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Pepperberry's Platinum Shift Dress

Pepperberry's Platinum Shift Dress

So you’ve gone and done it. That glamorous event is fast approaching and you have left the frock buying right to the last minute. You promised yourself you would be extra organised and sort an outfit out, but life got in the way and the special night out that you have been looking forward to is this coming weekend. Whoops!

You may be going to a wedding reception, or have tickets to the theatre, or you may be meeting the girls for cocktails and canapés followed by a meal at a top restaurant. Whether it’s a very special birthday, or a friend’s wedding, it will be glamorous and swanky and everyone will be dressed in their finery.

Bravissimo are here to hold your hand and point you in the right direction, look no further than Pepperberry, Bravissimo’s own clothing range. If you have worn your old faithful Pepperberry dress at previous weddings and birthdays, we have some stunning new dresses in this week, that are bang on trend and will be perfect for August and September, but will also be great for Christmas parties later in the year.

The Platinum Shift Dress, is an absolutely sensational dress and is following the bodycon trend that originated from the designer Herve Leger, who has been designing these dresses since the eighties. Later the trend was reinvented by Victoria Beckham in her first collection. This dress by Pepperberry is very flattering and will hug your curves, it is structured, which is always a better option for bigger boobs. The dress is fully lined in contrasting purple and it is available in platinum satin. It has capped sleeves and an aubergine skinny belt that is detachable. For a dramatic look you could accessorise it with purple heels, clutch bag and wrap.

The Rose Print Prom Dress, is a cutie of a dress, it takes its inspiration from the 1950s. The bodice of the dress is in jewel-like purple and the skirt is a lovely rose print with a net underskirt for that great fifties look. The waist is defined by a large purple bow, which is reversible and there are hidden tabs under the straps to keep your bra in place too. You could accessorise with black satin heels, a short satin tuxedo bolero, and a teal clutch.

There are plenty more utterly gorgeous, sexy and chic dresses in our NEW IN section online or available in our stores. So whatever your posh event this bank holiday weekend, don’t miss out, and switch on the glamour with Pepperberry.

Seven Wonders Of The Week: Part Three

Ariza bra by Panache

Ariza bra by Panache

Here comes the weekend, and we’ve got that Friday feeling! If you are at work, you will no doubt be watching the clock and planning your outfit for this evening. If you’re a mum of young children, you will probably be looking forward to putting your feet up tonight and dreaming of your well deserved Saturday lie in.

Whatever you have planned this weekend, whether it’s a glamorous night out at a top restaurant, a tour around a crumbling old country house, braving the crowds whilst shopping with the kids, or having a totally relaxing time with lots of r&r and pampering, you must not forget to finish off the week by wearing some gorgeous new lingerie from Bravissimo’s collection. No matter what you will be doing, wearing one of our sensational sets will make you feel just a wee bit more special.

Saturday’s set is the Ariza Bra by Panache, it is a fantastic day-to-night bra, as it is both pretty and sexy. It is decorated with lovely floral embroidery and is an underwired balconette, this bra has received rave reviews and our ladies have said that it gives great shape and lift whilst still being incredibly supportive. It comes in poppy red, white, black, peach, blush and midnight blue, (which is selling fast in the sale). It is available with matching briefs or if you would prefer, we also do the Ariza thong.

Sunday’s set is the Porcelain Plunge Bra by Panache in white or black. This is a fantastic everyday bra, a gorgeous moulded plunge, with underwiring. It is a fantastic cleavage enhancing bra and it is ideal to wear with close fitting clothes, as it won’t show through. There are matching shorts and thong also available.

Enjoy your weekend ladies, and keep checking the website for more stunning new styles.

The Weekend Starts Here

Lace Overlay Dress

Lace Overlay Dress

So this weekend kicks off with Friday the 13th, as legend would have it, one of the unluckiest days in the calendar, it doesn’t particularly inspire that Friday feeling as we welcome in the weekend.

So let’s turn this silly superstition on its head starting tonight, and if it’s true, that you make your own luck, this weekend could be your luckiest yet.

