun activity for the whole family and is one of those past times that will always remind us of our own childhoods. Follow these links for recipe ideas and inspiration;


Hurray for Easter Bank Holidays!

We can’t wait for the Easter bank holidays and we think we’re just about ready for an extra couple of days off. So whether you’re planning a cheeky trip away or simply catching up on some extra ‘me’ time, we hope you make the most of it! This time of year is also a great excuse to treat yourself to some chocolate or little bit of what you fancy whether that’s a lush pamper day or some gorgeous new underwear, sometimes we just have to spoil ourselves!
Here’s when the holidays fall, just in case you weren’t sure;

Good Friday: 2nd April
Easter Sunday: 4th April
Easter Monday: 5th April

Spring Catalogue Out Now!

Spring Catalogue Out Now!

Also, British summer time officially begins Sunday 28th March so surely the weather must be getting better by then, we certainly hope so! Another great thing to celebrate this time of year, apart from the start of summer, is our new catalogue! It’s jam packed full of new underwear, swimwear and clothing just for you Bravissimo girls. Not got your copy yet? Click here to get one.

New things…
After the success of our very own Alana Bra (now in fresh aqua as well as the classic black, white and nude) we bring you the Broderie bra, this pretty embroided bra in white and pale violet will give you all the support you need as well as looking fabulous! So we’d like to say thanks for the feed back on the Alana bra and we hope you like the Broderie bra just as much, just let us know! We also have a whole host of new work wear, swim wear in a 28 back and gorgeous new nightwear, enjoy!