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Be comfortable all day and night…

Support while you sleep

Be comfortable while you sleep

… You should know by now that we like to ensure the bras we provide for Bravissimo Girls are top for comfort, fit and support but did you know that our nightwear range is also designed to give you support while you sleep? If you find your boobs need support when you sleep then try our pyjama tops. They will give you the comfort you need to have a goodnights sleep and they come in some really cute colours so you can mix and match them with different bottoms… This cosy shrug can be worn in different ways but will always keep you feeling warm and snug.

Satin Cami

Satin Cami

Try a satin cami and shorts set if you prefer something a little more sexy. Our gorgeous amethyst cami feel incredible against the skin and will give you all the support you need! We love nothing better on these cold winter nights than getting out of the work wear, having a hot bath to get rid of that awful chill and cosying up in a comfy pair of pyjamas. Preferably with a hot chocolate and a good girly DVD, most of us know just about every line in the ‘Sex and the City’ film! Can’t wait for the sequel! Our night wear and lounge wear will help you to have a good night sleep and are simply and elegantly designed with bow and lace details so when someone knocks on your door at 8pm and you’re already in your pyjamas, you won’t be embarrassed to answer!