We can all fall into familiar patterns when it comes to our free time, just as much as we do in our careers. Instead of falling asleep in front of the TV after a take-away, why not plan a special night out or night in over the weekend. Suggest an evening out with friends, even if you have nothing to celebrate, start with early cocktails, then a few belly laughs over a meal, remember getting ready is part of the night, it’s great fun to really glam up, even when it’s not a special occasion. If you are coupled up, why not go out on a romantic date with your partner, it doesn’t matter if you have been together for years, try out a different bar or restaurant, go to a local museum or art gallery, or just go for a walk and take a picnic, make sure it is something that you wouldn’t normally do and it will create that instant feeling of being on a mini break.
The Lace Overlay Dress by Pepperberry is on trend in black lace and is a great LBD for a night out with your partner or an evening with the girls.

If you are exhausted from your week at work, plan a weekend of pampering yourself, take long bubbly baths, read a good book if you haven’t picked up a book in months or listen to the radio instead of watching the TV.

Do the lottery if you never have. Propose if you have been plucking up the courage or bake a cake, even if the last cake you made was in home economics. Have a great weekend, whatever you do, be lucky.


How will you treat yourself after Lent?

How will you treat yourself after Lent?

 It’s not quite been a week yet but we’re already seriously craving the things we have given up. You may, like us, have eaten enough sugary stuff on Pancake Day to last the whole 46 days of Lent but sometimes denying ourselves something only makes us want it more! That’s why a reward is needed to keep us all going and to give us a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to.

 If you gave up shopping then firstly you’re much stronger than we are here at the Bravissimo office, secondly you might want to think of a reward that you can focus on to keep your motivation up. This will also give you time to think about the things you want to buy and if after 46 days you still can’t get that pair of shoes out of your head then you should treat yourself to them! If the feeling passes however then you’ll know you made the right decision and will have saved yourself a few pounds. Why not treat a loved one too? If you have a friend or family member who really deserves a treat, be it a post Lent treat or not, why not give them a Bravissimo gift voucher? That way they get to choose what they spend it on and you will be known as the kind thoughtful one!

 If you’ve decided to give up chocolate, sweet things or other food stuffs that are generally bad for your health then you’ll probably be in the same boat as us (seriously craving them). Why not plan a spa day for some serious post Lent pampering? Not that we need an excuse some for some R&R but not eating chocolate for 46 days is quite a feat and a treat that doesn’t involve making up the calories will be far more rewarding.

Good luck, only another 40 days to go!

TGI Friday

Get some fresh air this weekend

Get some fresh air this weekend

 Some weeks seem much longer than others and this past week has definitely felt that way but today is Friday and the weekend is almost here. However, this weekend isn’t a normal one as it’s Valentine’s Day on Monday, this particular weekend will be full of swooning couples and packed restaurants. So if you’re not in a relationship or don’t celebrate it here are some alternative things you could do;


1-     Escape to the country; it’s the perfect excuse to leave your town or city behind and have a day or two in the great outdoors. It’s just about mild enough now to enjoy a walk, a bike ride or any other outdoor activity without the risk of frost bite. Do be prepared however for the inevitable changing weather conditions.

2-     Have a pamper day; we don’t need an excuse for a pampering but think it would be extra well deserved after number 1. So dig out the body scrub, face masks and nail file and treat yourself, it doesn’t have to be an expensive health spa, plus you can wear your own dressing gown at home!

3-     Avoid the crowds and shop online; the shops are full of pink fuzzy things, some we’re not even sure what they are, so escape the commerciality and shop online. Why not get your girlfriends together and do some browsing? That way you can keep warm, beat the crowds and build your own wish lists at the Bravissimo site.

4-     If you are in a relationship why not turn up the heat in the bathroom and share a bubble bath together? It’s inexpensive and fun but watch out for taps digging into backs and slip hazards to make it romantic evening as opposed to an evening resulting in a trip to A&E.

Pre-Christmas pamper

Bravissimo Nightwear

Bravissimo Nightwear

Christmas is a time for spending with the family, taking time off work and enjoying good food and good company. But Christmas can also be a very stressful time of year as people frantically rush round the shops trying to find the perfect present for their loved ones. So it makes sense to us to have a pamper day just before the 25th so that we can look and feel our best on the big day. We’re talking face masks, long soaks in hot baths, doing our hair, nails and probably a drop of red to help us to unwind. If you’re anything like us, you also probably have a stash of bubble bath and pampering tools from last Christmas, so they might as well be used to make room for the next lot! We’ll use any excuse for a night of ‘us’ time but we think that after all that shopping (and half of it not even for ourselves) we’ll be in need of some rest and relaxation.

Optimum pampering time is 2-3 hours including;

  • a long soak in the bath, glass of red wine optional
  • candles
  • face mask
  • hair mask
  • exfoliation
  • hair removal
  • cutting and shaping of nails, fingers and toes
  • painting nails, fingers and toes
  • intensive moisturising
  • cosying up in gorgeous nightwear
  • followed by un-intensive post-pampering activities such as reading a book or watching a film

And if you just don’t have the time to pre-pamper then make sure you have the time for some post-Christmas pampering, ideally before the New Year then you can be looking your best for New Year’s Eve.

How to de-stress

Get some you time

Get some you time

Stress is a word that we use and hear on a day to day basis, we’re stressed at work, stressed at home, stressed about money or bills and never seem to have the time to do everything we need to do. Stress is something that can build up over time without us even noticing, but it’s important to acknowledge when stress levels are getting too much and to do something about it.

It’s important during our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles to get enough ‘me time’ and we’re definitely fans of that here at Bravissimo. Spending quality time with yourself can help you to relax and refocus on the important things. We can sometimes get distracted by trying too hard to please others, partners, children, our boss often take priority over ourselves and our own needs. So how can you de-stress and get more ‘me time’?

  1. Set aside an hour a week to do something you enjoy doing, undisturbed and without company. This could be a long soak in a hot bath (with a glass of wine maybe), an hour in the gym or running exercise is great for relieving feel good endorphins, an hour spent watching your favourite TV or reading etc. This time spent alone will help you to relax and ease some of the tension that can rub off from others around you who are just as stressed!
  2. Write an action plan, when we have so many things we need to do swirling around in our heads, it makes it difficult to focus and prioritise. Creating lists and putting things into an order of importance will help you to stay organised and stop you from forgetting important things, just remember to take said list with you!
  3. If you’d rather be in company than out of it then get your friends together for a catch up and good old gossip to get things off your chest. It’s one great thing about being a woman, we tend to share our problems and get through them with a little help from our friends, whereas men are more likely to try to deal with them alone and there’s nothing quite like a gossip session to make you feel human again. You never know, your friends might be having similar problems causing them stress, as they say a problem shared is a problem halved!
  4. Turn your phone off. Now this one does sound drastic and isn’t always possible if you have dependents and are worried about emergencies occurring the one and only time you turn your phone off. In this case, try putting it on silent whilst you bask in your own personal time. We probably couldn’t imagine a life without our mobile phone, but it wasn’t that long ago that no one had a mobile phone and the world worked fine, sometimes we’re so concerned about missing something that we don’t appreciate the simple things in life i.e. an evening off without calls from friends, children or e-mails from the boss, pure bliss!

Holiday countdown

Get Holiday Ready!

Get Holiday Ready!

So you’ve booked your summer holiday and it’s about the only thing keeping you going through the erratic British weather and what seem like endless days at work. But there is some preparation you can do now so that when your holiday does finally come around, you will feel beach ready and fabulous!

The countdown;
10-12 weeks – up your exercise. If you’re feeling a little sluggish at the moment and the idea of getting into a bikini fills you with horror then up the amount of exercise you do now to feel the benefits by the time you go away. By doing a little bit more each week a few weeks before you go, will result in feeling more toned, confident and beach ready, as they say, a little effort goes a long way. Pair this with keeping an eye on what you eat and you could feel slimmer and healthier in no time!

6-8 weeks – exfoliate. Revitalise your skin by regularly exfoliating before you go away. Try a body brush or exfoliating gloves for best results, this will leave your skin soft, supple and rejuvenated. You can exfoliate while you’re away too. Sand is a great natural exfoliant so when you’re on the beach you can use the natural resources to your benefit, no need to go to an expensive spa!

4 weeks – use a skin firming lotion for extra body confidence. This will give your skin extra firmness and will work hand in hand with regular exfoliating for smoother skin. Use firming lotion on thighs, bum and arms and anywhere else you want to firm up!

2 weeks – use a building self tan for that pre-holiday glow. To avoid feeling like a pale tourist when you arrive at your holiday destination, start using a building tan 2weeks before your holiday. It will give you a subtle colour whilst you work on the real thing.

1 week – Get a hair cut. Our hair can suffer from exposure to sun, sea water and humidity when holidaying somewhere hot. However, a quick trim before you go away can help avoid excessive damage.

2-3 days – get holiday nails. Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure. Keep your hands and feet looking their best, pedicures are one of those luxuries in life that really make a lot of difference and if we’re going to be wearing our best sandals and peep toe wedges then we need great toes to match! This is also the best time to get waxed, no pain, no gain and waxing is best for keeping the hair at bay for the duration of your holiday.

Last minute – airport treats. From last minute manicures to treating yourself to a new perfume, the airport shops usually have some great last minute pampering ideas and tax free too!

Feeling blue? Get a new hairdo!

40s Inspired Hair

40s Inspired Hair

A new hair style can take you from glum to glam in a matter of minutes and is a much cheaper and less painful way to change your looks than other more drastic procedures! Don’t underestimate the effect a great hair cut can have, getting the right style to suit your face and colour for your skin tone could be all it takes to make you feel like a whole new woman! For example, a fringe will frame your face very differently, curls, layers and colour can also change your appearance quite dramatically. If you are thinking about changing your hair, make sure you take the time to go for a proper consultation, this way you can be sure of what you want and will make you feel fantastic!

Plus, sleeping on the idea of having a new style before you go for the chop, especially if it is something quite different, can be a good idea. Anyways, it will always grow back if not!

Hair colour is about as loud and proud as it’s ever been so why not try being a braver shade? Purples and reds are very popular at the moment and work well for most skin tones. However, if you are very pale, these tones are best avoided as they are likely to be too harsh against your skin colour. So if you’ve always fancied being a red head, then go for it, you never know unless you try and that’s why they make semi-permanent hair dye! If you prefer not to colour your hair then why not try changing your style, by simply adding curls to naturally straight hair or straightening curly hair, you can achieve something very different. 1950’s style ringlets will give a glamorous sexy edge, you could also match you’re make-up to this era with a matte complexion, defined eyebrows and red lipstick. 50s style lingerie will help complete your theme and make you feel extra sexy and glamorous. Alternatively, try an up do to make a change if you’re used to wearing your hair down you could even add a hair accessory for a special event. The key with hair is experimentation and not getting stuck in a hair style rut!

How to feel good naked

how-to-feel-good-nakedUnfortunately there is only one Gok Wan in the world and we can’t all go on TV, strip down to our undies and have the pleasure of his expert advice. So here are some hints and tips to keep your body looking and feeling beautiful during the winter months.

Now is the perfect time of year for some full on girly pampering, yay! Our skin can take a bit of a battering during the brisk winter weather, so now is the time to think about your winter beauty regime and how to protect your skin during the cold coming months. In order to help your skin endure the winter season and re-appear looking as fresh as a spring daisy come March, follow these winter tips;

1- Moisturise moisturise moisturise! To avoid dry and chapped skin, lips especially can suffer from the change in climate, invest in both face and lip moisturisers. Re-apply moisturisers when the skin feels dry or tight to avoid it becoming a problem. Also, why not do something for your boobs too. Simple cleansing and moisturising will keep your skin supple and soft, but for an extra special treat we recommend that you try some aromatherapy. Just mix three drops of your favourite essential oil with a base oil and apply after bathing – we like Lavender or Ylang Ylang to relax and any citrus based oil to revitalise.

2- Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dull skin and stimulate new skin growth, so scrub up for the festive season! A good exfoliation will re-energise the skin, and get rid of the top layer of life less winter skin. Do this once or twice a month to keep yourself looking and feeling gorgeous.

3- Get a bit of colour the healthy way. Having a little bit of colour can make us feel more cheery. A good blusher will make your face look fresh and healthy, pink tones work great on blondes and light brunettes, whereas bronze/brown tones work well for darker hair/complexions. A spray tan is the best way to go for an all over healthy glow, especially if you are considering baring your legs in those all important party frocks! Choose a subtle shade to suit your tone and achieve that natural look.

Although it would be nice, you don’t have to go to an expensive health spa to achieve the desired affect. Set aside a night of peace and quiet. Dig out some bath products, run a hot bath and get scrubbing. This time of year means parties, family gatherings and work do’s a plenty, so you will want to look and feel at your very best. And nothing beats a good pampering to help you feel fabulous, whether you’re wearing clothes or not!